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"A pretty decent third person shooter, but it has flaws"

This review is for the game Gunz. It can be downloaded and played for free at The system requirements are relatively low for the game too. On to the review.

Story: NA/10 There isn't really much of a story at all for Gunz. You just shoot/stab people to level and buy more stuff to kill people with.

Gameplay: 7.5/10 The gameplay for Gunz is both great and somewhat annoying at times. Basically you start out as a level 1 gunman. There are 6 different ways to start out, each giving different starting weapons and items. It doesn't make too much of a difference which one you pick. You are sent to a beginner's channel for people level 1-10. You can choose to fight there or go to free channels which are available for all levels. At level 10 you can make a guild and you can join one at any level. It costs 1000 bounty(currency) and you need 4 supporters for it.

In battles you have many options to choose on how to fight. There are weapons such as daggers, swords, rockets, machine guns, pistols, and many others. Each type of weapon is unique and good for different purposes. You can make your own weapon combo or just choose to use one you saw someone else using. For example, you can pair rockets and revolvers to drain armor points with the rocket and finish off the target with heavy hp based revolvers. In the maps you fight in, you can do a lot of matrixy-like stuff; you can run along walls, run up them, jump off walls, tumble with guns, ect. You can also do a lot of things involving all the kstyle stuff. K-style is basically using cancels to shorten animations for things and be able to do them faster. You don't have to use it but if you feel bored it's good to try to learn how to do some of the moves. At least it'll keep you busy for awhile. These can allow you to do things like shoot and dodge at the same time or climb walls faster than with the normal right click climbing.

There is a bad side to the gameplay too. That would be lag. Sometimes you'll be in a game and you'll be connecting to everyone with a ping of like 70 or so...but there's that one guy with ping above 800. The problem with this is that the shots you see hitting he may see as him dodging on his screen, so they don't count. This leads to fights taking 10 minutes just to wipe out one person. There is a kick function but half the time people don't vote or vote no one kicking a lagger just to be annoying. Other than that the gameplay for Gunz is fine.

This game also boasts completely changable key functions. If you don't like the keyboard controls for gunz you can just go into the ingame options and change around the keys.

Sound: 6/10 The sound in this game is decent, but I've found a few flaws with it. There are sound effects for pretty much all the things you can do in this game, but sometimes they don't come out of the speakers. Sometimes you might be in a game and start getting your health drained by someone who snuck up on you. Normally you'd be able to hear the firing of the gun unless he was a mile away, but sometimes there will be no sound. This might cause you to not notice that you're dying until after you've been hit a few times. It isn't that big of a problem except that it gives your opponent some free hits.

The background music is pretty much average. It's nothing too special but at least it won't make your ears bleed.

Replay Value: 9/10 Shooting people never gets old. The level requirements are spaced out enough to keep you from getting bored, although the combat might be a little repetitive at times.

Overall: 7/10 Decent A decent game to spend your time on, however the somewhat large flaws prevent Gunz from getting a higher score from me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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