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"Don't Scoff. Look Deeper"

Gunz The Duel is an enjoyable game. At a glance... it seems like any other 3rd person shooter but as you progress it turns out to be much more than you expected...( even though the developers didn't plan it...)

You see, when the game first came out, people played the game and felt: This is just shooting, where's the fun? So, some bright spark began messing with the game and he/she began experimenting and experimenting. So, he found out about cancelling. cancelling is the bread and butter of the Gunz world. So, after messing around, he got some freaky moves like Slash Shooting, Butter-Flying etc... (commonly known as K-Styling)

So now, everyone's crazy about it.

Graphics 8.5/10

The graphics are ok, character models are quite well done, you get effects like dynamic lighting but it gives me a head ache. The special effects are quite nice, rockets leave smoke trails... Flash-bangs burn into yur computer screen( only for a few seconds) and it quite pleasing to look at.

Sound 7/10

The standard weapon sounds are in but the music is a pain! It's like annoying disco music but worse! I'm sure you can just turn down the music volume and play your own dics so it's ok.

Gameplay 10/10

This is where the game really shines. As I explained in the intro to fully get Gunz, you need to learn k-style or Korean-Style( imaginatively named ). In the first few newb or noob channels, you don't get much of those so it's basically spraying your dual-whatevers and racking up kills. But as you go up higher, you'll find you need that's right need to use k-style or be slaughtered.

Community 10/10( in the forums) 3/10 ( outside of forums)

For those who don't use the forums here in GFaqs and decide to go straight into the World Of Gunz be warned. When you step into a game you'll most likely be knocked back by a volley of asa sawsaw waaaaawaaaa and other assorted comments that are really annoying. But if you go to the forums you'll meet some nice people like ratix, jinxcrusader etc.

What are you waiting for? Go try it out!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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