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"Don't let the pretty pictures fool you; this is a grindfest in disguise"

This review is for the computer game FlyFF. It can be downloaded and played for free at Now for the review.

Story: 3/10 The story is summed up on in a few paragraphs on the main site. Basically, it starts by saying that five Gods made the races of humans and dwarfs and began giving things to them to make them happy. They also made another race, which split into two evil ones and one kind one. The evil ones made monsters to attack humans, which leaves you, the hero, grinding your way up to the top for no reward. There are at least five scenario quests that have a tidbit of a story behind them however.

Graphics: 7/10 The graphics for this game are decent. Anything good is offset by something equally bad. The spell and skill animations are pretty cool looking I'd say. But the character designs are a little clippy at parts. The monsters look nice, the land features are also cool looking too. Graphics are just about average.

Gameplay: 5/10 Okay the gameplay isn't too shabby. The interface isn't cluttered, hotkeys only take a little bit of time to memorize. Skills are used by pressing the F1-F8 keys and pressing numbers like 1,2, ect will change to a diffent F1-F8 bar if you feel like you need more than one. You start off as a vagrant, the newbie class. You grind your way up to 15, training 3 skills as you go, and then you can make the first job change along with a mandatory stat reset. So if you wanna be a mage or an assist just pump str/dex as a vagrant you can change it at 15 anyway. This will set your path for the rest of the game. Magician The damage dealer of the three classes. Utilizes spells damage. Some are area of effect(AoE) some aren't. But the majority of the magician spells are mainly damage dealing. Mercenary The meatshield of the classes. Take hits and dish them back out. Can use a sword or axe and a shield too. Assist They help people. They can choose the healing path or choose to be a fighting assist. No matter which path you choose, the only thing you have to look forward to as you level are more skills to see repeatedly 3+ levels at a time, and the ever increasing cost of HP, MP, and FP potions. Don't forget negligible amounts of money to keep you going. Each level you'll usually have to kill one type of monster the whole way. Then you might get lucky and move on to a new monster. Usually you'll just get stuck with the small and normal versions of a monster, then the captain version which is one level higher most of the time. You'll get tired of seeing the same faces over and over again, along with skills.

At level 20 you can fly hoorah! If you do the flying quests you have the opportunity to get a free lv1 broom. They don't really have levels I just use levels for the price range. 3,000 penya(currency) broom, 15,000, 50,000, 200,000. Boards are the same as brooms except you just ride them standing up. If you choose to ride a broom be prepared for the bombardment of sexist remarks, whether you're a girl or a guy. The first broom/board is pretty much worthless since you fly at running speed.

PvP. Yes there is PvP. Right now it's limited to clan wars(I've never done so I can't say anything) to the arena. To put it bluntly, the arena is worthless. There is no way to see someone's level unless you party them, so if you're a mage you're screwed beyond belief if you don't party first. Mages have this nice little effect where if you attack something with magic that's two levels higher than you, your damage is halved, four levels higher = 0 damage. Also makes you 100% leecher in most parties. You also have people that hotkey their high level equipment and wear gear about 20 levels below them. So people accept duel requests expecting an easy victory and BAM...dead. You also have cheap mages who instead of just teleporting to break a lock-on; they think it's funnier to jump on a broom/board, fly away, and whack you with magic. PvP has serious flaws in this game. I'm just gonna assume that clan wars are just as bad since most of the clan war announcements I see involve the battle between two clans ending in less than 10 seconds. While I'm on clan wars I might as well talk about guilds. There is a level system in guilds. Higher the level the more members. I forgot the max level but I think the number of members caps at 16. Which is extremely low if my memory hasn't failed me yet. Levels can be increased by sacrificing your hard earned monster drops(unique items to monsters, no hp/mp/fp pots, ect.), cash money, or pxp(has to be at 100% and it drops down to 0%, is not exp).

There are ample quests in this game. I cannot think of one quest at the moment that does not require the acquisition of items. These items are obtained by killing absurd amounts of the same kind of monster over and over. In the chance that you forget to get a quest until 2-3 levels after your first chance to get it: Congratulations! You don't even get experience for your hours of grinding to get all the items you need. After collecting all the stuff you need you'll get a reward. The higher level the quest is the better the reward. Although some quests do give money, it's not even half the money you need to buy the HP/MP/FP pots to get one level in this game. Always keeping you down, flyff is.

Sound: 6/10 I'll admit the sound is pretty decent. It's not too special except for the battle music in the Darkon island. I'll waste the 10 minutes it takes to fly to that place just to listen to the music there. Battles and flying have their own music too. Each monster has a sound effect of it's own. From the nyangyangs(cat-like creatures) which have a meowing sound to the giggleboxes that have this horribly annoying giggling whenever they're near you.

Replay Value: 2/10 I believe the level cap is 150 for this game. However by the time you get there, you've probably realized how much of your life you've already dedicated to this game and just stop. Of course, some people may like grinding to high levels or feel like they need something to spend time on. But they will at least get enjoyment from it. I personally just don't like having to spend the majority of my weekend playing a game only to get 1-2 levels and a big sense of chagrin.

Overall: 5/10 I got caught in this game for 35 levels before I realized that there are no benefits to dedicating even more time to this game. All there is to look forward to is new equipment that you have to buy a new piece every level(by the time you get a complete set, whammo time to collect the pieces of another one. this makes you look ugly btw.), more budget frustration, new skills and spells occasionally, flawed pvp, and.....never mind that's about it. If you like killing the same things for hours on end to get barely enough money to get you items to do it all over again, then by all means download this game and play it. If you think my review is too harsh and it isn't that bad, download this game and try it for yourself. It is free after all.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/16/05

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