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"Rakion for "Rock-on""

- From the makers of GunBound, Softnyx Inc. presents a new game to you unlike any other multiplayer online RPG that will keep you for wanting more! Rakion Chaos Force is a unique, state-of-the-art, strategic online action game. The game has many different attacks unique to each different character, various grab and guard techniques, as well as a chaos system that makes your character unleash destruction and ultimate power to all enemies by becoming even stronger for a limited amount of time!

- Rakion's gameplay is unique to another other gameplay system around. There are four different battle modes to choose from. There are Golem Wars, Solo Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Stages. Choose which battle mode you prefer most! Each mode has their own advantages and disadvantages to leveling up your character. Clan Wars is also included as part of the gameplay system specifically for clans only.

Golem Wars:
- This is my personal favorite type of battle mode. The purpose of golem wars is to either defeat all your enemies or kill the enemy golem. In Golem Wars, there are 13 rounds of battle. For each round, there are two different teams that start out on their side of the map with their team's respective golem. In the middle is the gold golem, which if killed, gives you the power of the golden sword. With the golden sword, this deals damage to the opposing team's golem. The person who deals the final blow on the gold golem last will receive the golden sword. If an opponent receives the golden sword, you must kill him/her before your team's golem is killed. If you take too long killing the enemy golem, the golden sword will return to a re-spawned gold golem, whom you have to kill again. This mode is great for lower level players.

Solo Deathmatch:
- This battle mode your typical free-for-all battle. What is great about this battle mode is you can potentially get the most experience here to level up. The type of characters that will most likely level up the most are swordsmen and blacksmiths, while archers, mages, and ninjas will level moderately at low levels. What happens in this battle mode is that all players continually keep fighting, fighting, and more fighting. Some players will decide to team up against other players, which is perfectly fine as well. Your experience depends on how many you kill so if you kill so many players, you will get many experience.

Team Deathmatch:
- This battle mode runs the same way as solo deathmatch. The only exception is that you are now on a team instead of being alone. Team deathmatch can also potentially gain a lot of experience to level up if you are with a really good team. Teamwork is definitely the key factor here for this type of mode.

Stage Mode:
- In this battle mode, you (if you choose to work alone) and your team(only applies if there are more than 2 slots open) work together to fight through different stages against creatures. Although not much experience is gained by doing this mode, it is really good for developing teamwork, skill, and getting familiar with the different techniques of the character. You or your team will battle multitudes of creatures depending on what level you are currently playing. Some levels requires faster team if you want to get more gold and experience.

Item Shop:
- If you have played GunBound before, then you must be familiar with the idea of Item Shops that Softnyx Inc. provides to make your character more powerful. The same concept remains for Rakion. There are many, many items that you can buy to make your character more powerful.

You also have the option of becoming a power user. Being a power user lets you buy cash-only items or those that are so powerful than the normal items you buy with your gold. These cash-only items are unique and can turn the tides of the battle onto your hands!

- Rakion's graphics is unique because it blends with the game and gives you the reason to play this game. Its environment is very different from other games because it has colorful objects and it looks like you are on the ancient generation too! The same goes with sounds.

Play Time/Replayability:
- You'll definitely love this game to its climax point. The game features up to 99 levels that will take a long time to get through, however. You'll meet your first buddies when you play this for the first time and get along with them as you progress your way to being a level 99 player. However, being on the top level means that you could get bored because you will most likely face low-leveled players who are weaker than yours though.

Final Recommendation:
- For a game like this that rocks, I suggest you totally buy this game. It really rocks! Its an unending battle against all your fellow countrymen or other players from other countries that will make you play this game one more time. Don't try renting this or selling this game. But buy it and enjoy the game to its fullest. Five unique characters to choose from with different techniques, styles and attacks makes this game a very unique game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/09

Game Release: Rakion (AS, 12/31/05)

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