• Assorted Codes for Skirmish and Multiplayer

    First to make codes work, set Cheats to "On" in the Skirmish/Multiplayer setup screen. Then hit these key combinations to activate.

    KillAllAll units and buildings killed with death animations
    DestroyAllAll units and buildings killed without death animations
    IN_BindKeyAssigns console command to key
    CTRL + ALT + BBling Bling - Max out your resources, increase Mass/Energy capacity by 10,000.
    WLD_gamespeedChange game speed
    Sim_gravityChange gravity (4.9 is default)
    SetArmyColorChange player color
    CTRL+SHIFT+[C]Copy Unit/Structure
    DamageUnitDamage indicated unit (negative value heals
    WLD_decreasesimrateDecrease game speed by 1
    CTRL + DELETEDelete units - Target a unit then delete it.
    WLD_increasesimrateIncrease game speed by 1
    BlingBlingIncrease raw material storage capacity by 10,000 and fill camps
    CTRL+[K]Kill Selected Unit
    RenameUnitNames selected unit
    CTRL+SHIFT+[V]Paste Unit/Structure
    KillSelected unit / building killed with death animation
    DestroySelected unit / building killed without death animation
    WLD_resetsimrateSet game speed to default value
    IN_DumpKeyNamesShows all key bindings
    PopupCreationMenuShows Unit Creation menu
    ALT + F2Spawn Menu - Aim where you want to spawn a unit, then hit this and you can spawn any unit under anyone's control.
    SetFocusArmyPlayerTake over specified player (-1 is spectators)
    TeleportTeleport all selected units to the pointer's location
    ALT+[T]Teleport Selected Unit
    ALT + NToggle Damage - Makes all units in the game invulnerable, including your enemy's.
    SallyShearsToggle full map
    ALT + AToggle Opponent AI - Units will follow orders given before command is used, but commander will not issue anymore.
    NoDamageToggle units causing no more damage
    ai_instabuildUnits / buildings / research become free
    ai_freebuildUnits and buildings immediately built and research immediately completed

    Contributed By: Jack the Smack, th3l3fty, and Nelo_Portgas.

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