WinSPMBT ( Windows, Steel Panthers, Main Battle Tank ) is a Post World War II combined arms tactical level wargame. Its time frame covers 1946 to 2020 AD. WinSPMBT has 92 nation's forces available for historical or "what-if" experimental battles.

It is hexagon based, and the game is an alternating turn based (I go you go or IGOUGO) design. One unit playing piece represents one vehicle or gun, or an infantry section or squad of up to 13 men or a section of 1 to 4 support weapons.

One game hexagon represents 50 metres of terrain. One game move (player 1 turn plus player 2 turn) represents roughly 3 minutes of 'real time'.

The code was based on SSI's Steel Panthers but the game is a long way from SP2.

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