Additional Design, Animation, and ProgrammingJamie Egerton
Additional Design, Animation, and ProgrammingPat Griffith
Additional Design, Animation, and ProgrammingPaul Lee
Additional Design, Animation, and ProgrammingCarl Schnurr
Additional Design, Animation, and ProgrammingTrevor Walker
Additional ProgrammingKarl Poulin
Additional VoiceoverGrant Albrecht
Additional VoiceoverCathy Cavadini
Additional VoiceoverRobin Atkin Downes
Additional VoiceoverNick Guest
Additional VoiceoverAndrew Kishino
Additional VoiceoverVanessa Marshall
Additional VoiceoverNolan North
Additional VoiceoverPhil Proctor
Additional VoiceoverDwight Schultz
Additional VoiceoverStephen Stanton
Additional VoiceoverFred Tatasciore
Chief Technical OfficerSylvain Morel
DevelopmentKristina Adelmeyer
DevelopmentNassim Ait-Kaci
DevelopmentRon Alpert
DevelopmentJon Bailey
DevelopmentTed Barber
DevelopmentBen Bell
DevelopmentJacob Biegel
DevelopmentAri Bilow
DevelopmentBrian Bright
DevelopmentCollin Brookfield
DevelopmentTed Brown
DevelopmentBrad Bulkley
DevelopmentClive Burdon
DevelopmentMatt Canale
DevelopmentAnthony Carotenuto
DevelopmentMichael Carr
DevelopmentPeter Chang
DevelopmentJun Chang
DevelopmentTyler Chiocchio
DevelopmentDan Chisholm
DevelopmentJacque Choi
DevelopmentPat Connole
DevelopmentAnna Contessa
DevelopmentDave Cowling
DevelopmentRalph D’Amato
DevelopmentMax Davidian
DevelopmentLisa Davies
DevelopmentPeter Day
DevelopmentDana Delalla
DevelopmentJohn Dobbie
DevelopmentZac Drake
DevelopmentKarl Drown
DevelopmentNiam Erfani
DevelopmentMike Esposito
DevelopmentChad Findley
DevelopmentAndy Firth
DevelopmentAlan Flores
DevelopmentAllen Freese
DevelopmentMike Friedrich
DevelopmentSteve Gallacher
DevelopmentJake Geiger
DevelopmentAndy Gentile
DevelopmentChris George
DevelopmentOlin Georgescu
DevelopmentJason Greenberg
DevelopmentRock Gropper
DevelopmentKurt Gutierrez
DevelopmentAaron Habibipour
DevelopmentMike Hall
DevelopmentKendall Harrison
DevelopmentRicardo Hernandez
DevelopmentTom Hess
DevelopmentDavid Hind
DevelopmentKristin Ingram
DevelopmentGary Jesdanun
DevelopmentJoel Jewett
DevelopmentSandy Jewett
DevelopmentHenry Ji
DevelopmentGarrett Jost
DevelopmentRyan Juckett
DevelopmentAndrew Kalmbach
DevelopmentHari Khalsa
DevelopmentDaryl Kimoto
DevelopmentJoe Lamas
DevelopmentScott Lawlor
DevelopmentAllan Lee
DevelopmentEd Li
DevelopmentAaron Limonick
DevelopmentGreg Lopez
DevelopmentSanjay Madhav
DevelopmentRyan Magid
DevelopmentAndy Marchal
DevelopmentZach Martin
DevelopmentJason Maynard
DevelopmentTim McGrath
DevelopmentIsmael Medrano
DevelopmentRandy Mills
DevelopmentJeff Morgan
DevelopmentKevin Mulhall
DevelopmentDaniel Nelson
DevelopmentNolan Nelson
DevelopmentGilbert Ngo
DevelopmentDavid Nielsen
DevelopmentJosh O'Brien
DevelopmentStephen Okasaki
DevelopmentBrian Oles
DevelopmentJohnny Ow
DevelopmentJeremy Page
DevelopmentChris Parise
DevelopmentChris Peacock
DevelopmentScott Pease
DevelopmentAnthony Pesch
DevelopmentCody Pierson
DevelopmentRulon Raymond
DevelopmentAvi Renick
DevelopmentJeremiah Roa
DevelopmentPaul Robinson
DevelopmentMike Roloson
DevelopmentLee Ross
DevelopmentDave Rowe
DevelopmentJon Rush
DevelopmentMatt Russell
DevelopmentJohn Sahas
DevelopmentBeth Sanborn
DevelopmentAnthony Saunders
DevelopmentStuart Scandrett
DevelopmentDavidicus Schacher
DevelopmentAaron Skillman
DevelopmentGideon Stocek
DevelopmentDamian Stones
DevelopmentTodd Sue
DevelopmentCarlo Surla
DevelopmentJeff Swenty
DevelopmentDarren Thorne
DevelopmentLucy Topjian
DevelopmentThai Tran
DevelopmentJason Uyeda
DevelopmentJeff Vieira
DevelopmentTodd Wahoske
DevelopmentFred Wang
DevelopmentChris Ward
DevelopmentSam Ware
DevelopmentJohn Webb
DevelopmentMark Wojtowicz
DevelopmentTao Zheng
Executive ProducerDee Brown
Installer ProgrammerRyan Ford
Music CompositionChristopher Lennertz
ProducerPaul Gadbois
ProgrammersNicholas Clotuche
ProgrammersEtienne Martineau
Senior Art DirectorAlessandro Tento
StoryRandall Jahnson
Technical Art DirectorKevin Chu
Technical DirectorSebastien Poirier
VO Casting and DirectionMargaret Tang
VO Recording and EditingDevon Bowman
VO Recording and EditingRik Schaffer
Voice (Campbell)Jim Connor
Voice (Chavez y Chavez)Armando Valdes-Kennedy
Voice (Clay Allison)Tom Skerritt
Voice (Colton White)Thomas Jane
Voice (Hollister)Marc Graue
Voice (Honest Tom)Frank Collison
Voice (Hoodoo Brown)Ron Perlman
Voice (Jenny)Kath Soucie
Voice (Many Wounds, Fights-at-Dawn)Eric Schweig
Voice (Native American)Myrton Running Wolf
Voice (Ned White)Kris Kristofferson
Voice (Port)Bryce Johnson
Voice (Reverend Reed)Brad Dourif
Voice (Rudabaugh)Wade Williams
Voice (Soapy Jennings)Dave Wittenberg
Voice (Stone Hand, Native American)Jay Tavare
Voice (Thomas Magruder)Lance Henriksen
Voice (Webb)John Getz


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd, a0me, and oliist.

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