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"One of the best games I've played this year."

Might and Magic. It's a long-run series, going way back to when the Apple 2 and Commodore 64 were high-tech stuff. It's surprising the series has lived this long, but not really, considering it has a huge fanbase. But I digress.

DSMM is the latest game in the series of RPGs, but this one is an Action-RPG, based along the Elder Scrolls style of play and the Rune style of action... Yet the game itself is more linear than Elder Scrolls. The basic story is that you're Sareth, an apprentice to this wizard who wants you to deliver this crystal to another wizard, but I can't say anymore. Storyline plot being spoiled, etc.

Now, on to the long-awaited review, eh?

GAME - 9
Okay, by GAME, I mean the story and how the game plays out. I love the story. It's like a movie script you play, almost. And the cutscenes add to the gameplay a lot, but I think that's because I just like cutscenes. The game, however, is too linear for an Action RPG, and that kind of saddens me because a game this good shouldn't be so linear. But it's okay. So a point off for linearity, but that's it.

AUDIO - 10
The audio in this game, mostly the voices, are crisp and very well done. The voice acting is believable, unlike some games, and that makes the game all the better. The music (though I barely paid attention to it) is there, and it is a nicely done soundtrack if I do say so myself. A 10 for an audio masterpiece.

WOW! The sights in this game are definitely ones to behold! I mean, when in a video game fight have you ever attacked someone but paused the game to marvel on how awesome the sword looked? Or, like, you stopped in a 'run-for-your-life' moment to just have your character stare at the beautiful city walls? It's crazy how great this game looks, but with our current technology, I guess it's not that crazy. A perfect ten for graphics.

So, that's the end of my review. Whether you're a potential buyer, or you already have the game and just want to see what other people think, here you go. It's a review worth reading about a game worth playing. And that's that.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/06

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