Review by Rashaed

Reviewed: 12/18/06

Unleash your inner warrior in Dark Messiah!

Graphics 10/10
This is where Dark Messiah (DM) really shines. DM uses the Source engine and uses it well. Environments are well detailed and NPCs and enemies look really good. I was very impressed with magic effects. Physics in the game are good and actually help in the gameplay. Only one minor gripe: You can see the texture lines in the sky.

Sound 9/10
Voice acting in DM was about a B-. It didn't quite meet Half-Life 2 standards but it is sufficient. Sound effects are great. It is so cool to hear the Lighting Spell once you set it up. Environments sound are also great. They really make you feel like you are in a crypt (which where you will be 90% of the time).

Game play 8/10
I give this an 8 because there are some A's and F's here. This game is made the warrior more than the wizard or stealth guys. Good points: Combat is totally in first person and a big upgrade from TES: Oblivion. You get slow mo for Adrenalin power strikes where you can see a head or limb cut off. You can burn, freeze and electrocute your enemies. In addition, you can use the environment to help you beat baddies. Kick and enemy over an edge, kick him against a spiked wall (my personal fav) or drop some crates on him. There so many ways kill and maim you will be thoroughly satisfied. Bad points:Linear gameplay!! No exploration or sidequests(only few optional quest which you pretty much have to do to get skill points.) No economy; some people may like this but to me, it helped shorten the game. Skill points are awarded based on completing a task and not on using your skills or defeating baddies. You are in a dungeon most of the time. What sucks more than anything is the single player game is really short. 10 hours or play or shorter.

Story 4/10
I didn't pay to much attention to the story as it is pretty cliche. It boils down to good guys vs bad guys vs bad guy who thinks he is a good guy. You are given the choice of being a good guy or helping your bad guy father (Star Wars?). The story is not played out well because it is so short.

Overall 8/10
DM has some great potential. As short as it is, DM is worth buying. To see the different outcome you might want to play twice then move on to multiplayer. If you like to be fighter in your RPG's, DM is the game for you. Hopefully there be an expansion since the single player felt as small as an expansion.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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