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"An Action/RPG at its Finest"

Many argue that this is no RPG by any means, but given it's genre name - Action/RPG - that should have quelled this argument. Bottom line, ignore this new gen of purists as they whine at just about anything. That aside we can move on to the basic summary.

You take on the role of Sareth an apprentice of a mage named Phenrig. Sareth has learned all he has of weapons and magic from the tutelage of his Master. The story starts as a break in training occurs as Phenrig sends you on a fetch quest in a dungeon to grab an ancient crystal.

Though this is only the training area for yourself to guide you to get used to the controls. The learning curve isn't that steep and you should be able to tackle orcs and goblins with ease later on.

Graphics: 9/10

I have to say these are the prettiest graphics I've seen on my computer since I was able to install oblivion. Mind you some folks like in oblivion are unable to install this game due to set-up. I suggest a computer that does not have a dual core processor but a regular but reliable one, with decent graphics card such as the ATI Raedeon 9X families. A good sound card is needed as well since I experience some lag with mine (it's older than the rest of my hardware). Other than this you should be able to experience vibrant graphics. If you're nit-picky there are some minor seam errors and jaggies.

Sound: 7/10

There seems to be a high demand on the sound card as the sound may lag a bit and sound like a broken record. Then again it may just be my computer. Other than this little bit the sound is alright. Just about as you'd expect from a fantasy based game.

Control: 8/10

The learning curve as discussed before is not really steep and is pretty easy to get ahold of during the 'training' level. My only complaint is that when fighting hordes of spiders or other gaggle of enemies it gets too hectic to play with the belt keys as poisoning is pretty dangerous.

Gameplay: 9/10

I have to say this is where the game shines, there is a variety of ways to killing your enemies and not a one will be the same as the last. This is of course unless you are one of those who strive to choke the life from a fine game. There is a significant challenge to the game as well even on normal mode.

Personal Lean: 9/10

I just love hack and slash with good elements tossed in. This is where it gets rolled into a nice big fat sushi roll for a tasty treat.

Replay value: 7/10

Although not that high of a replay value there will be still those such as myself that will keep coming back to this game again and again.

Overall: 8/10

I suggest getting this game as it will provide much enjoyment if it is your piece of dish. The overall enjoyment I've seen from people comes from the variety of ways you can kill your foes. From sadistic to cunning, this game really gives you a number of ways to enjoy your hunt. Go get them folks

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/30/07

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