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Reviewed: 06/15/07

Which Way Do You Want to Kill?

Introduction: Dark Messiah: Might and Magic runs off the same engine as Half Life 2 from Valve. It brings gaming to the next level setting standards everywhere of what first person gaming should be like. Although a great game, it does have flaws:

Graphics 9:
The graphics work very well with the theme of the game. Sometimes lush and colorful, other times dark and gloomy. You just won't get bored with it. Every now and then I see lack of detail on a building, which doesn't bother me too much but, still leaves you wishing they could put that much more effort into it. The terrains are versatile, from boats to deserts to cities. Each of these areas are done almost perfectly. The designers really must have had some inspiration. While you look around it seems like you are looking through your own body. More details in game play...

Sound: 10
Wow, they couldn't have done it better. Everything you walk on sounds different. Sand, straw, pavements, and rocks. Each gives off their own sounds, and some harder to sneak around on than others. The voice acting is great. None of the lines seem forced, and there must be hundreds of different voices. The magic spells each give off a unique sounds. What I don't like is the sound of you unsheathing your sword. Instead of that typical sound that you think of, it sounds something more like you swinging a fly swatter really fast. There was defiantly much time put into sound. From pants after you are tired from running, the sound of you cutting a goblin's arm off.

Controls 9:
There's nothing really special about it. They aren't bad, don't get me wrong, just not brilliant. If you have steam, then it's basically the same as what you've come to expect. Sometimes it feels slightly awkward on rare occasions but you can just shake it off. What really bugs me is when you want to sneak around, you press alt. Then if you want to stay in sneak mode, and want to open up your inventory, it's alt + tab. And that brings up that annoying menu, and minimizes your game. You just have to learn and adapt to that, I still forget sometimes.

Game Play 8:
Wow! The physics are great. The way your move around feels like your monitor is just a portal to... yourself. You look down you see your legs move, you seems your arms swinging as you run. Everything tilts in great proportions when you go around sharp turns. It's strange, and sometimes disorientating but well worth it! The fighting system is great. You can wield just about any match of weapons. Improvising and making 2 swords into 1 sword with 2 sides. Your arm through a shield handle while holding a dagger. Probably still a lot I haven't seen. The physics are great in combat. You can sneak up to enemies and kick them off the edge, or kick them into sharp objects, or fire. You can kick basically any object you see at them. Pick up anything you see and throw it at them, from brooms to broken shields. Sword fights are intense. Each monster is a challenge, weak ones usually work in numbers, and more strong ones work in numbers, just spread out more. Bow fights aren't as satisfying as you'd hope. Magic never gets repetitive, but I personally believe sword fights are a lot of fun.

Storyline 9:
The storyline is confusing. I still haven't completed the game, so things haven't been revealed yet. But so far he's been having strange dreams, and just other interactions with characters. It's more original than you think. It keeps you interested in it, and once in a while is more fun that the game play. All the cintematics are in first person. It gives you a very cool feel to it.

*After you beat the game you can look forward to multyplayer. I recommend you beat story mode on hard before you play it. Some people are hardcore*

Special thanks to gamefaqs for just being there and letting people voice their opinions.
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