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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EddyHawk

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    Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock, by CLK Production/Her Interactive
    A FAQ by EddyHawk
    What's new about this FAQ?
    v1.0 [Oct 2005]: first release
    v1.1 [Nov 2005]: little improvements
                     adds Snake n' Ladder
    What's good about Nancy Drew?
    The clues to solve the game are in the game itself, not from hintbook. Your
     logic, general knowledge, and the clues which are scattered inside the game
     is usually sufficient to solve it successfully.
    This game is actually targeted to girls, yet boys might find it fun enough to
     be played too.
    This walkthrough is done using 'Junior Detective' difficulty. Some puzzles are
     more difficult under 'Senior Detective' plus you don't get the checklist
     which is very helpful to check if you miss or haven't done something.
    Okay, now let's go solving this one, detectives!
    Minimal Requirements
    P2-400Mhz, 64Mb RAM, win98, DX 9?, ~630Mb space, 16Mb vcard, mouse.
    Solving Bard Bounce
    This is the game machine on the parlor of Lilac Inn.
    The moves are:
    Green (right), Red (right, up, left), Yellow (left), Green (left, down),
    Yellow (down), Blue (left, down, right).
    Strange Note
    After you talk to Emily, on the way to Josiah's estate, right after the first
    bridge on the left of Lilac Inn, you will see a note blown by wind. Snatch it.
    It's a key appraisal note.
    You will find its use if you read 'Old Clocks, Clock #4' section.
    Golf Ball Game
    This is the weird round-shaped machine in front of the Mini Golf.
    Read the game instruction carefully. To play, you don't have to read the
     instruction each time, just click on the lower board to play straight away.
    Sure way to solve this:
    You need to find 1 color which is used and another color which isn't. There
     will be 4 used colors and 2 unused colors. Simply fill column with one color
     (say, yellow) and fill next column with another color (say, red) and so on
     until you find those two colors (say, yellow is used color and red isn't).
    Once you find them, now you need to determine the position of this used
     color (say, this yellow ball). Put that used color (say yellow) on one tee,
     and fill the rest of the tees with unused color (say, with red ball). Repeat
     and change to next position until the correct position of the used color
     (say, the yellow ball) is found (say, on tee #2).
    On the next columns, always put the found color (say, yellow) on its correct
     position (say, tee #2), and now try another color (say, green ball) on
     another empty position (say, on tee #1), and always fill the rest with
     unused color (say, red ball on tee #3 and tee #4).
    If you find another unused color (say, green is unused), skip testing it any
     further, but this time you know 2 unused colors (say, red and green aren't
     used) and thus the rest of colors must be used (say, yellow, blue, orange,
     purple). But if you find another used color (say, green is used) but its
     position isn't yet correct, then find its position on another tee (say, #3)
     else than positions confirmed to be used by another color (in this case
     just yellow ball). And if you find that green is used color and already on
     correct position, simply skip testing that color (say, green) and go on to
     the next color.
    Shortly you will find all the color and their positions.
    After you win this game, the machine will open and show you a poem. Do you
     pay attention to the bold letters inside the poem? Do you realize what they
     sound like? Like numbers?
    Write them down: 1 2 4 2 8 2 7
    Where is 'Lest I Forget'?
    Talk to Richard Topham beforehand.
    Go to left desk before the robot in the Richard Topham/Josiah Crowley's house.
    You will see an elephant-shaped toy on that desk. Touch the toy, and it will
    show a hidden book ('Lest I Forget'). Read the book carefully.
    Mini Golf
    You need to win this game once. Insert coin, and the score card will appear.
    Push the button, and you get golf stick and the ball. Enter the golf yard.
    To win, you must hit with less than 30 pars. Once you win this game, insert
    the score card on the machine on the left to get the prize.
    You can get more prize, but still the same kind with different color.
    CLUE: Drag your mouse away from the ball to hit stronger. Yet certain position
     of the ball may trouble you to max out your swing. Thus hit from opposite
     direction but bounce it from good angle to make it travel farther.
    There are shortcut to finish/skip a hole:
    Hole 3: Hole near the tee spot
    Hole 4: Choose middle hole
    Carriage House
    To open carriage house, you need to place 4 correct letters making a correct
     word. You need to place 4 words before the door will open. What words are
     needed? Just take a look at 'Lest I Forget' book. The questions are there.
    -If you solve Bard Bounce game you will know the first word.
    -The second word you will get from the book on Emily's bed.
    -If you win Mini Golf you will know the third word.
    -And you must ask around to know Gloria's middle-name. Ask Emily.
    Easy, isn't it?
    The words are: Keen, Omar, Pony, Lois.
    Old Clocks
    Fireplace/Parlor/Lilac Inn (Clock #1):
    Open the clock. You encounter another puzzle. This one is quite easy. Just
     lower all blocks blocking the way of the bird. Push the bird block to the
     right. Then a drawer will be open. You get a mirror. Take it.
    Richard Topham's /Josiah Crowley's House (Clock #2):
    Make all the cards open by finding their pair.
    Wait a while, the left side of the clock will open, and there is a mirror
     inside. Take it.
    Carriage House (Clock #3)
    To reach this clock, you need to enter the carriage house first.
    Do you remember the poem from the Golf Ball Game?
    Position the clock needle according to the numbers you get from the poem,
     press upper button between each number. Middle button is to reset if you
     position them wrong.
    You get a mirror. Take it.
    Jim Archer/Bank (Clock #4)
    You need a key to open it. Where to get the key?
    CLUES: Remember the note you get from the wind? Who write it?
    Go to Wadell Jewelry. He will give you the key if you pay the cost of
     its appraisal (1,50 dolar). Go back Jim Archer/Bank. Open the clock with the
     key. But you need to make the clock work again. Put the mechanism back
    HINT: The pieces can't be taken again if they already be put on the correct
     ones. Read your checklist for more hint.
    Connect lines on the surface of those pieces to make a continuous line.
    When you done, the clock will work and it will open and showing a mirror.
    Take that mirror.
    Talk to Richard Topham
    First you need to fetch and give mouse toy to Topham's cat.
    Location of the mouse toy is below table with candles.
    Still he refuses to talk to you any further until you answer his brain test.
    CLUES to answer Topham's brain test:
    -Read the 'Lest I Forget'.
    -If you dilligently deliver the telegrams, you will notice that some persons
     mention all answers of this test.
    Answers to Topham's brain test:
    wet    -> wet all over
              all wet
    llod   -> doll up
    cross  -> double cross
    yrd    -> dry up
    cheese -> big cheese
    Carriage House
    In this house you find domino panel, clock #3, and 4 places in each corner to
     hold something.
    Domino (Five Two):
    Rearrange the tiles just like you play domino (such as Five Six, Six Four,
     Four One, you get the picture)
    If you made it correct but nothing happened, try again to refit them.
    The switch inside the box is now ready to be used.
    Four Mirrors:
    Once you've gathered four mirrors, attach each of them on the corner of
     carriage house. After you solve Domino, turn on the switch.
    But it doesn't work yet. You need to adjust the mirrors so the light hits the
    CLUES to adjust the mirror:
     Don't reflect the light from the 2nd mirror diagonally across the room, but
     to the opposite mirror.
     Another clue (if it can be called a clue) can be found on another clock behind
     Jane, while you search the journal. Read 'Search for the Journal' section.
    When the light touch the radiometer, a mechanism will be triggered and cause
     a secret stair will open, leading to the attic. There is ham radio on the
    Read the note below that radio. Read 'Ham Radio' section.
    There are also strange machine on the front. Read the note beside the machine.
     Read 'Search for the Journal' section.
    Search for the Journal
    Jim Archer/Bank tells you that Josiah Crowley leaves something in the safe
     deposit box. But the key to the box is missing.
    From the note beside the strange machine in the attic, you get a word:
     'Marcel'. Ask Topham and you will be told that Marcel is Josiah's
     favorite hat. Ask Emily about where the hat is, and now you can open the
     drawer below her. Examine the hat. Snatch the key from the hat.
    Go to Jim Archer/Bank. However, he refuse to open the safety deposit box
     unless you sew his wife's dress. He'll give you the dress. Go back to Lilac
    Try the sewing machine. Ouch, no needle. Emily told you to ask Jane. So ask
     Jane. Jane will look for the needle but you must rearrange the pies for her.
     She gives you an piece of paper to arrange them. Go outside.
    But don't arrange the pies first. Go back to Jane. She will be gone searching
     that needle. Go further and you can open the clock near the kitchen. There
     is a diagram inside it. That diagram should be the clue for adjusting mirrors
     in the carriage house. But if you go this far, you must already solved the
     mirror adjustment! Sounds like a game bug to you?
     Peek behind her desk. Snatch a photo from it. Now you know that there are
     secret pathway to Topham's house. Read 'Secret Passageway' section.
    Then arrange the pies.
    CLUE: If you have trouble doing it, remember that you can use small-size or
     big-size chocolate pie if the instruction just says '1 Choco'. S means
     small, and Lg means large.
     Still go wrong? Maybe you take blackberry pie as chocolate pie. Look at their
     picture again on the rack.
    Return to Jane after you finish. But that time she will already back to her
     post with the needle. Take it, go to Emily's room, put the needle to the
     sewing machine, and sew the dress. You may have to try it several times.
    Go back to Jim Archer and hand the dress back to him. Jim Archer will open
     the box and inside you find Josiah Crowley's 'Journal'.
    Secret Passageway
    When you know that there's a secret passageway, examine the window seat on
     the parlor of Lilac Inn, beside the first clock. The seat will open,
     revealing a path below. Next time you want to enter this, you need to
     pull the curtain holder on the right to open the seat.
    Go down. Turn on the light switch on the right to proceed. Travels the
    You will find a broken piggy on the floor. Take it and you get 1 dollar,
     enough to buy 4 toys (hint, hint).
    Proceed, and you will find some kind of symbol on the wall. Touch the wall,
     and you get another puzzle. You must restore those pieces into picture. Move
     your mouse over one piece until your cursor turns into 'rotate' symbol to
     rotate the piece.
     CLUE: The text inside the picture will fill the most upper side, and reads:
      'Creepy's Corner'
    After you solve this, the picture will open and there you find a music record.
     Take it.
    Go to the farthest side and you'll find a stair. Climb that up. You are now
     under Topham's house. But you can't enter just now since Richard Topham
     is on that room. Just come back later. Read the 'Open the Journal' section.
    Quest for the Trivet
    The trivet is known when you read 'Lest I Forget'.
    CLUE: Further mention about the trivet is found in the bank.
    Check typewriter in the bank. It will mention about Mrs. Sheldon.
     Go to Twin Elms.
    Mrs. Sheldon will give it back if you get bridge cards from Mrs. Jakowski.
     Go to Titusville Telco.
    Mrs. Jakowski will give you the bridge cards if you pick raffle tickets
     from Mrs. O'Shea from the orphanage. Go to there.
    Mrs. O'Shea will give you raffle tickets if you give her five toys.
     You can have one toy from the Mini Golf. You can have more by winning Mini
     Golf 4 times, or you can buy them if you have the money. Where? General Store.
     No money? Deliver some more telegrams. Or use 1 dollar you found on the
     secret passageway.
    After you give the five toys, Mrs. O'Shea will say that she doesn't have
     the raffle tickets. You must pick it yourself to the Phelps Print Shop.
     So go there.
    The owner of Phelps Print Shop refuse to print those tickets because he will
     go fishing 19" largemouth bass. You offer to do it if he print those tickets
     today. So go to the fishing pond.
    How to get the correct fish?
     CLUE: the fishing guide/brochure you read in the carriage house.
     Put minnows on your bait, throw your fishing pole near the grassbed. Soon
     you will get 19" large mouth bass. Give it back to Print Phelp Shop, and you
     get those raffle tickets.
    Give them to Mrs. Jakowski. Mrs. Jakowski give you bridge cards. Go to Twin
     Elms. Give them to Mrs. Sheldon and finally you get that #$(@%* trivet.
    Open the Journal
    Okay, now you have the music record. What's the use of it?
    Try to play it. But where?
     There are music player in Emily's room.
    No, there are already another music record on that player.
     Take it off first, please.
    Still it won't play anything!
     Round the handle first. It's 1930, you know.
    Well, you've played it at last. But it contains nonsense.
    But wait! The drama played in the music record contains some sound effects.
     Why don't we write each of them down?
    The sound effects are:
     Hoofbeat, Thunder, Thunder, Rain, Door Open, Footstep, Clashing Swords,
     Thunder, Sound of Coin.
    Then what?
    CLUE: Look at the trivet you got from Mrs. Sheldon.
    Yes, all the sound effects are covered in the trivet. Then match them with
     the nearest letter in the trivet. What you get then?
    They read: 'GOODFELLOW'
    What's the use of this word anyway?
    CLUE: you want to open the journal, right?
    Press each letter on the journal according to the word. Then the right side of
    the journal is opened. There's a piece of paper in it. Read it.
    You get drama names, comments, and frequencies.
    Peeking a Dream
    Well, you get drama names from Midnight Summer's Dream and where did you
     see the book? On Topham's house.
    Okay, go there and ask Topham if you're allowed to read it.
    No, you aren't allowed. So now it's time to go back to the secret passageway.
     The second time you go through it, Topham won't be there anymore, but behind
     the other door in a session with his 'pupil'. Now you're free to snoop
    Climb up.
    But his cat is noisy! Soon you will be caught wet. Find the mouse toy and
     give it to the cat immediately!
    But the toy is no longer where it belongs!
     Try looking at:
     -below chair on the right of the table with parrot, or
     -between Topham's brochure on the left of the entrance.
    Okay, you're safe now. Peek the book in Topham's table. Feel free to look at
     the calendar, but make sure you're fast enough to catch the vase.
    Then go back to Lilac Inn using the secret passageway. Okay, now you know
     the lines for those drama characters!
    Read the 'Ham Radio' section.
    Ham Radio
    The note below the ham radio in the attic tells about quartz delivery.
    The quartz should be sent sometime ago to Josiah. Who will receive it now?
     Topham, of course. Ask Topham about it.
    However, Topham will give you the quartz if you successfully assist him
     in his paranormal test.
    How to answer Topham's paranormal test:
    There are two ways to solve this:
    1.The easy way: Save before, pick random cards, and reload the game until
      you know which card Thompage meant, and save again. Repeat.
    2.The hard or the actual way:
      CLUES: Do you read 'Like' magazine? Do you listen what Nancy says when she
       tried this test several times?
      Topham always ask certain question for certain card!
      His questions are:
      '(Do you know) what card I'm [looking] at?' refers to Star   card.
      'What card am I [holding]?'                 refers to Circle card.
      '[This] is which card?'                     refers to Plus   card.
      '(Can you tell me) what card is [this]?'    refers to Plus   card.
      'What card am I [concentrating] on?'        refers to Wave   card.
      'What card am I [thinking] about?'          refers to Square card.
    Then you get the quartz. But what's the use of it?
    The quartz is needed to power the ham radio. But the quartz won't fit.
    You need to 'blank' it in proper shape. Who's the man mentioned by the note
     to blank the quartz?
    Yes, go again to Wendell Jewelry.
    But Wendell always say 'come back later'. When the quartz will be finished?
     Eventhough you have enough money already, send another telegram before
     pick the quartz up. It will be finished by then.
    Plug the quartz in the upper right side of the ham radio.
    Set the frequency for each character, and you will contact with Flute,
     Pyramus, and Thisby. They will tell you their response line if you give
     them the correct Puck's line you get from the Midsummer Night Dream book.
    Now you get three response lines, but for what?
    Read 'Strange Machine' section.
    Strange Machine
    Face that strange machine in the attic, and you're facing a dozens button
     with symbols on it, and the lower button read 'Flute' on it. You know you're
     supposed to write Flute's line using that weird symbols, but how?
    CLUE: Read the newspaper on the parlor of the Lilac Inn.
    The answers are:
    -Flute  : hit the road, owner is in, thieves
    -Pyramus: barking dog, keep quiet, dangerous neighborhood
    -Thisby : authorities, bad water, don't go that way
    Finally we solve that stupid machine! No? Why the machine still ask about
    'Bottom'? What's that? We have no more line!
    CLUE: Look 'Lest I Forget'. It says Bottom's line are in the note to Gloria.
    But Emily doesn't permit me to touch her mother's stuff, save for Marcel!
     You must get rid of her first in order to search the drawer. But how?
    Go back to the secret passageway.
    Another Secret
    You already found the passageway. But you may not realize that you haven't
     found the secret stairs/room. Now it's time to find it. Go back to the
     passageway, and try to find suspiciously-looking wall on the right. Touch
     the light next to it. The wall will open and you enter a secret chamber
     right next to Emily's room!
    Peep on the crack and you'll see that Emily is gone. Go back to Emily's room
     and open the drawer. Now you can read those 2 letters.
    You now get Bottom's line.
     What? When? How? Where?
     Oh, come on. Read the Josiah's letter to Gloria: '...from the BOTTOM of
     my heart: ...'?
     The line is: Cat, fresh water, sky limit.
    Go back to the attic, and push the appropriate buttons. The machine works,
     and now you encounter some kind of Snake 'n Ladder game.
    One way to solve it  is by this order: 4, 8, 10, 6, 1, 9, 7, 5.
     After you win it, you get a golden ball and an instruction.
    Go to the Mini Golf.
    You immediately play the Mini Town. Now there's a new hole beside the tee
     spot. You must do 'hole in one'. Save first before doing it. The game moves
     to other spot, and the shell on the left will open. Grab the thing below the
     shell. You will get another key to another safe deposit box.
    Go to Jim Archer. He will open another box using that key, and there you find
     the real will of Josiah Crowley. Josiah did keep something under people's
     nose, eh?
    Is this the end?
    Another Surprise
    No! You must chase Jane first. Don't let her dissappear from the screen.
     Chase her all over the map until Nancy says you must take another route.
     Turn around immediately and take another road to intercept Jane. Check
     the map to be sure.
    Wait a minute! Your car is being blocked by another car.
     Take yet another road. Then you'll see her, eventhough you seems too late.
    Yet Jane can't find a way between pie truck and your car, and crush the pie
     truck. You did it!
    You finish this game. Enjoy the ending!
    -Call Nancy's dad if you get stuck.
    -Roadster means car.
    -I replace my broken tire with spare tire. But shortly after the car is
     crashed and the game is over showing newspaper. What's wrong?
    You forget to fasten the bolts. Operate the lever, loosen the bolts, take
     the old tire, attach the spare tire, put the bolts, and FASTEN the bolts
     before you descend the car.
    -Holy cow!
     This is meant by this game authors to bug you while you delivering telegram.
     You can still take another road, though.
    -I am broke. I can't pay for gas or flat tire!
     Don't worry. The game isn't over.
     But you must suffer a penalty from Thomas Zimmerman from Zippy the Gas.
     Again, don't worry. You simply restart over your duty if you misplace those
     bolts and nuts more than 2. If you succeed doing it, then your gas will be
     filled up and your spare tie (if it is flat) will be fixed. Glad enough?
    -Some of the titles when you win the game:
     Smart Cookie
      for successfully solving the case
     Penny Lost, Penny Saved
      you gain more money than the starting money
     Puzzle Pro
      for solving the puzzles at lightning speed
    CLK Production/Her Interactive    : for making/publishing this game
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey/GameFAQs/CNET : you know why
    Hermes          : solving and write down some puzzles.
    Person          : solving some puzzles and write down most puzzles.
    THE END.

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