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"Online game with spice and everything nice."

Online games are plentiful, so if you are going to choose one to spend all of your time playing, it should be one that you actually enjoy playing with a mountain of people.

RF Online just may be that game. Grinding and looting are the games main focus, because you will be doing a lot of that! However once you get to around level 30 the game really opens up. It should not take you more than two weeks to achieve this task.

From the start of the game you are given an easy tutorial. This tutorial shows off all of the games access commands and fighting types. The simple interface makes the game easier than most online games of this nature, so you will be immediately gratified by the simple controls and easy-to-use commands. If you don't like the way it handles, the game gives you the option to play it almost like an action adventure game (with many online game limitations mind you) by simply pressing the "H" key. That simple command combined with the on-the-fly hot bar at the bottom of the screen allows for quick use of potions, armors, weapons and even macro commands you could set up manually by pressing the "Y" key.

It is those fast and easy commands that allow you to adjust to the game rather quickly, and get you into the game right away. You will find that any player class and any race out of the three are fairly self-sufficient. You won't find yourself running around asking players for anything and getting frustrated when they ignore you!

So the game boasts player-versus-player combat. There are three races to choose from; Accretia Empire, the giant alien race of mecha robots that boast powerful weaponry and attack ability without the use of magic. Cora Alliance, which are powerful in magical ability and lacking in the physical, but not to be underestimated! Bellato Union is the race of intelligent self-perpetuating crafters and creators, this race provides all kinds of resourceful combat and mechanized creations including (but not limited to) giant robot armor.

The point of the three different races is the overall style of play versus your enemies. Accretia is power, Cora is magical, Bellato is crafty. All of the players of all races have the ability to work points into any set of skills that they choose. This allows for entirely different types of play depending on the user. You could pick melee class, ranger class and specialist class for any of the races but Bellato and Cora can use magic. The main points of the game are to fight off the other races and control the center area of the game for the purpose of aiding your entire race. You can mine anywhere in the center area, but in the very center of the mine fields you gain a heck of a lot more ore and money, so it is very worth it.

You will find yourself building up your melee, defense and ranged most of the time as any class but a well-rounded character is the best choice. Although it takes a little longer you will find that building a character with EVERY stat raised will be the best in combat.

This is a wondrous feature of the game but is also very problematic. You can build up only one at a time usually and if you raise skill trees higher than others, in some cases... it is impossible to raise those stats later on. This trouble only really shows face later when you need to switch to something on the fly or kill something quickly in combat. If you don't do enough damage with a ranged weapon (more than 40% of your capable damage) you will gain no experience, and if you don't have experience you can not use higher level weapons. I have personally seen players who build new characters just because of this.

The music is wonderful for the most part, however I find myself turning it off because it is so serene at times it puts a person to sleep. Of course there are also moments where the fully orchestrated music is powerful and boasting even though you are just selling rocks to a vendor. The main problem with the sound effects and music is that it only operates on four channels.

You will find that you get frustrated at certain sounds cutting out and music not playing properly even on the best of sound cards. Most of the time sounds won't even play. It is very important to have good quality in sound to fight in PVP because you need to hear things happening for a depth in stimulation. I could understand people just turning off the sound entirely just because of how frustrating it can be to listen to. The sound effects are actually well sampled and are pretty darn cool when they function correctly.

Graphically the game has many flaws as well. You will come across pretty bad pop fairly often and the character models are pretty generic (aside from the Accretians). I must say though that the actual character design is amazing. You have this very anime-inspired flair of people in every race and style. Sometimes going into a large battle is gratifying for that purpose alone.

Not to mention all of the weapon designs... and there are a lot of them... are pretty incredible even at the lower levels. There is nothing like finding a pair of electrified laser hand axes and flame two hand uzi's at level one.

Giant robot alien invaders and magical laser people:10

The best part of the game is the chip wars, the control of the core. A person is elected every six hours to be the leader of the race. This person sets into motion the ongoing war for the core. That player and two others gain control of special armor and skills and basically is the war leader for that period. There are plenty of players online at ALL TIMES so there will always be a chip war or battle event going on always. GM's frequent the servers too, allowing for assistance virtually whenever you need it.

Because of the system of leveling buffs and skills, players are more than happy to give you free skill buffs and stat increases for free. This allows for a calmer and easier environment to play peacefully in.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/04/07

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