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"Grand Prix World"

This game is set in 1998, back when Formula 1 was interesting and lots happened in each race. It is an extremely addicting game, which can keep you playing for hours.

Basically, you take over as manager of 1 of the 10 teams who were present in Formula 1 in 1998 and try to lead them to success. On another note, this game has all F1 drivers from 1998 licensed with the exception of Jacques Villeneuve and there are some other real-life drivers on the game that you can sign for your team.

If you start as a team such as McLaren or Ferrari, this is fairly easy, because of the amount of money these teams have, but if you start with a lesser team, such as Arrows or Minardi, its just a battle for survival.

Basically, you move the mouse around the screen and click on various different menus to choose the actions that you want to take.

For example, if you go on the mechanics menu, you can conduct testing on your cars to try and make improvements, send your mechanics to manufacture spare parts or even spare cars or you can also assign them to repairing your cars if they've picked up any damage in testing sessions or past races.

You can also deal with various factors, such as signing sponsors, drivers and other members of staff. If your team has a lot of money coming in, you can upgrade your factory with various different technologies to try and help your team's development.

This is all very good at first and keeps you going for a while, but after playing this game for a few seasons, it can get repetitive having to check on negotiations with sponsors, then repair your cars, then look at the design team and doing all these jobs over and over again after each race.

However, the best part of the game is undoubtedly the races. You can change your car's strategies to plot the best way to get to the front and the race is interesting to watch. You are kept in touch with what is happening on the track by 4 monitors in each corner of the screen that you can bring up various information on.

I usually keep 1 monitor showing the TV coverage, another showing my cars, another showing race data, such as lap times and the 4th showing a map of the track, so I can see where all the other cars are.

The races are particularly fun, during a wet race, because if you can get your cars into the pits first for new tyres, it is possible to make up loads of ground and the race positions keep changing constantly.

Gameplay = 8/10 A lot to do, but can occasionally get repetitive.

Basically, your team and drivers are on a quest to win the F1 World Championship and thats all there is to it.

Story = 4/10 Not a lot to it.

Brilliant. There's a nice looking interface for when you're dealing with the factory/sponsors and everything. In the races, there is photorealistic graphics showing the tracks and cars, as well as realistic car engine sounds, which get louder when the cars go past the pits.

Graphics/Sound 9/10 A very high standard

Play Time/Replayability
This game will keep you going for a while, especially if you're in a close championship battle.

Once you've completed the game with 1 team, there are still 9 more to try, all with varying degrees of difficulty, although when you've tried the game with a top team, a middling team and a weak team, then the gameplay can get very repetitive.

Play Time/Replayability = 7/10 Good for a few months, but can get repetitive

Overall Score = 8/10 A very good game, which features a lot of challenges and is surprisingly good, considering that I bought it for £1 at the local pound shop. I'd say its a very good rental game, if you have time to play it and I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Formula One.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/06/06

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