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"Savage 2- Must play for competitive team gaming"

I think Savage 2 is tremendous and that most people should give it a try at least once if they have any interest in competitive team based gameplay. There are quite a few things that are wonderful about the game and I will try to order them by importance to most players.

Savage 2 is a tremendous game in so many ways but perhaps one of the most interesting features is that it is free. Now that is a little misleading since you can spend $10 US for a prime account which grants you stat tracking, hellbourne units, and 2 extra inventory slots in battle. Unless you are good however the hellbourne units are still pretty inaccessible even with a prime account.

This game is very addictive and it is fairly complex. Generally this is a team based game and you have a commander. The commander plays the game as an rts, and everyone else is a units. The commander chooses a few officers to lead squads of other players around. The squad leaders have the option of dropping a spawn portal which allows his units to join him rather quickly or for him to respawn after he dies. This element is worth mentioning since a good squad leader can win a match with just him and his squad using those portals. The game has a high learning curve but it is relatively easy to get into. It also has a practice mode and a tutorial which vastly help the learning process, and the game provides verbal tooltips when you use skills(if you leave the option on) while playing with other people. These are very helpful early on. The game requires a lot of strategy but also a lot of skill to back it up and if you are continually fodder for the enemy then ultimately you are strengthening them with souls, xp and money which they can use to gain even more strength. It can be very hard but success is all the more rewarding when you achieve it as a result.

Personally I thought the graphics were splendid. For a game that can have 30 on 30 matches, I was very impressed with the quality of the graphics and the environments. It isn't a Crysis but they do get the job done. They are better than many modern games that actually charge money. The game also does a few atmospheric things that really just make the game look beautiful to me. I believe when the most expensive hellbourne unit is create the world gets apocolyptic. When you have a bunch of fire demons running around in your base and things are getting destroyed it looks awesome.

Surprisingly I never experienced much at all even with high amounts of players.

A decent number of people play consistently at all points in the day which I found refreshing as I know how often you can see almost no community in a multiplayer game. You can rate people and give them karma or take it. You may also rate commanders and write comments.
As for the general quality of the players, they tend to be very nice. Seriously I haven't heard one person really be a jerk yet, and I've been playing quite a bit. Replays are available of every match ever played. Seriously as nuts as that sounds it is true.

Time investment:
One match takes roughly a half hour from my experience, sometimes much shorter and sometimes much longer.

This game in my eyes is a very worthy indy game. It has innovative gameplay, is fast paced, and has a heavy bent on strategy. If you like competitive team based games then this is one that is sure to delight.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/08/09

Game Release: Savage 2: A Tortured Soul (US, 01/16/08)

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