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"Three premium modules at a bargain price."

Bioware have compiled three of the best modules for Neverwinter Nights into this nifty little package. Its main selling point is bite size adventures for a minimum price. The catch is you need Neverwinter Nights, and both of the expansion packs to play it, so this is for Neverwinter aficionados only.

The three modules included in this package are Witches Wake, Shadowguard, and Kingmaker, each one with a unique little story and full of quests.

Kingmaker, the game that the package is named after, is arguably the best of the bunch. You play a hero on a quest to be elected as the lord of a keep, beset by a masked menace.

Witches Wake is a short story about a hero's quest to deliver a message to a king in his homeland, with no memory of what that message was. Experience points are as scarce as hen's teeth for this game; don't expect your hero to soar past level three.

Finally, Shadowguard sees your hero enlisted into the group known as Shadowguard, in a city about to be overrun by fanatics.

These modules are all fully voice acted (excluding Witches Wake, which has one voice actor narrating the story), and while they aren't the most professionally acted ever, they are very nice for a budget pack.

While it's been positive so far, we inevitably come to the bad points of the package. The most obvious is that the ending for all three modules hits you like a car with no headlights; you never saw it coming. In Witches Wake, I assumed my game had hit a fault, so I reloaded. The ending came again, in all of its Halo 2-esqe Glory. I checked the Bioware forums, and my darkest fears were confirmed; all three modules are never truly resolved. We have to wait for a sequel, then.

Never mind, though. There is plenty of hour's worth of fun to be had in these packages. All three come with their own, fresh story (you never come close to saving the world from an ancient evil). And there's an encouragement to replay them too. For example, I found an area in Witch's Wake I never even noticed the first time through. The zombies there slaughtered me, but it was nice none the less.

Technically, this can be summarised as: it's Neverwinter Nights. If you own NWN, you know how this will look, play and sound. If you don't own NWN, you can't play this.

Overall, this is a nice package if you've finished Hordes of the Underdark. It's by no means essential, but it contains three, polished modules that will provide hours of fun, end prematurely, and then offer a multitude of reliability.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/09/06

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