Unreal Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    During play, press ~ , and enter the following codes, afterwards, press enter again to verify them:

    behindview 01st Person Mode
    behindview 13rd Person Mode
    addbots <Number>Adds the selected amount of bots to the game. There is no limit but too many will cause a crash.
    slowmo (1.0-10.0)Adjust the game speed.(Default is 1.0)
    say <Message String>Broadcasts the desired message to other players.
    amphibiousCan't Drown
    walkDisable Fly/Ghost Modes
    flyFly Mode(Press Jump)
    playersonlyFreeze all Enemies
    allammoFull Ammo
    summon amplifierGives Amplifier
    summon jumpbootGives Anti-grav Boots
    summon armorGives Armor
    summon gesbiorifleGives Bio Rifle
    summon flakcannonGives Flak Cannon
    summon flashlightGives Flashlight
    summon superhealthGives Health Keg
    summon healthGives Health Pack
    summon minigunGives Minigun
    summon dispersionpistolGives Pistol
    summon razorjackGives Razorjack
    summon eightballGives Rocket Launcher
    summon scubagearGives Scuba Gear
    summon shieldbeltGives Shield
    summon asmdGives Shock Rifle
    summon rifleGives Sniper Rifle
    summon searchlightGives Stronger Flashlight
    godGod Mode
    flushIf you start getting weird garbage graphics on wall textures or creatures, type this to fix it.
    killpawnsbotKill All Bots(Multiplayer)
    killpawnsKill All Enemies
    suicideKill Yourself Instantly
    suicidekills yourself instantly
    ghostNo Clipping
    open [mapname]Opens Desired Map
    Preferencesopens up the advanced options menu where you can change your settings like drivers, sounds, unreal.ini, serverpackages, and more
    feigndeathPlay Dead
    summon naliSpawns a Nali
    summon quadshotspawns a Quad Shotgun (unusable weapon taken out of the final game)
    summon treesu8mmons a tree
    summon thrownbodysummon a body in the thrown animation
    summon cryopodsummon a cryogenic pod
    summon femaletwocarcasssummon another female carcass
    summon weaponpowerupSummon Dispersion Pistol Powerup
    summon upak.frozenmeshsummons a "frozen" nali corpse[unreal gold only]
    summon babycowsummons a babycow
    summon barrelsummons a barrel
    summon barrelsludgesummons a barrel full of sludge
    summon tarydiumbarrelsummons a barrel of tarydium
    summon biterfishsummons a biterfish
    summon blobsummons a blob
    summon bloodblobsummons a blob of blood
    summon bluebooksummons a blue book
    summon bouldersummons a boulder
    summon boxsummons a box
    summon brutecarcasssummons a brute carcass
    summon cavemantaSummons a CaveManta
    summon chairsummons a chair
    summon chestsummons a chest
    summon femalemasterchunksummons a chunk of a gibbed female
    summon malemasterchunksummons a chunk of a gibbed male
    summon nalimasterchunksummons a chunk of a gibbed nali
    summon skaarjmasterchunksummons a chunk of a gibbed skaarj
    summon upak.dyingnalisummons a d
    summon deadchairmalesummons a dead male in a chair-like position
    summon devilfishsummons a devil fish
    summon flag3summons a different flag
    summon flag1summons a different flag
    summon flag2summons a different flag
    summon lamp4summons a different lamp
    summon upak.scoutshpsummons a different ship[unreal gold only]
    summon lantern2summons a different type of lantern
    summon leg2summons a different type of leg
    summon dripsummons a drip of blood
    summon fan2summons a fan
    summon femaleonecarcasssummons a femal carcass
    summon femaleheadsummons a female gibbed head
    summon femaleonebotsummons a female one skin bot
    summon femaletwobotsummons a female two skin bot
    summon flagbsummons a flag
    summon flysummons a fly
    summon flySummons a Fly
    summon bubblegeneratorsummons a generato making bubbles
    summon dripgeneratorsummons a generator of contious blood drips
    summon giantmantaSummons a GiantManta
    summon creaturemasterchunksummons a gibbed monster chunk
    summon greenbooksummons a green book
    summon pheartsummons a heart
    summon iceskaarjSummons a IceSkaarj
    summon knifesummons a knife
    summon krallSummons a Krall
    summon krallcarcasssummons a krallcarcass
    summon kralleliteSummons a KrallElite
    summon lampsummons a lamp
    summon lanternsummons a lantern
    summon hugecannonsummons a large cannon
    summon leg1summons a leg
    summon lesserkrallSummons a LesserKrall
    summon liversummons a liver
    summon maleheadsummons a male gibbed head
    summon maleonebotsummons a male one skin bot
    summon malethreebotsummons a male three skin bot
    summon maletwobotsummons a male two skin bot
    summon mantaSummons a Manta
    summon mantacarcasssummons a manta carcass
    summon upak.marineboxsummons a marine box [uneal gold only]
    summon upak.marinedropboxsummons a marine box[same as marine box but was made to be dropped [unreal gold only]]
    summon upak.meltedputtlesummons a melted puddle[unreal gold only]
    summon mercenarySummons a Mercenary
    summon mercenaryeliteSummons a MercenaryElite
    summon moonsummons a moon
    summon nalipriestsummons a nali priest
    summon upak.naliskelsummons a nali skeloten[ unreal gold only]
    summon upak.coptersummons a nali that does i dont know what[unreal gold only]
    summon plant4summons a plant
    summon plant3summons a plant
    summon plant2summons a plant
    summon plant1summons a plant
    summon playerchunkssummons a player chunk
    summon pupaeSummons a Pupae ( spider)
    summon queenSummons a Queen
    summon booksummons a red book
    summon camerabooksummons a red book[i still dont know what effect this does]
    summon rocketsummons a rocket
    summon biterfishschoolsummons a school of biterfish
    summon upak.scoutshipsummons a ship[unreal gold only]
    summon sign1summons a sign
    summon skaarjassassinSummons a Skaarj Assassin
    summon skaarjberserkersummons a skaarj berserker
    summon skaarjgunnersummons a skaarj gunner
    summon skaarjgunnerSummons a Skaarj Gunner
    summon skaarjinfantrySummons a Skaarj infantry
    summon skaarjlordsummons a skaarj lord
    summon skaarjlordSummons a Skaarj Lord
    summon skaarjofficerSummons a Skaarj Officer
    summon skaarjscoutSummons a Skaarj Scout
    summon skaarjsniperSummons a Skaarj Sniper
    summon skaarjtrooperSummons a Skaarj Trooper
    summon skaarjwarriorSummons a Skaarj Warrior
    summon skaarjwarriorSummons a Skaarj Warrior
    summon panelsummons a skull that can you can walk thru
    summon introshipsummons a small blue ship
    summon cannonsummons a small cannon
    summon upak.scoutpadsummons a small lever[unreal gold only]
    summon escapepodsummons a small ship
    summon smallsteelboxSummons a small steel box
    summon smallwiresummons a small wire
    summon sconcesummons a sonce that is made for holding fire
    summon squidsummons a Squid (enemy not found in the final game)
    summon steelboxsummons a steel box
    summon stomachsummons a stomach
    summon stonetitansummons a stonetitan
    summon tablesummons a table
    summon tapestry1summons a tapestry with markings on it
    summon thighsummons a thigh
    summon titansummons a titan
    summon tree1summons a tree
    summon tree2summons a tree
    summon tree12summons a tree
    summon tree11summons a tree
    summon tree10summons a tree
    summon tree9summons a tree
    summon tree8summons a tree
    summon tree7summons a tree
    summon tree5summons a tree
    summon tree4summons a tree
    summon tree3summons a tree
    summon warlordsummons a WarLord
    summon wiresummons a wire
    summon yellowbooksummons a yellow book
    summon arm1summons an arm
    summon arrowsummons an arrow
    summon sludgebarrelsummons an explosive barrel of sludge
    summon iceskaarjsummons an ice skaarj
    summon moon2summons another type of moon
    summon moon3summons another type of moon
    summon gasbagsummons gas bag
    summon infiltration.infil_grenadesummons grenade
    summon infiltration.infil_hk69summons hk 69 grenade launcher
    summon dicesummons krall dice
    summon infiltration.infil_M9summons M9 pistol
    summon infiltration.infil_robarsummons robar sniper rifle
    summon seaweedsummons sea weed
    summon infiltration.infil_shotgunsummons shot gun
    summon skaarjsnipersummons skaarj sniper
    summon queensummons the Queen
    summon tree6summonsa a tree
    set (an item) charge 9999999999will give u infinite charge for the item u picked
    killall (pawn)will make the desired monster disappear
    pausewill pause the game,press again to deactivate
    summon (pawn)carcasswill show the desired pawn dead
    summon bookwill summon a book
    summon monkstatuewill summon a statue of a monk
    summon nali statuewill summon a statue of a nali
    summon urnwill summon an urn

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Cheats


  • Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    allammo999 ammo for all weapons
    godgod mode
    behindview0normal view
    behindview1third person view

    Contributed By: BlueStar.

  • Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    summon <name of weapon/item>Add weapon or item
    Summon CARifleCA Rifle
    walkFlight mode off
    flyFlight mode on
    Summon GrenadelauncherGrenade launcher
    open <map name>Jump to map
    killall <enemy name>Kill indicated enemy
    killpawnsKill monsters
    ghostNo clipping mode
    flushReset graphics and textures
    Summon RocketlauncherRocket launcher
    slomo <number>Set game speed
    playersonlyToggle time

    Contributed By: freakunique.

Unreal Tournament (1999) Cheats


  • Ammo.

    If you're low on ammo and there isn't any around you can summon it for the weapon you want. Press the ~ key to bring the console up and type in the following:

    Summon miniammoSummons 50 bullets.
    Summon eclipSummons a clip.
    Summon pammoSummons a pulse cell.
    Summon rocketpackSummons a rocket pack.
    Summon ShockcoreSummons a shock core.
    Summon bioammoSummons Biosludge.
    Summon flakammoSummons Flak Cannon shells.
    Summon bladehopperSummons Razor Blades.
    Summon bulletboxSummons Sniper rifle ammo.

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Cheat Codes

    Press ''~'' after turning on cheats(enter iamtheone in the console) and type:

    behindview 01st Person Mode
    behindview 13rd Person Mode
    addbots (number)Adds the specified number of bots
    loadedAll Weapons
    WalkDisable Flight and Enable Clipping
    flyFlight Mode
    playersonlyFreezes all non-player charatcers (bots).
    summon chainsawGives you the Chainsaw
    killpawnsKill All Enemies
    allammoMaximum Ammo
    ghostNo Clipping
    open XOpens map, where "X" is the name of the map.
    slomo (1.0-10.0)Set Game Speed. Default is 1.0
    summon impacthammerSummons the Impact Hammer.
    summon supershockrifleSummons the Instagib.
    summon razorjackSummons the Ripper.
    Setjumpz #Type any number 1 or higher where "#" is, and your jump height will change. You don't get hurt no matter how high you set your jump.
    say XYour character says a message, where "X" is the message.

  • Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster.

    summon unreali.naliSummons a Nali.
    summon unreali.queenSummons a Queen, but it'll telefrag you when it spawns.
    summon unreali.warlordSummons a Warlord.

    Contributed By: WarDemonX.

  • Record\View demos

    You can record a demo of yourself playing the game and then play and show it to your friends or view it for your enjoyment. Press space after the record\play commands and specify a name for the demo you want to record or play. Note that a demo will stop recording once a match ends but you can stop it yourself before that, if you wish.

    Demoplay (specify name)Plays a prerecorded demo. Specify the demo's name after the command without the brackets.
    Demorec (specify name)Records a demo. Specify a name after the command without the brackets.
    StopdemoStops recording of current demo.

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Reics

    During game, push the T button, delete \"SAY\" and enter the following: these codes are relics which are activated on the mutaters menu.

    relic:strengthdoubles wepon power
    relic:speedimproves your speed
    relic:vengancekills anything in blast radius after the person who collect\'s it, dies
    relic:defencelets you take more hits
    relic:regenerationregenerates health
    relic:redemptiontransports player to a safe location after health goes to 0

    Contributed By: vinnie0107.

  • Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the "~" key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    summon healthpackSummons a Big Keg 'o Health.
    summon ut_invisibilitySummons Invisibility.
    summon ut_jumpbootsSummons the Antigrav Boots.
    summon armor2Summons the Body Armor.
    summon udamageSummons the Damage Amplifier.
    summon ut_shieldbeltSummons the Shield Belt.
    summon thighpadsSummons the Thigh Pads.

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the &quot;~&quot; key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    Summon medboxSummon a Health Pack +20.
    Summon healthvialSummons a Health Vial +5.

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Weapons Cheat List

    To get a weapon wherever you want, press '~' to bring up your console, then type in the names below. the weapon DOES respawn after a while in the same place.- Remember - just type in loaded to get all weapons.

    doubleenforcerenforcer x2
    ut_flakcannonflak cannon
    pulsegunpulse gun
    shockrifleshock rifle
    sniperriflesniper rifle
    ut_bioriflethe biorifle
    chainsawthe chainsaw
    ut_eightballthe eightball
    summon.unreali.quadshotUnuseable hidden weapon that was take out of the final game (four barrelled shotgun)

    Contributed By: mikstar and Stejpan.


  • Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster (including the Squid monster that was never used in the final version of Unreal) or a hidden cast of bot players from the original.

    summon.unreali.babycowSummons a Baby Cow
    summon.unreali.bird1Summons a bird that flies around
    summon.unreali.femaleonebotSummons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.malethreebotSummons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.maletwobotSummons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.maleonebotSummons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.femaletwobotSummons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.bruteSummons a Brute
    summon.unreali.cowSummons a Cow
    summon.unreali.cavemantaSummons a flying manta
    summon.unreali.giantgasbagSummons a giant gasbag
    summon.unreali.krallSummons a Krall
    summon.unreali.mercenarySummons a Mercenary
    summon.unreali.nalipriestSummons a Nali Priest
    summon.unreali.biterfishschoolSummons a school of biting fish (they flop around outside of water)
    summon.unreali.devilfishSummons a Shark
    summon.unreali.pupaeSummons a Skaarj Pupae
    summon.unreali.skaarjplayerbotSummons a Skaarj that plays like a bot
    summon.unreali.squidSummons a Squid (Hidden enemy that was removed from the final game)
    summon.unreali.tentacleSummons a Tentacle
    summon.unreali.deadbodyswarmSummons some flies

    Contributed By: Stejpan.


  • Boss Skin

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss SkinBeat the Unreal Tournament campaign on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: goldendigitalmaster.

Easter Eggs

  • ''Pretty Fly.... For a White Guy!''

    This is found on the map dm_codex. In the map, there is a square room with a pillar in the middle and a hallway on each side. Go into the hallway with the lift on the right wall and another wall straight ahead. Go and stand right by that wall. If you stand there long enough, a door will open, revealing a hidden room. Inside of the hidden room is a picture of Cliffy B., a co-designer of Unreal Tournament and text that says ''Pretty fly''. If you shoot the words, they'll change and say "For a white guy".

    Contributed By: Liu Domi.


  • Enable 1600x1200 resolution.

    Open UnrealTournament.ini in the UnrealTourmanet\System folder.

    Search for "FullscreenViewportX", then change the value to 1600.
    Go to "FullscreenViewportY" right below, and set the value to 1200.

    Save the file and play UT.

    Contributed By: Mike J..

  • Use Boss Skin without completing Single Player campaign.

    Find the file user.ini in your UnrealTournament\System directory.

    Create a new line in an open space called: [BotPack.Ladder]
    Under that line print: HasBeatenGame=True

    You should be able to use the Boss skin in single and multiplayer.

    Contributed By: KFM.

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