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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mycroftb

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sam and Max: Culture Shock
    Part 1: The Blah Blah
    v1.0 Written (barely) by MycroftB
    Freely distributable as long as the guide remains intact with proper
    attribution.  (But should probably be trashed once something better comes
    along.)  Uploaded first to GameFAQs.
    Dedicated to all the FAQ/walkthrough writers out there (too many to mention)
    that were much smarter than me and helped me enjoy my games more.  Thanks
    also to GameFAQs for hosting them.
    Part 2: More info
    First off, if you haven't played the game yet, do so.  If you're reading this
    just to get more information about the game prior to playing it, stop right
    now.  It may spoil your enjoyment of this fine game, and probably won't make
    any sense out of context anyway.
    The game is currently out on the GameTap subscription service, and is due to
    be released in stores on November 1, 2006.
    If playing this whets your appetite for the first game, Sam and Max Hit the
    Road, please feel free to find a copy.  Ebay's a good place to start.  The
    game was released in two versions, a diskette version that had minimal music
    and sound effects, and a CD version that included full voice acting for all
    dialogue.  Once acquired, use ScummVM to override any hassles of DOS
    Part 3: General Gameplay
    This is a clickaround adventure game, similar in gameplay style to adventure
    games of yesteryear that we all know and love.
    To move, click in the direction you want to go, and Sam will move to that
    spot.  Clicking on doors and windows will make you enter and look through them.
    For every object, there is only one use.  You don't need to select "talk to",
    "use", "push", "take", etc.  There is only one use for each object.  To see
    what objects are interactive, hover your mouse cursor over them.  If you can
    do something to an object, it will highlight slightly with a label.  Click to
    perform an action.
    To open your inventory, click on the box in the lower left corner of the
    screen.  To use an object in your inventory, click it.  If an object is not
    usable by itself, the cursor will change to that object, and you can click on
    another object in the current scene to try to use them together.
    The game also includes dialog.  When talking to someone, you can have a choice
    of things to say.  This menu can be hierarchical as well.  From time to time,
    Max might have something to say, too.  In such an occurrance, you can click
    back and forth between Sam and Max to choose not only what is said next, but
    who says it.
    Part 4: Walkthrough
    Warning: This section is very terse, and includes minimal instructions needed
    to solve the puzzles and complete the game.  If you want a better-written help
    system, look elsewhere, or write your own.  I cobbled this together as a kind
    of framework to solve the puzzles for those stumped.  I will be happy if this
    gets replaced with a much better-written FAQ.
    Open the closet door, which is to the right of the rat hole.
    Use big gun on pile o' cheese.
    Take some cheese.
    Use the cheese on rathole.
    switch to Max for the dialog, say anything, until the rat says "Hey dog-face,
    your partner's giving me a headache"
    Switch to Sam and say "Got a headache, eh?"
    Switch back to Max and say "I'll hang you out to dry!"
    Back in the office, go ahead and take the boxing glove (on the windowsill) 
    andthe bolwing ball (by the filing cabinet).
    Exit the office by clicking the door on the left.
    Once out on the street, head left.
    Click on Lefty's to enter the alley.
    Pick up the can of spraypaint sitting on the car in the lower right corner.
    Go back to the main street and click on the cop car, your trusty DeSoto, and 
    pick the first option.
    cruise until you see another car coming up, then click in that lane to get
    behind them.
    Click on the gun, and shoot out a taillight.
    Click the megaphone, and choose the first option.
    Choose "Hideously broken tail light"
    You'll receive ten thousand dollars, which you'll need in the next scene.
    Click the office icon in the lower right corner.
    Back on the street, go right and enter Bosco's Inconvenience store.
    Go through the dialog until you can choose "We wanna buy something".
    When prompted, say "What've you got?"
    Ask about the item behind the counter.
    Take the tear gas.  Max will automatically give Bosco the $10,000 for payment.
    Take the slice of cheese on the table, but don't exit with it.
    You can take a video from the display if you want, but not necessary.
    At the far left, click on the bathroom.
    When Whizzer is indisposed, quickly use the cheese on his box.
    Leave the poor kid KO'd in a puddle of his own making for now.
    Exit Bosco's.
    On the street, head all the way left and enter Sybil's.
    Exit the dialog you have with Peepers, who is pretending to by Sybil.
    Use the "tear gas gun" on Peepers.
    Quickly use the boxing glove on Peepers.
    Head to the right, and open the closet.
    Exit Sybil's.
    Street time again, head to just outside the office door.
    Use the can of spraypaint on the graffiti head.
    Specs will appear, and begin correcting the graffiti.
    Enter the office.
    Look out the window.
    Use the bowling ball on Specs.
    Go back outside, and click on Specs.  He'll zoom off.
    Enter Bosco's Inconvenience, and click on Whizzer.  He'll zoom off, and a
    chase scene will ensue.
    Zig zag the car left and right to avoid the falling boxes.
    You can drive on the sidewalk, but there's obstacles there too.
    Avoid obstacles enough to catch up to the van.
    Shoot his tire out with the gun.
    In front of Brady Culture's "Home", take an admissions form.
    Pay attention to the symptoms!  Write down or remember the second two.
    The first will be an obsession with fame.
    The second will be a violent reaction to something
    The third will be a desire for someone to do something
    Get back in the car, and head to the street where your office is.
    Enter Sybil's.
    If the dialog doesn't automatically steer you in that direction, ask her to
    psychoanalyze you.  It'll be in three parts: Inkblots, Free Association, and
    Dream Analysis.
    Inkblots: Choose the option that deals most with fame.  The ones I use are
    listed below.
    (Note: it's possible that the symptoms listed above may have something else.
    In that case, choose the option that deals with that obsession instead.)
    "Susan Lucci holding an Emmy"
    "Pigeons on a the Marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater"
    "An autograph written in braille"
    "A cheering crowd of lanky albinos"
    "That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes"
    Free association
    If she says something related to the listed reaction (drill for dentistry,
    teasing for hairstyling, etc.) take out your gun and pull the trigger at her
    If she says anything else, either click on her and say anything, or click on
    any of the other interesting things around her office.
    Dream analysis
    Click on the shadowy figure, and choose the person representing the listed
    group ("you" for mother, Max for peer, etc.)
    Click on the donut box under the window, and choose the item representing the
    listed action (wedding cake for marry, birthday cake for age, etc.)
    Exit Sybil's, hop in the car, and head back to the Home.
    Feed the form into the reader, then enter the gate.
    When you're near the table, pick up the cheese.
    If you get "Too far away", keep trying, nearer as you approach it.
    Flick the light switch, to the right of the open door.
    Stand under Max's head, and shoot the One Way sign.
    Use Max's head on the Brady on his body.
    Take the coat hanger antenna.
    Go right, and open the closet door.
    Use the bicycle pump.
    Say goodbye to Bosco, and exit.
    Enter Sybil's and ask for help.  She'll give you some blueprints.
    Exit Sybil's, and enter the office.
    Take the coat hanger from the TV, exit the office.
    Enter Bosco's, give him the blueprints, and give him the coat hanger.
    You'll automatically take the helmet.
    Exit, get in the car, and go to the Home
    Enter the gate
    Talk to the Soda Poppers
    Say Become.. Brady Culture
    Say Worship.. Me
    Say Attack.. Me
    And that's the end of this episode.

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