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    FAQ/Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

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       MMMMMMM.                   MMMMM'MMMMM       MMMMMMMMMM     MMMMMMMMMMM
                             MMMMMM         MMMMMMM MMMMMM              MMMMMMM
                                    MMMM'   'MMMM
                                     :MMMMM  MMMMMMMM
                                    MMM:'     MMMM'
                                    MMM      .MMM
                                     MMMMMM          MMMMMMMMMMM        MMMMMMMMMMM
                                     -Episode 1-
                                     =Culture Shock=
                                     Version 1.00
                                           written by
                                           for more infos visit my homepage under
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     Content                  ..:::::::::::::::::::..
                          .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.         _/\_
                       .:::::'                       ':::::.      ).\(
                      ::::'      /\                     '::::
                     .:::       /  \                      :::.
                 ____:::_______/    \________/\____________:::____    
                / ___:::___________________________________:::___ \______    
               / /   :::                                   :::   \       \ 
               \ \   :::   .Content ............. [.01.]   :::   / ______/
                \ \  :::   .Controls ............ [.02.]   :::  / /    ||
                / /  :::   .Characters .......... [.03.]   :::  \ \    :: 
               / /   :::   .Walkthrough ......... [.04.]   :::   \ \  _||_
              /  \   :::   .funny stuff ......... [.05.]   :::   /  \ \  /
              \  /  .:::   .History ............. [.06.]   :::.  \  /  \/
               \ \  :::'   .legal stuff ......... [.07.]   ':::  / /   
                \ \.:::    .thanx ............... [.08.]    :::./ / 
                 .:::'______      _______________    ________':::.
               .:::'        \    /               \  /          ':::.
          ...::::'           \  /      _/\_       \/             '::::... 
                              \/       )/.(
    Use  Ctrl+F  in your browser and enter the code with dot and bracket to quickly
    jump to the desired chapter.
    The new Sam n Max adventures are controled very intuitive, even better than the
    old adventures.  You can compare  the controls to  Beneath a Steel  Sky or some
    freeware AGS games (by Ben304 for example). You just click on an object and Sam
    (or Max) do what the  think fits the best  to do now. So you  don't have to get
    grey hair for finding out which  verb to use with which  object. The difficulty
    level goes down a bit but gameplay fun increses by a lot.
    If you want to walk to some place just click there and you will walk there.
    Your inventory is in the lower left of the screen. All items you collected move
    into the box there. Click on the box and  your items are spread over the screen
    waiting for you to pick them up and use them wisely.
    Click on a dialoge line to make Sam (or Max) say this line (or not).
    That's it for the controls, that's easy, isn't it?
    Sam is the dog and the rather  cool guy of the two freelance  policiers. But he
    always has a punchline ready  and the head of the troup  around the dog and the
    rabbit, he is the good nose  so to say. When he is too  annoyed by Max he likes
    to abuse him as a living punching ball or as a tool to solve riddles. 
    Max is the psychopathic, close  to psychoactive rabbit  that is always at Sam's
    side. Max developed  an unhealthy  addiction  to coffee  and is getting  really
    hyperactive  from  that. Besides  this  he wants  to kill,  injure  or blow  up
    everything that finds its way into his furry  fingers. So he is the perfect man
    for the freelance police and always has a sadistic comment on his lips.
                                  -=Brady Culture=-
    Brady Culture  is the  prototype  and/or   the stereotype  of  the megalomaniac
    computer game bad guy but in this case he is really really stupid too. He looks
    quite nice with his  afro hair but he wants  to hypnotize the  whole world with
    his videos and force  all the people  to watch him  and his brainless  show. He
    already hypnotized the  3 Soda Poppers and  now they are working  for him under
    his unfluence. You have to stop this lunatic, and if two other lunatics are not
    perfect for this job who else would be?
                              -=Soda Poppers Allstars=-
    The Soda Poppers are  aging and then again  not aging child  stars from Sam and
    Maxes childhood.  They had  their own  TV  show  and now  they  appear in  this
    adventure again for Sam n Max. They are  three child starts and their names are
    Specs, Whizzer and Peepers.
    Specs seems to be them most mature one of the three Soda Poppers, but he is not
    one of the brightest around.  Because he is caught under  the hypnotic spell of
    Brady Culture he  paints grafittis  with the logo  from Brady Culture's  stupid
    homevideo everywhere in the district of  Sam and Max. He wants to hypnotize the
    few sane people left in the  world of Sam n Max. So our  heros have to stop him
    and wake him up from his hypnosis.
    Whizzer is  also hypnotized   by Brady  Culture.  Under   the influence  of the
    hypnosis he does all  kind of strange things  against his will.  In his case he
    drags all of the brainless homevideos from  Brady Culture into Bosco's shop and
    wants him to sell them. But as he doesn't  want them he calls the police and is
    more than surprised as only Sam and Max show up to help him.
    Whizzer has a serious problem  with keeping his body fluids  in his bladder and
    Sam n Max make use of that in no time.
    Peepers imitates Sybil Pandemic as he is  under the hypnotic influence of Brady
    Culture and just occupies her office. After  Sybil was recued by Sam and Max he
    still claims he is Sybil herself.
    Our two chaos cops have to stop this dangerous behaviour and beat him up with a
    trick and  with  that  they   also free  him  from  Brady   Culture's  hypnotic
                                  -=Sybil Pandemic=-
    Sybil Pandemic  has a talent  for everything.  She can pierce  your eybrows  or
    tattoo your back, but the business  with the body cult  is not working out that
    well so she changed  subject to  psychology and  advices her customers  so long
    until they are patients themselfes. She  is a source of wisdom but is unable to
    help at first as Peepers  from the Soda  Poppers took her place  and locked her
    After you freed her from Peepers you can  have her analyze you. This brings you
    one step closer to the mental hospital (and to Brady Culture).
    Bosco is the most ingenious and inventuous  supermarket boss you will ever find
    anywhere. But  besides that  he has a serious  problem with  Whizzer,  a former
    child star on  TV from the Soda  Poppers.  Whizzer is unstoppably  filling  his
    supermarket with new hypnotic video tapes from Brady Culture.
    For a huge amount of  money you can get  his Bosco Tec tear  gas launcher. This
    thing is as ingenious as his anti-theft protection device in his shop.
    This solution describes the fastest and opimal way through the game, but if you
    don't play around  a bit on  your own the  whole game is  for nada because  you
    will find all the funny situations and absurd dialoges Sam n Max are famous for
    only by trying and playing the game. So  play it on your own and only look here
    if you are really stuck!
    So, let's start with the solution:
    After the really cool intro you will find  Sam and Max while performing a relly
    interesting leisure activity in their bureo.  But sadly Sam is interrupted from
    shooting because the  phone is ringing.  But where is the phone?  The house rat
    kidnapped it and  demands swiss  cheese as  ransom. So let's  be quick  and get
    some swiss cheese!
    In the cupboard on the right end of the buero you can find some cheese! But the
    cheesy thing about this  is that the cheese  is no swiss cheese.  So grab Sam's
    huge gun from  the inventory  and shoot the  needed holes  into the cheese  and
    there we go, we made swiss cheese.
    Put the piece of fake swiss cheese in front  of the hole of the rat. But as the
    rat is getting really awful and demands  even more stuff we have to use drastic
    Let Max do the talking  in this  part. After some  threatening the  rat finally
    complains about getting a headache from Max' talk.
    So let Sam ask what  the headache is about  (Got a headeache,  eh?). So the rat
    spits it out and  tells us that  it is afraid of  heights. This  is perfect for
    Pick up the rat and  hang it out of the  window (I'll hang you  out to dry) and
    the rat will give back your telephone.
    And so we can receive the call, the Commisioner wants Sam n Max to take care of
    a strange guy in the neighbourhood.
    But before leaving pick  up the boxing glove  and the bowling  ball. Armed like
    this you can step on the streets.
    So enter Bosocs shop at the right end of the street. Inside Boscos is crying in
    your ear about Whizzer  but nevermind and  grad the cheese that  is next to the
    entrance. Then enter the toilet on the left, well, let Max enter the toilet.
    This makes Whizzer nervous  and he also  goes onto the toilet.  And while he is
    gone put a little present in his video box. Put the cheese in there. As soon as
    he returns and runs  away again he gets  knocked out and we  can put one of the
    hypnotized Soda Poppers off of our list.
    So let's get red  of the next one.  You can find  him right outside  of Sam and
    Max's office. He is  painting grafittis  to the building walls.  So go into the
    sidestreet to the left  of the office of  our heros and get  the spray can from
    the car here. Use the spray  can to spray color onto the  grafitti right to the
    entrance of the office of our heros.
    Specs comes running  and tries  to rescue   his artwork.  While he is scrubbing
    along the wall we go back into our office  and look out of the window here. So?
    What do you see? Right! Specs! So throw the bowling ball onto his mean head and
    we got rid of the second Soda Popper now.
    To get rid of the third of the Soda Poppers you step out of you law enforcement
    office and swing yourself into the Desoto, the police car.
    Now we need some money. Drive  on a lane of your choice,  but not in the middle
    and pull out your gun and shoot  the tail light of a random  innocent person on
    the street. When using the megaphone Max can make the drive pull over now.
    Now your victim wants to know  why you stopped him. So  explain to him he has a
    Hideously broken  Taillight  and he will put  a lot of funny  monney into  your
    dirty hands.
    Drive back to the office (button in the lower right).
    Step into Boscos shop  and buy the tear  gas you can finally  afford now. Armed
    with the tear grenade launcher you can finally step into Sybil's place.
    Here you are greeted  by Peepers  that is really  bad at trying  to impersonate
    Sybil. Open the door  to the wall cupboard  and meet the real  Sybil there. She
    talkes to you for a long time explaining a lot of stuff and after you completed
    that you know what to do now. Yes, get rid  of the Soda Popper, because this is
    what you are doing all the time already because of this great FAQ.
    So put a full flavour of tear gas into Peepers  face and even when he is crying
    already knock him out with the boxing glove. That was fun!
              -=Home for aging child stars=-
    Now you have to find out where  the home for the aging  child stars is. Wake up
    all Soda Poppers one  after the other and  release them from  their demon named
    Brady Culture. Whizzer  will then  flee with the  truck and throw  boxed filled
    with Brady Culture Videos  at you. Pull  out Sam's huge gun  again and shoot on
    the boxes that are coming  too close to  you. Once you are close  enough to the
    truck shoot the tires like every old TV  cop would do. Now the previous TV star
    will tell you where  the well hidden Brady  Culture home for  aging child stars
    Get a membership application from there and remember all three points that make
    the personaly disorded needed.
    Now drive back to your office and pay Sybil a visit. Here you have to test your
    insanity with a strange  test. Normally  it shouldn't be that  but in this game
    it's quite difficult.
    Sybil offers some test to find out what  is wrong with you. The first test is a
    Rorschachtest, the  second test  is about free associations  and  the third and
    last test is about interpretation of your dreams.
    Let's start with the Rorschachtest.
    The first test is either about money or  fame. Depending on what was written on
    your membership application pick the option listed below.
    Picture 1:
    Money: Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime
    Fame: Susan Lucci holding an Emmy
    Picture 2:
    Money: An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion
    Fame: Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater
    Picture 3:
    Money: My uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet
    Fame: An Autograph written in Braille
    Picture 4:
    Money: Elephants at the New York stock exchange
    Fame: A cheering crowd of lanky albinos
    Picture 5:
    Money: A debit card fed through a document shredder
    Fame: That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes
    Let us face the second test now, free association.
    Here you have to react very  violent and aggressive to  some words. So if there
    was Hairdressing written on your application  be aggressive every time it's all
    about hair  and  cutting  and so.  If there   was  written  dentistry  on  your
    application react aggressive  on everything about teeth  and the dentist. So if
    there is nothing about your subject just reply normal but if your subject is on
    pull out the gun or the boxing glove and try to shoot or hit Sybil. That should
    be aggressive enough.
    But take care  not to react  violent on the  wrong word  or you fail the  test.
    There are some hard words, maybe a dictionary comes in handy here.
    the last test is about
    Dream interpretation
    You find yourself in  Sam and Max's office  and you can form  some objects just
    like you want to to be defined as insane. Of course you have to obey some rules
    in case you know what you want.
    The two possible signs  of your madness  are either a need to  know your peer's
    age, in this case you  take the doughnut  box and choose the  birthday cake and
    pick Max as the ?-Person, the rest doesn't matter.
    If you have to be obsessed with marry your mom you take the wedding cake at the
    doughnut box and the option you, Sybil, for the ?-Person.
    So you should be declared  as insane by  Sybil and you can finally  enter Brady
    Cultures house.
    Und excatly  there   is  your  next  destination,   give  the  signed  insanity
    application to the monkey  and step in.  Here Brady Culture  is already waiting
    for you. After a nice song and a lot of madness he hypnotizes Sam and makes him
    a Video Delivery Man.
              -=Video Delivery Man=-
    Soon afterwards you find yourself  in Boscos shop and  you are delivering Brady
    Culture's videos as Sam the Video Delivery Man.
    The easiest thing to  do now is knocking  yourself out. Do this  by putting the
    piece of cheese into your video delivery  basket when you are close. The killer
    fist of Bosco's anti-theft protection device  comes down and sends you into the
    land of dreams.
    Here you  have  to win  over   Brady  Culture  in  your  dream  to  escape  the
    Finish the Maxlike Brady by  standing next to him and  shooting at the railroad
    sign on the wall.  If you don't  hit Max in  flight correct  your position  and
    shoot again. Then put Maxs'  head onto his body and the  first Brady Culture is
    Turning off the light makes the second Brady Culture disappear, the one hanging
    under the lamp.
    Turn of the Brady Culture in the TV by removing the antenna of the TV.
    Now there is only the  Brady Culture in  the cupboard left.  To remove this guy
    open the cupboard and then pump up the rat  with the air pump. So your are done
    with the dreamworld stuff now.
              -=Der letzte Kampf=-
    You wake up in Bosco's shop  and want to freeze Brady  Culture's ugly face. But
    he will just  hypnotize  you again,  so you have  to find something  to  defend
    yourself from him before facing your final boss fight.
    Get into your office and grab the coat hanger that is the TV antenna. Now visit
    Sybil and ask  her for help.  She gives   you a drawing  of a  hypnosis defense
    system device but neither her  nor Sam know how it works.  So Bosco has to help
    Visit his shop again and give  him the plan. When he wants  an antenna give him
    the coat hanger  and Bosco builds  your hypnosis  defense system  device thingy
    Armed like this you jump into  the Desoto and aim for  Brady Culture's home for
    aging child stars. Bardy Culture  is already waiting for  you and send the Soda
    Poppers after you.
    You can send them around  as you like as  they are influenced  by hypnosis. You
    now have to play  them off against  Brady Culture  and you have  nearly won the
    game. Order them  to Become...  Brady Culture.  He doesn't  like this  so order
    them to Worship...  me (yourself).  Brady  doesn't like  this even more  and he
    gets a little more crazy and  wants them obey him. Now  order them to Attack...
    me, and this confuses Brady even more and he starts his and this game's
     funny stuff
    Last but not least here are some of the best dialoges and other fun stuf from 
    the game to read here...
    - Shoot the one way sign in front of Sam n Max's office.
    - Get the cheese in Bosco's shop and try to get out.
    - Lefty's is also featured in another game with a world famous playboy.
    - a lot more I might add in later.
            -=Version 1.00=-
    The first version. After putting the translation up on my website I also put
    it into a FAQ. Only 4 Years after the first release of my german FAQ for this 
    game. Check out the html version on my homepage:
     Legal Stuff
    This guide  is written by  and copyrighted to selmiak  in 2011 and was exclusi-
    vely written for your personal use only.
    You can download or print this guide but you  are not allowed to profit from my
    work  in any  way.  As soon  as you  earn  money  with  my work  you  steal  my
    intellectual property and commit a  crime which  I will not tolerate  and start
    legal issue against you.
    If you  want to host  this file on  another  webpage than  www.selmiak.de.vu or
    www.gamefaqs.com  or www.neoseeker.com   please ask me  for permission  before.
    I will most  likely give  you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays
    unalterd,  but  for unauthorised   posting of  this guide I will act  as stated
    For any glaring mistakes you want to point out or  additions you want to see in
    this guide or paypal donations you think I deserve you can use my email:
                                faqs [at] gmx [dot] de
    Don't forget to pay a visit to my website. You can find it under:
    and find  some interesting  stuff there,  there is a  lot of  material gathered 
    there =)
    more files by me on GameFAQs:
    There is even more:
    Of course you can also view the solution in a nice html version with lots of 
    links between the pages, easy navigation, the same info in better presentation
    with a better navigation and more pages and also images and other goodies...
    > http://tinyurl.com/cke9vec <
    In case you find some ads on my page, that seem interesting to you, just check
    them out! Thank you!                                            ______________
    My thanks go out to:
    Steve Purcell, thanks you for creating these two chaotic cops.
    Telltale Games, thanks for reviving adventure games
    gameFAQs, best gaming guide site on the planet.
    God, without him we all wouldn't be here
    me, I've written all this
    You, because you read even this.
                      (c) by  selmiak - 2007-2011  -  www.selmiak.de.vu            
               °._  |   :                   |
         ______|    : __°_/___      _____\___  _   ______/_  / 0000ooooooo...
             -------+--- /  -__-            +\----------/  :/
               /    |___/ ____   °--.      \| \    ____/   /            __
              /|____|  /|/__    ___  \  ___ \__\  [    \  /|___    ____/ /
        |  / /   ___| /   __\  /  /__ \/   \/\  \ \____/ /     \  /   / /
        .\/ /\  '---\/ /+  __\/  /---\/[--/-----]\/ /  \/   :   \/ [----\----]
        °/\ \_______/\/______/\______/\__/\__/\\_/\     \___|___/\____\_/
        |  \___  ___|/__[----] \            |   \_______///||[   ] [---]--->
              ____  /   ]----+----+         |    /   /     :
                   /    [   ____ \____ _____|   /   /\     |
                        |         \       -----'  ( )[-----|---]:   :[]
                        |          °°oo..

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