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"A couple of hours of Sam & Max, worth it? YEAH!"

Gameplay: 8.5/10

Unfortunately we only get a single click interface. That makes things too easy. But the most fun is in the humor the game has to offer. There are also some entertaining action sequences that aren't hard to finish. The psychological tests aren't the best, but a very intriguing puzzle. That might be a point where walkthroughs really come in handy. Thus, apart from the too easy interface, which really cuts playing time down majorly, the gameplay is a pleasure. It is boosted by great humor we have been used to from the previous

Graphics: 9/10

Great stuff. The buildings and room look great, some great camera work as well. It pans around like a movie when you leave the office, I don't think I've seen that in an adventure game before. So the graphics might not be the best in the world and today's gamers often request a lot better, but this is the best an adventure game needs to do, and the arcade sequences are top-notch. The game also boast a very solid attention to details in every location, even though you may not even interact with most of the items at all. Finally, the intro and outro are done really well with funky graphics and it's all very unique.

Sound: 9.5/10

There were lots of complains about the voices from the demo movies. I say they are great even if they aren't as hilarious and previous Sam & Max experience (whether the first game or cartoon series). All characters are exactly how I would imagine them to talk, from our main protagonists to the small 70s teen idols. There aren't too many characters it interact with, but those that are around have been made really well. The jazz music is another thing I loved about the game. It couldn't be done any better. From the start in your office you are treated with the smoothing sounds. Sound effects are also excellent, and none too chaotic. All in all, sound is the game's best feature.

Overall: 9/10

So Sam and Max are back. The biggest issue is of course the episodic contents. Is it worth the money to get a game that only lasts a couple of hours? It sure does. It's really funny and a great adventure. Sure it IS short after all, but in the end you will get a lot more episodes and the length will be as big as Hit the Road was, just you need to wait a little longer to play them all. Great graphics and superb sound, only perhaps marred by a little too simplistic gameplay. A very solid 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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