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Reviewed: 05/14/07

A good come back for Sam and Max!

With many game developers choosing to go with Episodic game content now (although personally I don't think it will last), Telltale games did just that with Sam and Max. Sam and Max Episode One is the first out of six episodes (which are all out at time of writing), which last around two to three hours long, which come out every month. Whilst you may be thinking they most probably didn't think they actually stayed on schedule, they did, unlike Vavle for example. So then, lets see what Sam and Max is like!

The story for Sam and Max Episode 1 is pretty simple. The former child stars, the Soda Poppers, are causing trouble among the neighbour hood. Sam and Max are then sent out to put a stop to their trouble making. However, you soon find out they have all be hypnotised, and you must knock them out to make them snap out of it. Unfortunately, you can't just hit them on the head to do, but instead must find different means of doing so.

The game is played just like the old classic Point and Click games, with the only difference being that the graphics are 3D (although the camera is fixed). The menu is accessed via clicking on a small cog like thing at the top of the screen, which shows the menu, where you can save or load, go into the options or quit the game. At the bottom left of the screen is a small box, clicking on this lets you access your inventory. Interacting with the environment is fairly simple, just click on an object and you will do different things with it, usually just describing it. You can't actually choose what you do with it though, which kinda links to the next paragraph.

One main problem with Sam and Max is that it's length isn't too long, because of the difficulty. Sam and Max is fairly easy to complete, so even newcomers to the genre can feel like some adventure game pro. Because you don't choose what action you do with items, you just kinda click on random stuff and can complete it soon. Many players would most probably finish the game faster though if you use your mind to do the puzzles, the game doesn't have any illogical puzzles like games of past (Dig springs to mind). Once the main game is finished, there isn't really anything to do after that. There are a bunch of extra easter eggs in the game, usually just for comedic value, although some players might want to play through the game again to get them all.

All in all, Sam and Max Episode One is a fun little adventure game, and although it won't last players until the next episode is out, there is still fun to be had, for hardcore adventure players and newcomers too. At such a cheap price too, it's hard to miss, especially if you're a fan of Adventure games! Overall: 7.5

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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