Quake Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press ~ to access the console, then enter the following:

    sv_nostep #0 = Unable to go up steps, 1 = Able to go up steps
    give ammoAll ammo
    give allAll items
    r_fullbright 1All solid surfaces are bright (cancelled by r_fullbright 0)
    give weaponsAll weapons
    impulse 9All Weapons/Items
    sv_friction #Amount of friction when moving
    give armor shardArmour shard
    cl_backspeed #Backward movement speed
    killBegin again on current map with original health, weapons, ammo, etc.
    give blue keyBlue key
    give bodyarmorBody armour
    give armorBody armour
    give combat armorCombat armour
    give commander's headCommander's head
    notargetEnemies Can't See You
    flyFly Mode
    cl_forwardspeed #Forward movement speed
    impulse 11gives 1 rune (do it 4 times for all)
    give C #Gives charge amount of entered # (0 to 255)
    give H #Gives health amount of entered # (0 to 32767)
    give N #Gives nail amount of entered # (0 to 255)
    give R #Gives rocket amount of entered # (0 to 255)
    give S #Gives shell amount of entered # (0 to 255)
    give #Gives weapon to entered # (1 to 8:1=Axe, 2=Shotgun, 3=Super Shotgun, 4=Nailgun, 5=Super Nailgun, 6=Grenade Launcher, 7=Rocket Launcher, 8=Thunderbolt)
    godGod Mode
    cl_rollangle #How much the screen will angle when strafing
    give invulnerabilityInvulnerability
    sv_maxspeed #Maximum speed when moving
    noclipNo Clip (go through walls)
    give power cubePower cube
    give power shieldPower shield
    impulse 255 or impulse -1quad damage mode
    give red keyRed key
    give security passSecurity pass
    skill #Set skill to # (# is 0 to 3: 0=Easy, 1=Normal, 2=Hard, 3=Nightmare)
    sv_gravity #Sets the gravity to #
    give slugsSlugs
    cl_sidespeed #Strafing movement speed
    sv_stopspeed #Time it takes to stop moving


  • Access any level

    Open the console by pressing the key just left of the ''1'' button on the keyboard; then type ''map x'', where x is any of the following:

    start - the introduction level, in which you select difficulty and which episode
    e1m1 - The Slipgate Complex
    e1m2 - Castle of the Damned
    e1m3 - The Necropolis
    e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto
    e1m5 - Gloom Keep
    e1m6 - The Door to Chthon
    e1m7 - The House of Chthon
    e1m8 - Ziggurat Vertigo (a hidden level)
    e2m1 - The Installation
    e2m2 - The Ogre Citadel
    e2m3 - The Crypt of Decay
    e2m4 - The Ebon Fortress
    e2m5 - The Wizard's Manse
    e2m6 - The Dismal Oubliette
    e2m7 - The Underearth (a hidden level)
    e3m1 - Termination Central
    e3m2 - The Vaults of Zin
    e3m3 - The Tomb of Terror
    e3m4 - Satan's Dark Delight
    e3m5 - The Wind Tunnels
    e3m6 - Chambers of Torment
    e3m7 - The Haunted Halls (a hidden level)
    e4m1 - The Sewage System
    e4m2 - The Tower of Despair
    e4m3 - The Elder God Shrine
    e4m4 - The Palace of Hate
    e4m5 - Hell's Atrium
    e4m6 - The Pain Maze
    e4m7 - Azure Agony
    e4m8 - The Nameless City (a hidden level)
    end - Shub-Niggurath's Pit

    For example, type ''map e1m2'' to access the ''Castle of the Damned''.

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

  • Nightmare Difficulty

    Go to the Episode 4 entrance and jump into the water. Now backup against the wall like you were going to go back the other way. Now stay against the wall and allow yourself to fall down. You should land on a big piece of wood. Walk along the left side to find another entrance that leads a to gate thats takes you to Nightmare Difficulty.

    Contributed By: Uranium.

Quake II Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    give body armor1 body armor
    give combat armor1 combat armor
    give jacket armor1 jacket armor
    give armor200 body armor
    give all (at Console screen)All Items in Single Player
    sv_gravity XXXAllows you to set the gravity, where 0 is no gravity and 850 is normal
    hand #Changes which hand your character shoots with. (# is 0 or 1)
    notargetEnemies can't see you
    give rockets XXXGives you rockets, where XXX is the number you put
    give (ammo) XXXgives you the ammo type you entered, as well as in the quantity you put
    give BFGgives you the BFG
    give bfg10kGives you the BFG 10,000
    give chaingunGives you the Chaingun
    give grenade launcherGives you the Grenade Launcher
    give hyperblastergives you the hyperblaster
    give hyperblasterGives you the Hyperblaster
    give (item) XXXgives you the item you entered, as well as in the quantity you put as X
    give machinegunGives you the Machinegun
    give railgunGives you the Railgun
    give rocket launcherGives you the rocket launcher
    give rocket launcherGives you the Rocket Launcher
    give shotgunGives you the Shotgun
    give super shotgunGives you the Super Shotgun
    give (weapon)gives you the weapon you enter in place of (weapon)
    give cells XXXgives you X amount of cells, where X is the number you put
    god (at Console screen)God Mode
    dmflags 8192Turns on Infinite Ammo
    /g_unlimited_ammo 1 (after pressing ~ while in game)Unlimited Ammo (version 3.14)
    noclip (after pressing ~ while in game)Walk Through Walls/Fly


  • Unlimited ammo without console code.

    After opening the game, go to multiplayer. then Start a network game. Go down to the menu labelled 'Deathmatch Flags'. One of the options is infinite ammo. Select yes on this option, then start a single player game. You will now have unlimited ammo.

    Contributed By: EckyThump.


  • Hard+ Difficulty

    Go to the console and type "Skill 3". If done correctly, a message will say "Skill will be changed for next game." The next time you load a game, it will be in effect. On this mode, enemies won't flinch when you shoot them and have higher health than in Hard Mode.

    Contributed By: SirWyatt94.

  • Level Skip

    Okay, when in game, bring up the console by pressing ~. Then, type map <level name>. The codes in which needed to skip are listed here:

    Outer Base - base1.bsp
    Installation - base2.bsp
    Comm Center - base3.bsp
    Lost Station - train.bsp
    Ammo Depot - bunk1.bsp
    Supply Station - ware1.bsp
    Warehouse - ware2.bsp
    Main Gate - jail1.bsp
    Destination Center - jail2.bsp
    Security Complex - jail3.bsp
    Torture Chambers - jail4.bsp
    Guard House - jail5.bsp
    Grid Control - security.bsp
    Mine Entrance - mintro.asp
    Upper Mines - mine1.bsp
    Borehole - mine2.bsp
    Drilling Area - mine3.bsp
    Lower Mines - mine4.bsp
    Receiving Center - fact1.bsp
    Sudden Death - fact3.bsp
    Processing Plant - fact2.bsp
    Power Plant - power1.bsp
    The Reactor - power2.bsp
    Cooling Facility - cool1.bsp
    Toxic Waste Dump - waste1.bsp
    Pumping Station 1 - waste2.bsp
    Pumping Station 2 - waste3.bsp
    Big Gun - biggun.bsp
    Outer Hangar - hangar1.bsp
    Comm Satelite - space.bsp
    Research Lab - lab.bsp
    Inner Hangar - hangar2.bsp
    Launch Command - command.bsp
    Outlands - strike.bsp
    Outer Courts - city1.bsp
    Lower Palace - city2.bsp
    Upper Palace - city3.bsp
    Inner Chamber - boss1.bsp
    Final Showdown - boss2.bsp

    Contributed By: Arena.

Quake III Arena Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    With cheats enabled press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following:

    /g_gravity <>0-800Change gravity
    /cg_thirdpersonangle <-360-360>Change view angle
    /cg_thirdpersonrange <320-500>Change view range
    /model sarge/krusadeHidden Sarge skin

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Mess with the bots in SP

    Start up a SP game on any Tier and any map. You should then go into the console by using the tilde key. ~ or `. This works because Q3 treats SP games as a listen server.

    /kick botnameThis kicks off a bot from the game.
    /addbot botnameYou can add in any bot.
    /timelimit or /fraglimitYou can change the preset limit in SP games to a shorter (or longer) amount of frags.

    Contributed By: TokoYami200.

  • Play with yourself!

    You just go to any map... Enable cheats (watch video if you dont know how) and type codes in console by pressing ~

    /hide characterYou are totaly invisible and your gun is flyng
    /noclip_outYou get noclip but your character is not moving
    /hide weaponYour hands are shooting... Wut?

    Contributed By: Petulkovova.

  • The Give Cheat

    The give cheat has many uses, and can get you any item in the game. These are some useful codes, but there are more for you to find. In order to use this code, you must activate sv_cheats and use a devmap.

    /give 25 healthGives 25 health pack
    /give 50 healthGives 50 health pack.
    /give ammoGives 999 of all ammo.
    /give medkitGives a medkit.
    /give allGives all weapons (except grappling hook) and full ammo, health, and armor.
    /give weaponsGives all weapons except grappling hook.
    /give battle suitGives Battle Suit. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give flightGives Flight. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give grappling hookGives grappling hook, which doesn't come with /give all.
    /give hasteGives Haste. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give heavy armorGives Heavy Armor
    /give invisibilityGives Invisibility. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give mega healthGives Mega Health.
    /give personal teleporterGives Personal Teleporter.
    /give quad damageGives Quad Damage. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give regenerationGives Regeneration. Use again to lengthen time.
    /give rocketsGives you a pack of rockets, replace with ammo of your choice.
    /give rocket launcherGives you a rocket launcher, replace with weapon of your choice.
    /give armorRefills armor
    /give healthRefills health.

    Contributed By: P4wn4g3.

  • Third Person View

    With cheats enabled press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following code:

    /cg_thirdperson 1Third Person View

    Contributed By: gsgreg.


  • Change Map In Game

    Type ''/Map '' followed by a map name (eg ''/Map Q3DM6'') to change the arena during play.

    Contributed By: Elwell.

  • Change the head of your model.

    To change the head of your character, in the console, type this: /headmodel <character name>.

    Ex. /headmodel sarge/red

    Hope you can have fun with this little code.

    Contributed By: Arena.

  • Cheat Mode

    To be able to use codes in single-player mode, in the console, type: /sv_cheats 1, then, /devmap<name of map>.
    Ex. q3dm11 for cheats enabled for that level.
    Then, the level will load with cheats enabled.

    Here are some cheats you can put in to the console after you have cheats enabled:

    All skills unlocked at level 1: iamacheater

    All skills unlocked at level 100: iamamonkey

    God mode: /god

    No clip (walk through walls): /noclip

    Give all: /give all

    Note on all weapons: The grenade launcher and BFG 10K weapons are unlocked by this code, but the graphics are incomplete. It will appear that your character in to holding any weapon when they are selected.

    Contributed By: Arena.

  • DopeFish

    The dopefish is back (and a lot different looking too).
    Go to Q3DM11 (death match level 11), and find the shotgun infront of the teleporter. Face the teleporter then turn around 180 degrees, now walk up to the wall, and suprise, it's DopeFish!

    Contributed By: Pyro Vesten.

  • Unlock all FMV Sequences

    Begin a game with the quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos "\tier1\1\tier2\2\tier3\3\tier4\4\tier5\5\tier6\6\tier7\7\tier8\8" command line.

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

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