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Heroes of Might and Magic Cheats


  • Hex Editing

    These are the Hex Location for the players resources. Use a hex editor to change the values.
    Warning: do not enter too much of something or you'll get some sort of glitch.


    Contributed By: powerprogoose.

  • Reveal whole map 101495

    Type 101495 in the adventure screen to reveal the whole map.

    101495Reveal map

    Contributed By: WhPlague.

Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty Cheats


  • Debug Mode

    This cheat allows you to get free buildings, resources, spells, creatures, mobility, etc.

    Go to your shortcut of Heroes 2, right click on properties and add "/NWC" to the end of the command line. It should look something like this:

    D:\games\homm2\HEROES2W.EXE /NWC

    While in the game, press F4 to access window mode and you should see a debug menu (not available at menu screens).

    Contributed By: fayzex.

  • Misc. Codes

    Enter the following on the world map while playing a scenario:

    321675 Black Dragons
    844690Additional Crystal
    899101Additional Gems
    101111Additional Gold
    844691Additional Orre
    8675309Display Entire Map
    101495Instant Exploring
    1911Last Level
    1313Lose Scenario
    911Win Scenario

    Contributed By: Vunderlak and capcomkid.

Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars Cheats


  • Codes

    Type these codes in at any time:

    32167Get 5 Black Dragons
    123456789Incease Chances of Winning
    1313Instant defeat
    8675309Uncover Map
    911Win Battle

    Contributed By: ZeldaGuy and Lord ZhouYu.

  • Debug Mode

    Right click the icon on your desktop, go to properties, change the target program so it ends in: HEROES2W.EXE" /NWC then during the game press F4 and alongside the regular tabs like File and Help, there should be Debug!

    Contributed By: gummy.

Heroes of Might and Magic III Cheats


  • Cheat Mode

    Before you start the game make sure you have a icon on your desktop. Right click on the icon go to properties. Add this to the comand line: /nwcgrail. Make sure to put space between the exe and the /. It would look like this: C:\3DO\Heroes3\HEROES3.EXE /nwcgrail also make sure the Start in: do not have any spacies. It would be like this C:\3DO\Heroes3. Start the game with that icon. Make sure the game is not in full screen mode. push F4 to go into window mode. The cheat menu will be in front of file

    /nwcgrailCheat Menu

    Contributed By: mwaldron22003.

  • Cheats

    To use the following codes, hit Tab, followed by whichever code you would like to use.

    nwcfleshwound10 Death Knights in each empty creature slot
    nwcavertingoureyes5 Archangels in each empty creature slot
    nwcshrubberyAdditional gold and resources
    nwcsirrobinAutomatically lose
    nwctrojanrabbitAutomatically win
    nwcphisherpriceBrighter colors
    nwconlyamodelBuilds all town structures
    nwcantiochHero gains all War Machines
    nwctimHero gains full spell book and 999 magic
    nwcigotbetterHero levels up
    nwccastleanthraxMaximum luck for hero
    nwcmuchrejoicingMaximum morale for hero
    nwcalreadygotoneReveals the entire Grail map
    nwcgeneraldirectionReveals the entire map
    nwccoconutsUnlimited movement for hero

    Contributed By: Black Rabite.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade Cheats


  • Codes

    Press TAB, and type in:

    nwcpadmeArchangels in every open slot of your army
    nwcdarthmaulBlack Knights in every open slot of your army
    nwcprophecyDisplay Obelisk Map
    nwcmidichloriansGain 999 mana and all spells
    nwcwattoGain a lot of resources (10000 of all resources, 100000 gold)
    nwccoruscantGain all buildings
    nwcr2d2Gain all war machines
    nwcpodracerGain massive movement
    nwcquigonInstant Level Up
    nwcrevealourselvesShow map

    Contributed By: TJackson, alaskanpie, and ConkerTheHedgehog.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    In order to enter in th efollowing cheat codes, first press Tab, then type in whichever code you want for the desired effect.

    nwctheconstruct100,000 Gold and 100 of Every Resource
    nwcthereisnospoon999 Man and All Spells
    nwczionAll Buildings
    nwclotsofgunsAll War Machines
    nwcphisherpriceAlternate Color Scheme
    nwcagentsFill Each Slot with 10 Black Knights
    nwctrinityFill Your Army with Archangels
    nwcfollowthewhiterabbitFull Luck on Your Hero
    nwcmorpheusFull Morale on Hero
    nwcneoGain +1 Level for Hero
    nwcignoranceisblissHide Full Map
    nwcbluepillInstant Loss
    nwcredpillInstant Win
    nwcwhatisthematrixReveal Full Map
    nwcoracleShow Full Grail Map
    nwcnebuchadnezzarUnlimited Movement for Hero

    Contributed By: Harold, Bio Dragoon, and Gauntlet Man 99.

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