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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MClayden

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    *Half Life:Blue Shift* FAQ Created by Micheal Clayden.
    Copyright 2001 Micheal Clayden. 06/19/2001
    You may not distribute this FAQ for profit, nor may you reproduce any 
    or all of this FAQ, all content in this FAQ is copyright 2001 Micheal 
    Email: Sykopieces2001@aol.com
    If you wish to put this FAQ up on your webpage, please email me first, 
    i will probably say yes anyway, but do me the courtesy first ok?
    Blue-Shift FAQ:
    The beginning -
    When you first start the game you will be on the monorail travelling to 
    work, just like in all the other Half-Life's. You can't go anywhere or 
    do anything for now, so just sit back and enjoy the view as you travel 
    on your way to work.
    When you reach the stopping position for the train, walk off the 
    monorail train and try to open the silver door, it will be locked and 
    you will hear someone behind the door saying that he is trying to let 
    you in, if you look behind you now you will see Gordon Freeman 
    travelling on his way to work, just like he did in Half Life. If you 
    think back you will remember that on the way to work in Half Life, you 
    saw a guard trying to get into a door ... You are that guard! Once the 
    guy opens the door step inside...
    Go through the second door after the guard lets you in and go left, 
    carry on down the stairs, through the door and into Personnel 
    Facilities, go around to the second row of lockers on the right and 
    grab your helmet and flak jacket. If you open the locker to the left of 
    your locker, it will reveal some photos of the game developers and two 
    books, one titled "The Truth About Aliens" and another called 
    "Government Conspiracies". Also if you walk into the toilets and stand 
    on the bowl, and jump to look over into the next cubicle, you will see 
    a picture of Gordon Freeman stuck on the inside of the toilet door.
    Leave the Personnel Facilities and go round to the Armoury/Video 
    Surveillance, enter the lift and go down.
    Come out the lift and go right, follow the path round and open the door 
    by using the keypad to the left of the door. Go through and down the 
    small set of steps and speak to the guard behind the plexiglass to get 
    your gun. Walk up and round into the shooting gallery and check all the 
    stalls for ammo clips.
    Go back the way you came, back up the lift and into the main room 
    Go through the double doors and up the two flights of stairs again, 
    follow the corridor round to the double doors at the end of the 
    corridor and the guard will tell you to "Have a good one Calhoun" and 
    let you through.
    Follow the path round and up the stairs, past the working scientists, 
    round and through the next set of double doors. When you meet the 
    scientist sitting reading the newspaper, he will tell you the trams are 
    having problems, so go out to the tram rail and head right and down the 
    ladder to Maintainence Access, go left from the ladder and through the 
    door, follow the path round and down and move the barrel away from the 
    door, then look behind you and open the cage with the power generator 
    behind it, flip the switch on the big silver box and go through the 
    other door. Now you will be in a dark tunnel, just flip on your 
    flashlight and follow the path round, when you come out into the 
    daylight again, turn right and go up the ladder.Go round the path and 
    out onto the canal, stand near the railings and keep an eye out, you 
    will see the administrator travelling to work! Then when the light 
    above the button goes green, hit the switch and go across the bridge. 
    Go through the door and up the stairs, through the next set of doors 
    and right, around to "Sector G Main Access Lift". Go in the lift and 
    listen to the Scientists bitching at you, use the keypad inside the 
    lift to go down. The lights will go out and you will get a cut-scene, 
    get ready for the big drop!
    Chapter One: DUTY CALLS.
    When you come round, get yourself out the wreckage and grab the 
    crowbar, go right and kill the two stripey  monsters running about. Go 
    straight ahead, past the stairs and round taking the first left, you 
    should see a smashed up silver power box on the wall, hit it with your 
    crowbar and the lights will go out, now come out the room and go down 
    the stairs and through the door near the green barrel.
    Follow the path round to the flooded room and kill the two head crabs 
    to your right, then jump onto the tables to get across to the door on 
    the other side, go in the door and kill the head crab and go up the 
    Talk to the hiding scientist and then look to the left, you will see 
    some red barrels behind a cage, shoot the barrels from where you are 
    and it will blow the cage door off its hinges, go back down the ladder 
    into the flooded room and make your way across into the room where the 
    red barrels were.
    Follow the path round and take a right to come out where the lift is, 
    hit the green switch and jump on the lift to travel across to the other 
    side of the chasm. Wander down towards the North Tunnel and go through 
    the door to the right of the bay door. Hit the South Tunnel Access 
    switch on your right and run back to the South Tunnel Access door and 
    crouch and quickly crawl through the gap. (This bit is timed!)
    When your through go around all the boxes and kill the stripey things, 
    break the boxes here for some health and crawl under the next door and 
    go into the crane control room. Arrange the yellow box and the green 
    barrel together so that you can use the box to get on the barrel, then 
    bring down the lift on the left side so that you can stand on the 
    barrel and jump onto the lift, then jump across from the lift onto the 
    big boxes ahead. Then when you can do this, drop back down and move the 
    lift on the right side down enough so that you can leap from the big 
    boxes onto the lift on the right side, then from here leap across onto 
    the ladder and go up. Follow this path round and into the Drainage 
    Canal Access point. Kill the baddies that teleport in and go round the 
    broken pillar and down the ladder into B-03, go through the small gap 
    on the right and down to the drainage canal, go through the door on 
    your right and go round, then jump the gap onto the ladder and climb 
    up, turn the first valve and continue left past the steam shoots and 
    into the big room with a switch near the window, hit the switch and 
    drop through the window, swim back round and up to the drainage tunnel 
    again and climb up the ladder back to the bridge section, this time go 
    left, round to a ladder and climb up. Jump across the iron girder and 
    go right, go down the short corridor and drop down into the water with 
    two green barrels floating on it. Be careful of the barnacles! Now swim 
    through the gap where the iron bars are broken and hit the Flow Control 
    valve. Now quickly swim out to the barrels and jump onto one. Now jump 
    to the other side of the canal and get the shotgun and the shells from 
    the dead guard on the floor.
    Go through the door and out onto the walkway near the stripey signs 
    being careful to kill all the baddies that teleport in, a bad guy will 
    teleport in and break the walkway so this means you will have to jump 
    onto the pipe leading across the chasm and go round onto the next 
    catwalk where two hybrids are fighting over who gets to eat a guard, 
    watch the amusing palava and continue on to get some shells off the 
    floor, there is a hybrid to your right you must kill then carry on 
    round killing all the hybrids, you will see a First Aid kit on the wall 
    so use it to re-top your health and walk to the edge of the drop, near 
    the pipes, shoot the spitter and drop into the water. Follow the path 
    round killing the numerous spitters and teleport baddies, then hit the 
    flip switch on the silver box you come across, go across to the lift 
    and collect the health and the shells then go up the lift. Go round the 
    walkway to find a box of explosives and throw them off the edge of the 
    canal into the water, now wait for the metal mincers to blow up and 
    drop down and go through the wreckage of the mincers, go up the ladder 
    and listen to the two military guys talking about how heavy the dead 
    bodies are getting. Now follow the path round into...
    Chapter Two: CAPTIVE FREIGHT
    Climb up the ladder into the outside world and shoot the two sentry 
    turrets near the jeep, then jump in the back of the jeep for some 
    health, ammo and grenades and bomb packs, go back and follow the sign 
    to the train yard,use the keypad to open the doors and go through, 
    collect the revolver off the dead guy on the floor and go to the cage 
    and bash the lock off with your crowbar. Turn the valve and go down the 
    steam tunnel access ladder, when the ladder breaks and you fall down, 
    kill the two head crabs down here and go left, follow the path to the 
    valve and turn it then carry on down the stairs out into the steam 
    pipes, run past the pipes and round to the flooded room, swim 
    underwater over to the door and turn the valve underwater so the door 
    opens. Go round and up the steps killing the spitters, and into the 
    room with the two barrels and  a lift, if you want you can shoot the 
    barrels and make them bang, just for fun... Then go up the lift.
    When the lift stops, walk out and go to the warehouse basement, be 
    careful of the teleporting baddies, now go past the step-ladder and go 
    round to the blue electrical sparks, time your run past these well...
    then go round killing the teleporting grunt, then shoot the other 
    grunt. *Shoot the barrel to the right of him to make an amusing mess* 
    Then after drag the green boxes near the red shaft over to the vent and 
    crouch and jump into the vent, then climb up and follow the vent around 
    killing the head crabs and breaking the bars where necessary. *Its not 
    that difficult so ill let you do it* When you come out of the vent into 
    the room with the barrels in move the barrel away from the door and go 
    left and down the stairs and get all the ammo and armour off the dead 
    guard, now go back up the stairs and round up the next set of stairs to 
    see two military guys shooting away, lob em a grenade and grab their 
    weapons boot the door open and talk to the maimed scientist on the 
    floor, get the health from the shelf and head towards the door that has 
    a sign saying "Main Stairwell". A military grunt will boot it open so 
    get ready to fire! Go through the door and round to the stairs, there 
    are several military grunts here so use the stairwell as cover and 
    shoot them all. 
    Now go through the door on the first floor and go round, through the 
    other door and listen for military radio signals, when you open the 
    door here to the outside world there will be several military men and a 
    sniper in the window to the left of the door you come out, just sneak 
    round and pop him and then finish his buddies off. Now climb up the 
    rubble and up into the window you saw the sniper shooting from. 
    Now go left here and go round through the doors and round to Warehouse 
    Security, belt the lock off the door get the flak jacket and the shells 
    on the desk, now nip round into the warehouse and bag the military 
    grunts with a few mortars and rounds of M16, now open the RED train 
    carriage door, and talk to the scientist for some healing and some info 
    then go round to the Storage Room and shoot the military grunt that 
    boots the door open. Bash up the boxes for ammo and health and go 
    through the door into the Freight Yard.
    In the Freight Yard there are a few guards, take care of them and then 
    listen out for the scientist yelling in the red car, shoot the wooden 
    props that are under the big silver barrel things and watch them 
    tumble, then open the red train carriage door and go over to the big 
    silver door and get ready for military attack... Blast all the grunts 
    that you can and use the big gun *Its in a box labeled .50 calibre 
    machine gun* if you have to, just take em all down! Now go through the 
    door that the grunts came out of and follow it round to a jeep with a 
    rocket launcher and some shells in, there may be some more grunts so 
    pop em and get the launcher, as you get it a tank will blast the end of 
    the jeep away so be prepared to run for cover. Use the trains and 
    carriages as a tactical advantage and use the rocket launcer to nuke 
    the top of the tank *The turret*.
    Smash all the boxes here for weapons, ammo and armour. Then go through 
    the door that says "Maintainence Access". Follow the path round and 
    onto railway tracks, theres a mounted gun to your right so blast it and 
    head left to the train with CO2 gas canisters on it. Smash the boxes 
    and shoot all four canisters to blow a hole in the gate, then crawl 
    through and sort out the military guards, when all is clear mash up all 
    the boxes to get ammo and supplies and run over to the small pill box 
    type thing near where you blew a hole in the gate and hit the turntable 
    controls, then hit the Bay 5 Door switch and run over to Bay 5, run to 
    the end of the train on the right side, go up the ladder and hit the 
    power switch, the train will go along and connect to the other carriage 
    so then leap off the train and run round and open the red door with the 
    scientist inside. He will tell you he is Dr Rosenburg, and then after 
    he tells you his sob story, he will give you a boost up through the 
    vent in the ceiling, be careful though because there are grunts outside 
    you will have to kill, so get your M16 ready! Now just simply go 
    through the door near the blue carriage, the sign says "Freight 
    Warehouse" make sure Dr Rosenburg is with you and go up the stairs, and 
    through the door, there are a few grunts here so make sure you PROTECT 
    Dr. Rosenburg.
    Now keep him with you and go through the offices to the other set of 
    stairs at the end of all the rooms, go all the way down the stairs and 
    into the Basement. Dr. Rosenburg will show you the hidden lift so break 
    the panel away and go into the lift, go down with Dr. R, and through 
    the busted up double doors, *If you climb onto the broken ventilation 
    shaft and look into the piece at the end you will see another piccie of 
    Gordon Freeman* Now while Dr. R opens the handprint door, blast out the 
    security window and and jump through, grabbing the armour and ammo. Now 
    jump back out and follow Rosenburg through the door. He will find his 
    friend and talk to him, wait for them to stop chatting and follow 
    Rosenburg round to the next room. Wait for him to go through his bumph 
    and follow his instructions. When he is finished, hop into the portal 
    to get to the border world. 
    Chapter Three: FOCAL POINT
    From the start, kill the stripey things, and run over to the recharging 
    pool and get your health up if you need it. Then go back to where you 
    teleport in and climb up the rock formation and jump onto the walkway 
    that leads round to a cave, in the cave shoot the stripey and then hit 
    the web like membrane over the hole with your crowbar and crawl inside 
    being careful not to get hit by the tentacle thing, crawl through the 
    LONG tunnel to the other side, and bash out the next membrane thing 
    with the crowbar.
    You should now be in a room with a central pillar and several yellow 
    crystals dotted about, to your left is another hole with a membrane 
    over it, bash the membrane and crawl in, killng the head crabs you come 
    across, go left and continue round to find a dead scientist with an 
    ammo pack next to him then crawl back and go straight ahead, crawl all 
    the way down to the next membrane hole and get out here, when you come 
    out head straight across the room and into the next membrane hole, 
    killing the head crabs and avoiding the tentacles, inside the hole a 
    headcrab will drop through the roof so be prepared, carry on round the 
    tunnels and turn right at the end, you should be near the last of the 
    membrane things so bash it out and climb out the hole, you should be by 
    a river, there is a recharge pool and headcrabs here so kill them both 
    and use the pool, then from the recharge pool you should see a hole 
    straight ahead, when you are charged, head to the hole and enter it, 
    bash out the membrane and drop down.
    Now when you follow the path out into the open you will come across a 
    series of floating platforms, simply jump from one platform to the next 
    in order to get across to the cave entrance to your far right, when you 
    reach halfway baddies will begin teleporting in so kill them, when you 
    have made your way across to the cave entrance, run through to see a 
    recharging pool on a large ring shaped rock, use the floating platforms 
    to get on the rock and use the recharge pool, baddies will teleport in 
    so shoot them and wait in the pool, blasts of lightning will break down 
    the large tree trunk thing, so leap onto it and use the broken trunk to 
    cross the large chasm, avoid the tentacle and drop through the membrane 
    behind the rock.
    You will land in water, follow the tunnel round until you fall down a 
    waterfall into a room with a spitter and a trampoline, kill the spitter 
    and use the trampoline to bounce up to where the water is flowing into 
    the room, *Through a hole in the wall* follow the path through and use 
    the recharge pool, being careful to avoid the barnacles.
    Now slide down the slope next to the pool and into another room with 
    spitters and stripeys in, go upstream and climb up the waterfalls, 
    killing the spitters as you go, you will come across a trampoline, 
    again use the trampoline to bounce up to a platform above the river, go 
    through the tunnel here and you will see the teleport generating 
    machine, drop down and turn on the power generator then make your way 
    over to the two dials and turn them so that the little yellow arrows 
    are within the red cones, as soon as you do this, loads of baddies will 
    teleport in so kill as many as you can and make a dash for the hole to 
    the far left of the dials, in the hole you will come across a 
    teleporting baddie but he will be squished by a large falling rock, 
    when hes dead, collect the health and climb up the rocks to reach a 
    hole in the ceiling, you can open a case near the wreckage to get some 
    extra ammo and health if you want. 
    When you get out the hole, kill the headcrab and drop down into the 
    recharging pool, now when charged, run down the pathway and up onto the 
    walkway killing the spitters and headcrabs and the teleporting baddies 
    and the floating brains... PHEW! 
    Run across the walkway into the next cave and run through here, pop a 
    headcrab or two and keep running up the incline, you will come across a 
    drop, so drop down and go outside, you see that big orange ball? Run at 
    it and jump into it... 
    You will come out into the real world again, listen to what Dr. R has 
    to say and take heed, follow Dr R to the elevator and go down...
    Chapter four: POWER STRUGGLE
    From here, hit the switch on the wall to open the door, kill the 
    spitter dead ahead and get the ammo and armour off the dead guard, then 
    go up the lift to the right of the door, go up the stairs and watch the 
    guard talk to the scientist and then the guard meets his demise, go 
    back and down to where you entered the level, approach the Reserve 
    Coolant Basin door and watch as the army guys cut through the door, 
    when they kick the door down, blast em! Continue about the corridors 
    here blasting anyone until you come across a bridge over a large chasm, 
    with a sign near it saying "Level 2 Access Lift". Run across the 
    bridge, some military guys will surprise you as you get across the 
    bridge so shoot em, follow this path round killing MORE military men 
    and get the grenades then climb up the red ladder, shoot the guy using 
    his radio and go into Auxilary Generator Access, youll come across a 
    detonator so smash the brown boxes to the far right and push the barrel 
    so that both ends of the fuse wire on the floor are touching the 
    barrel, then hit the detonator and enjoy the explosion, go through the 
    blasted up door and up the ladder, killing the headcrabs, run round and 
    go right and hit the coolant pump valve, the water will drain, now 
    continue round and kill the spitter, getting the armour and ammo off 
    the dead guard, then use the elevator to go down.
    When the elevator stops, get off, kill the headcrab and use the First 
    AID to your right, then go through the coolant basin airlock door and 
    push the four blue barrels onto the grid in the centre of the floor, 
    run back and reuse the first aid if you need it and go back up to the 
    coolant pump valve and turn it back on, the water will refill and you 
    will be able to use the barrels to get across the gap in the bridge, so 
    go back through the door you blaster earlier and round to the bridge 
    that you can now get across by leaping from barrel to barrel,  when you 
    are across kill the teleport baddies and the big armoured guy, now go 
    into the Coolant Exchange Access door, by hitting the switch and kill 
    the baddie behind the door, clear out any resistance you might 
    encounter and go round and use the barrel to climb over the big green 
    boxes open the door on the other side after killing the armoured guy 
    and go up the stairs killing the headcrabs, keep following the path 
    until you come across the Control Room and go inside, kill the spitter 
    and hit the two switches on the control panel, this will activate the 
    generator, now leave the control room and jump/crouch through the gap 
    near the Control Room door, *Hold CTRL and press jump* now go back 
    across the barrels and back to where you first entered Auxilary 
    Generator Access, *Where you climbed up the ladder and killed the guy 
    using his radio* now go up the flight of stairs and hit the switch by 
    the Level 2 Access Lift sign, when the lift comes up, go across to the 
    other side, kill the teleport grunts and use the first AID if you need 
    to, now go into the big room and talk to the injured guard, wait for 
    him to get up and he will collapse, open the door and put the battery 
    into the charging station bay and hit the switch, then drag the battery 
    across to the other side of the room and stick it in the Payload bay 
    and hit the switch, now go out the door that says "Elevator Access" and 
    go round, drop down and go back into the big elevator you used to enter 
    the level.
    Chapter five: A LEAP OF FAITH
    Listen to Dr. R, and follow him, listen to his instructions and follow 
    This is a very simple section, but make sure that once you dont get 
    killed by the two military guards that come in to attack when the last 
    scientist has gone through the portal, when Dr. R has gone through the 
    portal, hit the damp switch one last time, kill the two military guys 
    and jump into the portal...
    Once you have leapt through the portal, you will find yourself outside 
    with a group of scientists, Dr R will congratulate you on coming 
    through the portal, however all is not well and you will be teleported 
    about the place and into a cutscene from the original half-life, you 
    will hear two soldiers talking about what they are going to do with 
    freemans body and then you will be teleported back outside to the 
    scientists, then you will get in the jeep and drive off into the 
    sunset, safe in the knowledge that you will live to fight another day, 
    and angry with yourself that your brand new copy of Blue Shift has only 
    taken you two hours to complete!!
    *Final Comments On Blue Shift*
    Well to start with, i thought that the game was WAY too short, but 
    considering its only ten quid i suppose that its acceptable, i liked 
    the M16 and the high definition pack for Half Life and Op Force, it 
    made me want to play through Half Life again, even though ive finished 
    it like a million times, there were a few great touches with Blue Shift 
    and a few HL fan in-jokes which were pretty cool, but i would have much 
    rather Sierra put 20 quid on the price and released a proper Half Life 
    chapter than this cut-down DreamCast-esque conversion pack, even though 
    the game is standalone it feels like a booster pack for HL, even Op 
    Force felt like a prequel, this is just like installing a MOD for the 
    game... Overall a good blast for a couple of hours and if you are a HL 
    fanatic *Like me :)* you will appreciate the game while it lasts, but 
    theres nothing really new here and its the same old, same old. If you 
    love HL then by all means get this, if just for the HD pack, but if you 
    are expecting a completely new game, don't get your hopes up!
    Copyright 2001 Micheal Clayden
    Email: Sykopieces2001@aol.com

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