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    FAQ/Walkthrough by limraz

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     Limona Razvan
      Legal note
    This faq/walkthrough belong to me. Feel free to use it,except one situation.
    If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation (Children
    Care, Green Peace, fight against antipersonnel mines,etc.). If posted, mail
    me to keep track on him.
                                 Darkstar One  Walkthrough
                                        Version 1
     Update : 10 I 2007 - Added information about Smuggler class thanks to
    Camdin work.
     Update : 21 I 2007 - Added information about Killer class thanks to
     Update : 22 I 2007 - Added information about Pirate and Killer class
    thanks to Ackrin DarkFyre
     Update : 24 V 2007 - New info about Flak Mission 2 and how to win grace
    to William Carney
     Update : 9 VII 2007 - Added the ingame info about smuggler class thanks
    to Prometheus
      1. Introduction
      2. Races
      3. Strategy tips
      4. Class, ship and plasma cannon upgrades
      5. Artifacts location
      6. Main story
      7. Side missions
      8. Random missions
      9. Weapons
     10. Equipment
     11. Bugs, cheats and indirect play
     12. Credits
      1. Introduction
     You are Kayron Jarvis, a young and proud man destined to save the galaxy.
    Since your father was killed in Permakin system by `Thul drones`,his
    friend Robert Altair give you a brand new ship called Darkstar One, capable
    to upgrade grace to her incorporated organic alien technology and send you
    to space. Destroy those who murdered your father and bring peace to a
    galaxy troubled by blood feuds between the civilized races.
      2. Races
    The information bellow are from the official Darkstar One site, except
    clusters and comments :
     The Terrans prefer forward facing weapons and missiles and they usually
    attempt to keep the player within their cone of fire. The Terrans prefer
    a design with classical shapes and neutral colors. Humankind originated
    from Earth and throughout history continued to spread out to settle new
    systems. Initially, they achieved their migration through peaceful means
    such as inter-racial trading and the colonizing of uninhabited planets.
    However, as the Terran expansion continued, the peaceful negotiations
    were gradually replaced by war and subterfuge. During their years on
    Earth, Humans had always regarded themselves as being the crown of
    creation and they carried forth this attitude into deep space. Different
    mentalities established separate groups within the Terrans. The largest
    group was founded and led by Dr. Samantha Thul. She advocated
    uncontrolled genetic manipulation, cloning experiments and the
    utilization of nano-technology in order to improve the human body and
    soul. Attempts to prevent those experiments were fruitless. After many
    disputes and conflicts, millions of Thul followers left the Terran systems
    before locating and settling a new cluster. As a result, they became
    involved in many conflicts with the Arrack, Raptor, Oc'to and the Mortok
    races. Eventually, these conflicts culminated in a terrible galactic war.
    Up until the present day, historians are discordant as to who won the war
    - the only fact they agree upon is that the Terrans were not victorious.
    The vast empire of the Terrans was shattered during the battles which
    ensued. Humankind withdrew into their core systems and began the arduous
    task of rebuilding. However, while the other races were still arguing over
    their new borders, the Humans sent out diplomats in order to promote a
    galactic union. As the shock of war was still all too apparent within the
    minds of the other races, the efforts of the Human diplomats were fruitful.
    The six great nations of the galaxy (Terran, Arrack, Raptor, Thul, Oc'to
    and Mortok) joined the Galactic Union. They agreed to appoint a
    democratically elected council in order to represent the Union and handle
    its affairs. Despite the seemingly amicable atmosphere, the
    extra-terrestrial races knew that the good intentions of the Terrans were
    born from selfishness and fear. Terran technologies were far behind those
    of neighboring races, their economy was virtually destroyed and, had the
    war continued, the Terran Empire would have struggled to prosper. Yet,
    these facts did not temper the Terran arrogance, nor prevent their demand
    to the first presidency of the Council. Furthermore, they threatened all
    races who did not join the Union with sanctions to be enforced by patrols
    and military warships - warships which they did not even have at their
    disposal. "We will bring you peace" said the legendary First President
    of the Council, Harry R. Coulbert, in his inaugural speech, "even if we
    must pound it into you." To date, only the Terrans' closest relatives,
    the Thul, were expelled from the Union by the council. Due to their
    unethical and dangerous experiments they were forced to leave the Union.
    They withdrew and vanished without a trace. Since then, there has been
    no official contact with this race. Despite these events, historians
    generally concur that the founding of the Galactic Union prevented
    further outbreaks of war so far. Agreement is also widespread that
    prominent internal discrepancies will tear the Council apart. Such an
    event would have disastrous repercussions for Humankind - possibly even
    for the entire galaxy.
     Clusters : Lalande, Barnard, Alpha Centauri, Sirius
     Comments : Terrans are, obviously from the game, the poorest race, with
    ugly ships and stations, but powerful lasers and intrepid pirates. Even
    so aesthetic and design don`t really match to human way of doing things
    and is a pity that Ascaron didn`t take in consideration the vast
    architectural treasures of humankind to make them more appealing.
     The Mortok do not use bow weapons.Instead, they boast turrets, which
    are able to fire in any direction. When the Mortok are pursued, they
    are able to employ a sudden reverse thrust,which will enable them to
    withdraw from the opponent's cone of fire. The Mortok like bulky and
    rounded shapes.Their ships are heavily armored and therefore, they are
    not very agile.Mor,home planet of the Mortok, is a world filled with
    extremes. Large volcanoes, roaring storms and scorching heat dominate
    the side of the planet that faces the sun; frozen oceans and eternal
    night rule on the other side.The Mortok's genesis claims that the God
    Xorom chose this world in order to test the strength of the people
    whom he had created.Alas,the result was not as he had anticipated:
    Xorom's people climbed the towering mountain of which he resided and
    killed him.The history of the Mortok is as martial as its origin that
    lies in this legend. The inhabitants of the light and the dark sides
    of the planet were at war with each other for millennia,fighting over
    a small band of land that was situated between the two zones. This area
    was fertile and the climate was bearable.The ongoing war influenced the
    technology and the society of the Mortok who were divided into clans.
    Gunpowder and fire arms were invented long before any written language
    was developed. The Mortok also established a complex code of honor that
    defined the conduct of the Mortok in dealings with both comrades and
    enemies. When they began to venture into space the conflict on the
    twilight planet finally subsided as a galaxy full of new worlds opened
    up before them. Soon they encountered other races during their
    explorations: first the eloquent Raptor, then the timid Arrack. The
    warring nature of the Mortok clans resulted in wars against these new
    races. However, the Mortok soon learned that their uncoordinated groups
    of warriors, who often harbored hostility towards each other, could not
    stand their ground against the Raptor. Even though the Raptor forces
    were disorganized and chaotic, the Mortok were hopelessly outnumbered
    and doomed to an overwhelming defeat. The lizard people conducted a
    devastating campaign, culminating in the occupation of Mor. The Raptor
    began to exploit the planet: resources were depleted, the inhabitants
    were enslaved. The Mortok realized that their only chance to shake off
    their oppressors was to stand united. Fifty years passed before the
    charismatic mine worker Avarro succeeded in uniting the clans. He was
    the leader of a mine worker rebellion that fueled the fire of a
    world-wide uprising. Avarro united the clans behind him. They expelled
    the Raptor from the entire cluster and formed a planet-wide government
    under Avarro as leader of all clans. Under his leadership peace
    treaties were signed with the Raptor and the Arrack, and commerce
    agreements were negotiated and finalized with the Terrans and the
    Oc'to. Finally, a period of prosperity and peaceful coexistence with
    other people dawned for the Mortok. However, the unity of the clans
    was superficial and brittle. Many envied Avarro and his successes;
    others feared that the Mortok were degenerating into a weak people
    due to the peaceful times. Tensions arose, conspiracies surfaced, and
    secretive pacts were made. Barely fifteen years after his victory
    against the Raptor, Avarro was assassinated during a vacation in the
    twilight land. The assassination of Avarro ignited a civil war which
    only ended when a new enemy began to threaten the Mortok. The Thul empire
    was rapidly expanding throughout the universe and the Thul were
    demonstrating an offensive interest in Mortok territories. With the
    memory of the Raptor invasion still vivid, the Mortok were united once
    more. They founded a Council of the Clans and confederated with the Arrack.
    The confederation, the Oc'to and the Terrans implemented sanctions
    against the Thul. Unfortunately, the Oc'to and the Terrans did not abide
    by these agreements and continued to smuggle goods to the Thul. The
    deception was eventually brought to light when a Mortok patrol captured
    a Terran cruiser carrying smuggled goods. The cruiser was destroyed. A
    miscommunication was recorded in the Mortok mission log. For most people
    this signified the beginning of the Great War. When it ended, the
    economically stricken Mortok threw their weight behind the foundation of
    a Galactic Council, banishing the immediate danger of a new war. However,
    with the lack of external threats against the general populace, internal
    disputes became apparent once again, feelings of discontent that still
    linger to the present day. The alliance of Mortok governments that spans
    many systems is unstable, with quarrels and assassination attempts
    occurring frequently. The majority of the Mortok are not concerned about
    these incidents. They have left the conflicts of the clans behind. Many of
    them now roam the galaxy as mercenaries, pilots and pirates, and they are
    both infamous and in great demand. In a time of war they would fight
    unwaveringly for the Mortok cause - but until then they will continue
    with their own pursuits.
     Clusters : Grotok, Pertok, Klatok, Stromok
     Comments : A direct and proud race. You could bet they will fight mano
    a mano, no tricks till you or them is dead.
     The Raptor have a special combination of weapons at their disposal:
    they possess an extraordinary bow weapon that inflicts damage only
    to shields, and they use a rocket launcher that fires and recharges
    rapidly. The ships and the stations of the Raptor usually feature
    lizard-like shapes. Many millennia ago, a prehistoric continent on
    the planet separated into thousands of islands during the evolution
    of the world. A warm and moist climate is predominant on the planet
    and it has spawned lush fauna and flora everywhere. The only exceptions
    are the poles, which are covered in thick ice. Jungle areas, extensive
    swamps and vast oceans also formed. Five intelligent species evolved
    over time: a two-legged lizard species, a mammal akin to Earth's own
    monkeys, two forms of ocean mammals - one tiny and one huge - and a
    type of sea-based bird that lives within the oceans and sports a wingspan
    of more than six meters. For several million years, each of these species
    evolved undisturbed, but then the lizards and the monkeys came across
    each other. Initially, these encounters were peaceful; yet the disputes
    over territory were soon to begin. These disputes led to several wars
    which culminated in the extinction of the monkey species. The Raptor -
    as the lizards called themselves - were dominating the islands of the
    planet. However, they soon discovered that others dominated the oceans.
    The Raptor attempted to gain the upper hand against the ocean mammals
    and birds, but found themselves greatly outnumbered. The inhabitants of
    the ocean had no means to conquer the islands, and equally had no interest
    in doing so as these creatures were unable to live outside of the water
    and had no use for the land. An agreement was eventually struck with the
    Raptor which conceded Raptor sovereignty over the land (and later their
    advancement into space) while the ocean mammals and birds continued to
    pursue their interests below sea level and on its surface. The different
    species continue to co-exist peacefully to the present day. There is a
    great variety in the customs and religions of the Raptor. Estimations
    indicate that there are more than two thousand deities and in excess
    of eight hundred religions. Additionally, there are probably several
    thousand movements within these religions. Not a day goes by without
    a festive procession, a pageant or an official ritual. Politically,
    the Raptor cluster is classified as unstable because each religion
    features its own party. The government is often unable to find a
    majority for their decisions, and occasionally opposing parties resort
    to violence or even conspiracies and assassinations. Outsiders consider
    the Raptor political system to be an impenetrable jungle and the Raptor
    find it equally complicated. It therefore takes an excessive amount of
    time before the different factions, groups and aggregations come to an
    agreement. On occasions such as the Declaration of the Great War or the
    Foundation of the Galactic Union, the Raptor were the last to join -
    and even then, not all Raptor were involved. Despite its flaws, the
    Raptor are sorely attached to their chaotic system. They believe that
    their variety and their discordance are vital basics for their survival.
    One of their proverbs says: 'He who speaks with one tongue might lose
    it quickly'. The Raptor speak with many tongues. Which opponent would be
    able to silence all of them?
     Clusters : Raptor - Alpha, Raptor - Nova, Raptor - Gamma, Raptor - Delta,
    Raptor - Epsilon
     Comments : Fast pirates and powerful missiles. Also their cruisers are
    not a walk in the park to put down.
     Oc'to ships usually attack their opponents head-on. During battle they
    drop small drones which are able to fire autonomously, causing damage and
    distraction. A large number of these drones pose a considerable combined
    force of firepower. The ships of the Oc'to do them proud, reflecting the
    bio-organic ancestry. The octopus people are an exception among the
    galactic races. They are the only people who had no knowledge of war
    before their advancement into space. Their home planet offers an abundance
    of food and resources for these amphibian beings and the Oc'to do not have
    any natural enemies. They evolved peacefully over millions of years and
    focused their intelligence on sciences. They developed complex philosophical
    systems and technologies, which are based on the modification of organic
    materials. A comparatively long time passed before the Oc'to dared to
    venture into space; initially, they did not have the technology and later,
    their philosophies did not give adequate reason to leave the planet. Their
    first encounter with an alien race underlined their reluctance to advance
    into space as their research vessel encountered a Mortok cruiser which
    immediately attacked and destroyed their ship.The Oc'to were shocked and
    feared an invasion after this encounter, but such an event did not come to
    pass. The Mortok were involved in a devastating war against the Raptor,
    which kept them distracted from other potential opponents, although the
    Oc'to were not aware of this at the time. It was the Oc'to nature to
    research and discuss, and so they spent decades discussing and assessing
    isolation,aggression, warfare and diplomacy - all subjects that had not
    previously concerned them. Their inactivity ended when a Terran cargo
    vessel contacted them. The initial encounters were peaceful and satisfying
    for both sides alike. The Oc'to decided to give advancing into space a
    second chance.They began spreading out in a relatively timid and considered
    manner. However, despite their intelligence the Oc'to were very naive,
    making them perfect victims for intrigues and deception. So it was that
    they involuntarily became one of the reasons for the outbreak of the
    Great War. While they had agreed to sanctions against the Thul, the Oc'to
    continued to deliver smuggled goods during the embargo - a behavior
    mimicked from the Terrans.The Great War taught the Oc'to much about
    warfare, tactics and diplomacy. No longer are they so different from
    the other races.However, many of their number secretly wish they had
    preserved their innocence and never ventured into space. Several rebel
    groups and religiously philosophical gurus attempt to draw advantage from
    this secluded yearning.
     Clusters : Sion`nack, Madramon, Gab`har
     Comments : Oc`to reject war and conflict, but those who become pirates are
    the most vicious I`ve seen while freeing a system or destroyed a pirate gang.
     The Arrack are a race that resemble insects. They are able to fold space
    temporarily and they rely mainly on this technique. When they are pursued,
    they are able to shift their position instantly by several meters. Usually,
    this maneuver is combined with a sharp breaking action. The shapes and agile
    movements of the Arrack's ships resemble insects. The Arrack are an insect
    people originating from an arid, desert planet. This planet's water
    resources were located deep below surface, far away from the scorching heat.
    The Arrack formed so-called 'Houses': these 'Houses' were gigantic family
    clans that sometimes included millions of members and they lived in cities
    beneath the surface. A strict caste system that slightly differed between
    Houses established a strict hierarchy. A King or a Queen was the absolute
    ruler of a House. There were no general laws, no civil rights and no
    parliaments - the caste decided the rights and the duties of each Arrack.
    The individual was not important - survival of the family was.Fierce fights
    over the sparse resources of the planet dominate the history of the Arrack.
    As they were afraid that the water resources might become depleted or even
    entirely dried out, the Arrack quickly developed methods to preserve water
    and to venture into space. In space, their colonization of planets was
    targeted on those with large water resources which could be used to supply
    the cities on their home planet. The steady influx of water has somewhat
    eased the situation between the Houses. Conflicts are now a rarity and the
    Houses even managed to agree on mutual representatives within the Galactic
    Council. Despite all its advantages, the Arrack regard space travel as a
    necessary evil. They dislike being torn away from their family structure
    and the safety of the subterranean cities as it brings feelings of unease
    and insecurity. Castes and hierarchies are not easily maintained in space
    and some colonies have been known to adopt completely new social structures.
    On their home planet these Arrack are frowned upon as rebels, outsiders who
    will never be able to re-join the House where they stemmed from. However, at
    the same time the sacrifice that these Arracks have made for their family
    clan is remembered with honor and praise. Nonetheless, these rebels remain
    outcasts. The continuous contact with other races has caused many of the
    Arrack to abandon their hierarchies. Some Arrack grow from this experience;
    however, the majority attempts to shut away from it. Strangers often perceive
    the Arrack to be insecure or even timid. This is not the case. Only after
    involvement of true conflict with the Arrack can one appreciate quite how
    merciless and selfless these warriors are.
     Clusters : Hive - AC3, Hive - B52, Hive - CU7, Hive - DC, Hive - ET9
     Comments : Their ability to fold space, useable only by fighters, make
    them difficult to target using bow weapons, so turrets are more efficient to
    deal heavy damage.
     The Thul rely mainly on their ability to cloak. They become visible and
    open fire when their bow weapons are fully charged. As soon as their energy
    level has dropped to almost zero, they activate their cloaking device again,
    which renders the hunter almost invisible. The Thul are masters of aesthetics.
    Their ships are made of precious materials and feature smooth, rounded shapes.
    Initially, the Thul were a political and ideological movement within the
    Terran cluster. They consisted mainly of scientists who consolidated under
    the leadership of the physicist Dr. Samantha Thul and demanded the full
    legalization of uncontrolled genetic experiments and cybernetic implants.
    The scientists argued that it was their duty to utilize their theoretical
    knowledge in order to better the human body and spirit and thus to advance
    evolution. The objective of their research was the perfect human being:
    highly intelligent, with a logical mind and an almost indestructible body-
    a symbiosis of living human and machine. The governments of the cluster
    denied the Thul supporters' demands, denounced them as unethical and revoked
    the permission certificates of research for many scientists. Consequently, Dr.
    Samantha Thul went into hiding and established a secret laboratory in a
    remote desert area of Earth with a small, tight-knit group. They continued
    their illegal experiments and made continuous, substantial progress.
    Meanwhile, their followers were still publicly fighting for their vision of
    a perfect human being. The movement grew steadily and attracted an increasing
    number of non-scientist supporters. Finally, the situation escalated when Dr.
    Samantha Thul emerged from her secret laboratory after more than three decades
    and presented the result of her research to the public: her body. The pictures
    spread around the cluster like wild fire: Dr. Samantha Thul, an
    eighty-year-old woman who walked through the desert sand with the body of a
    thirty-year old, bending steel pipes with one hand and beating chess masters
    in merely a few moves. These images threw the Terrans into the biggest crisis
    of their modern history. Hundreds of scientists confessed to carrying implants
    or conducting nano experiments; athletes, workers and engineers began to fear
    for their careers. Unrest broke out when the Terrans realized that they were
    heading towards a two-class society. The governments were compelled to act.
    They  issued an emergency decree that banned all nano technology, genetic
    experiments and cloning. Those carrying implants were arrested and detained
    in large camps. Finally, Dr. Samantha Thul sought a compromise and requested
    that she and her supporters were allowed to go into exile. After a long period
    of hesitation, both sides agreed to this course of action. Spaceships were
    built and financed with a combination of government funds and capital donated
    by Dr. Thul's followers. One year after the agreement, more than a million
    Terrans left their cluster and headed towards the remote section of the galaxy
    that the Humans had assigned to them. However, the Thul, as the exiled
    Terrans called themselves, did not disappear into the vastness of space as
    the Humans had hoped they would. On the contrary, after a short period they
    had colonized many worlds due to their advanced technology. Their empire
    grew quickly, and the other peoples of the galaxy watched with growing
    concern. The territorial Mortok looked visibly threatened by the Thul
    expansion. An alliance against the Thul was formed. Terrans, Mortok,
    Arrack, Raptor and Oc'to attempted to push their new enemy back, but the
    alliance faltered, hindered by several scandalous events. The last of these
    scandals concerned the smuggling of goods to the Thul and it was the cause
    for the outbreak of the Great War. The Thul steadfastly avoided conflict
    during the Great War. They focused on protecting the borders of their empire
    and they delivered weapons to the opposing parties. After the war, they
    opted out of the the foundation of the Galactic Council. They regarded the
    other races as undisciplined, semi-civilized beings, driven by organic
    instincts. This attitude defined their behavior towards the other races -
    they ignored the decisions of the Council and they advanced their experiments
    way beyond the ethical limits of the other people. Finally, the Thul were
    excluded from the galactic community. The Thul felt no regret. They were
    comfortable in their chosen isolation and turned their attentions to
    advancing their research. With each new implant and every enhanced nanobot,
    they still strive for perfection.
     Clusters : Communa, Hyma
     Comments : They are the masters of aesthetic and design, but in a machine
    kind of way - round, slim and inhuman. Thul fighters and pirates use a lot
    cloaking devices of variable intensity, but the engines are still visible
    and is pretty easy to follow their path.
     3. Strategy tips
     a. Darkstar One is not a open game. Yes, you could explore every system
    from a cluster, but advancing further in the main story is a must to acquire
    new keys. Be patient - trade, take random/side missions, escort freighter,
    destroy pirate gangs (see Random/side missions) etc. to make a buck, then go
    back to the main story .
     b. Don`t bother buying weapons from trade station. In my entire play a
    bought only two - a Laser MK2 in the beginning, after first artifact and a
    Spore Turrets later, because she destroy both shield and hull. The best weapons
    came from destroying pirate gangs, all Secret Service type and all belonging to
    the pirates boss, except 2-3 obtained along main story/side missions.
     c. You can jump far away from the warp gate and not even selected, as long
    the destination is selected and the field drive is full (look for the icon in
    the middle right part of screen).
     d. There are repair ships flying around some systems.
     e. Cruisers are difficult to manage grace to they double protection - shield
    and hull. Use plasma/boost shield, get close, shoot with everything, than run
    more than 1 v ( clicks ), out of their weapons range, to recharge the plasma
    cannon and go back.
     f. Use always the plasma cannon abilities.
     g. A good bounty hunter have at least 2-3 turrets to deal with unseen
    USING E.
     i. Trading is an easy way to make money in the beginning. Poor systems need
    everything, especially drugs, androids, luxury goods and video games,
    presuming that are not illegal and prosperous/wealthy need raw materials. If
    you plan to smuggle goods buy a Jammer to block police or pirates scan.
     j.It is not necessary to fly inside asteroids for artifacts, because
    smugglers inside the trade stations will be happy to provide for a certain
    amount of cash.
     k. Use always powerful missiles against cruisers.
     l. System keys could be obtained after completing a mission in the main
    story or side quests. If side missions are not available, do first the
    job in the main story to unlock the side mission. Is always a good idea
    to take the side mission in the first trade station you bump in that
    cluster to minimize problems.
     m. It`s hard to fight in asteroid fields. Avoid a battle there and atract
    the enemies in open areas.
     4. Class, ship and plasma cannon upgrades
    You can play 6 different characters, but usually people end up with 3 of them
     a. Pirate - Piracy make cargo ships assume offensive stance when the Darkstar
                 One approaches and roaming pirates will not attack
                 (Ackrin DarkFyre)
     b. Killer - Police will permanently monitor the Darkstar One and at least
                 one cop would always follow your ship (Ackrin DarkFyre)
     c. Smuggler - on high levels police ship will scan you more often, but
                   apparently this status will decrease over time and you need
                   to do more smuggling (Camdin)
                 - “Smuggling: The Police will be more alert towards the
    Darkstar One.”(Prometheus)
     d. Trader - get better deals at exported goods.
     e. Bounty Hunters - is more likely to be attacked in rebel systems.In
                         reality I was ambushed also in Galactic Union and
                         Neutral systems, so ...
     f. Mercenary - get better rewards for accomplished missions.
     You can upgrade the engine, hull and wings when the necessary amount of
    artifacts is obtain. I suggest to have before Flak mission 2 four front
    weapons,2-4 turrets and a good engine. Each level require a specific number of
    alien artifacts : level 1  - 1 artifact, level 2 and 3 - 2 artifacts, level 4
    - 3 artifacts, level 5 to 7 - 4 artifacts, level 8 to 17 - 5 artifacts, level
    18 to 20 - 10 artifacts.
     Plasma Cannon Upgrades
     A. Boosting abilities :
        a. Weapon boost - boost weapons efficiency . A must in the beginning
    when your ship is pretty weak (60 hull hitpoints overall) and you need the
    power to shoot them first
        b. Shield boost - boost recharge shield rate. A fast recharging shield
    can absorb/deflect damage, saving your hull life.
     B. Crowd management abilities :
        a. Overload - stop enemy engines for a number of seconds. Never used
    because the other two are far more powerful and you can`t take all
    abilities due to the limited amount of artifacts.No effect against cruisers,
    pirate bosses and the so called `Thul drones`
        b. EMP - stop enemy weapons and engines for a number of seconds (maximum
    3 targets). The best abilitiy in this class because at maximum you stop
    dead 3 fighters from 1 v, letting the turrets to shoot them while you hunt
    the other enemies. No effect against cruisers, pirate bosses and the so called
    `Thul drones`
        c. Timeshock - stop dead all ships in a certain area ( maximum 0,7 v ).
    Powerful, yet limited ability because can be used only in close dogfight,
    between 0,3 - 0,7 v. No effect against cruisers, pirate bosses and the so
    called `Thul drones`
     C. Temporary invincibility
        a. Plasma Shield - create an impenetrable shield with ramming abillities.
    This is your best choice against cruisers, overwhelming number of enemies and
    `Thul drones`, since they can`t penetrate the shield and you can easily ram
    all fighters to oblivion.
      5. Artifacts location
     In here you get all systems that have 1 or 2 artifacts, along the development
    of the main story and side missions. All systems that contain an artifact have
    on navigational map a green icon : Hu, Anomi, Mesehkane, Ta, Page, Waba, Witha,
    Martotacon, Baylona, Sassudia, Albola, Aranjar, Rocete, Eicete, Majarin,
    Manorciras, Odia, Biardorra, Cuendo, Altazaarfe, Fuenbocete, Sarbrejar,Grajuez,
    Nostromo, Lysmir - 2, Khimzan, Kosrod, Eletsmir, Vidal, Mynok, Yarosny,Balasom,
    Tjuma, Suzga, Goronezh, Eletssk, Zelenonezh, Permnaja, Abanaul - 2, Kaschi,
    Chanschat, Jegutna, Lon`ore, Ca`ore, Gallt`air, Abria, Chan, Tezutiak, Wenee,
    Yaha, Wica, Witeni - 2, Wichita, Am`atn`atua, B`rochel, Bena`vie, Drum`unie,
    Lyn`ore, Zayatpu, Shwege, Mingin, Haiken, Honnaing, Achand`unie, Shanzeik,
    Ngakin, Minshwe, Ringhku, Myaunggon, Mayinlon, Kindaw, Chaing, Sagon, Atet- 2,
    Chash`ore, Dumb`ath, Rhe`ore - 2, Altand`uin, Leirin`vie - 2, Sona`chan,
    Katpanbok, Letpan - 2, Nepaling, Bailebeag, Clachtoll, Cuidrach, Aberchald,
    Inchlaggan, Aberloch, Dorusdain, Laggan, Permakin - 3.
       6. Main story
     On the Pencah trade station Robert Altair introduce Darkstar One to you
    ( Kayron Jarvis ), after a cutscene showing your father destroyed by Thul
    drones in Permakin system. From now the gameplay will let the action unfold
    in 23 clusters controlled by six races ready to jump at each other throats.
     1. Training Part 1 : The Basics
     Follow Arim instruction. Fly through a couple of blue circle (like in the
    X2 tutorial !) and shoot 1 satellite and his defense, then turn to help him
    against 2 stupid pirates. Dock manually - get close to trade station doors
    using the afterburner and at 0,2 v ( clicks ? ) press K and choose 1 from the
    conversation options to get permission. Fly inside.
     2. Training Part 2 : Advanced Combat
     Destroy two waves of 3 pirates using the Key combinations (see Tips above)
    to get used with their configuration.
     3. Training Part 2 : Transporting Cargo
     Pick the cargo behind the station. Close to 0,1 v, press G and wait `till
    the drone catch the container. Open navigational map (N), click on Yarie, quit
    the map and press H to jump. On the other side 2 pirates show up. Press B to
    let go the container, engage, pick him again and dock manually. I now, it`s
    strange to carry the containers behind your ship, but it`s fun and give some
    difficulty to the game.
     4. The lost artifact
     Jump to Hu, get inside the asteroid and search for the green artifact. Get
    close, around 0,1 and watch how he is absorbed by your ship. Get out,
    upgrade the wings as Arim suggested and jump to Pencah.
     5. Advanced Field Drive Required
     Buy a 3 LY on the trade station in Pencah system, leave, dock and speak with
    Robert Altair.
     6. Jack`s Whereabouts
     Go to Barnard system and find in Anomi the informant La`zaar. He doesn`t have
    nothing to share, but a strange girl called Eona want a lift in exchange for
    information from Delano in the Sol system. Jump to Yankwalla and take out 4
    hunters in search for Eona. Jump again to Sol where Delano tell you that Jack
    is in Mortok clusters and he`s giving a Key if helped to kill an pirate gang.
     7. The end of the Aponi gang
     Jump and take out a pirate patrol of 2. Head to their hideout and kill fast
    6 ordinary pirates, 2 guards and the Aponi boss. Once the last is dead his
    ship will eject a secret service weapon and Delano offer a similar gun and the
    necessary key. Take both weapons in the same way like cargo containers.
      8. New information about Jack
     Go to Mandedulce system and speak with the research station. Buy a new FL.
     First the station refuse to speak, but suddenly 4-5 waves of Thul drones get
    out from hyperspace and attack. Block them far away from station, destroy all
    wings and dock.
     9. Zarkov`s Station
     Jack has left for another research station in Raptor clusters and he spoke to
    a scientist called Zarkov. Surprise, surprise - Eona know a Raptor in Biarnar
    system. Dock there and watch a cutscene when both of you fight 3 Mortok and
    Eona is abducted.
     10. Eona was abducted
     Leave the station to find clues outside. Ramirez (can this be a Mortok name
    !?) tell you to go in Rulote system where a contact await in exchange for
    Eona. Jump, speak to Vimaro and when Kabro, one of Ramirez`s partners, make
    his appearance intercept the designated cargo vessel, destroy his escort and
    keep shooting until drops his containers, but do not engage in the act of
    Killing him. Fly to Cabracoy system.
     11. Assignment for Ramirez
     You did his job and he is not satisfied because Eona owe him a tone of cash.
    If you want to see her back alive and with all her limbs perform 3 more tasks:
     a. Meet a cargo  ship to receive a container, after you scan a satellite to
    find the meeting place. Buy and install the best Jammer. Fly near the
    satellite, around 0,2 - 0,3 v, start scanning and head to where a
    Sarbrejar&Son cargo ship await.
     b. Transmit the code, pick the container and fly to Alsavia. Head to the
    trade station, dock manually and speak to the contact.
     c. Get another container and jump to Lorbeisua to deliver the goods close
    to another cargo ship. In the first system you jump on the road to Lorbeisua
    5 hunters attack from nowhere. Drop cargo, fight, pick him up again, jump and
    get near the Manorciras cargo ship. Around 0,5 v jettison the container, wait
    for them to take it and repel 2 waves of 4 hunters from Black company who
    try to destroy the cargo ship. Jump and follow close the cargo ship with
    Kabro and Ramirez to hideout. The codes you acquired will be used to detect
    who are the cargo ships full with explosives sent to destroy the hideout. Fly
    back to warp gate, engage one by one all three cargo and their 3 support
    fighters. Jump to Cabracoy only to find out from Ramirez that Kabro didn`t
    kept his word and Eona is still in his hands.
     12. Kabro`s Hideout
     Buy a new FL and fly to Mostorga system. Approach Ramirez and follow him in
    the battle against 2 waves (2, 5 fighters) belonging to Kabro`s men. Head
    to the planet, get inside the canyons and fly through mines, turrets and
    fighters using sniper tactics. Keep always the shield at maximum and use S to
    avoid hitting the wall. Eventually Darkstar One will get close to the shield
    that need to be destroyed and you`ll go back to space. Kill Kabro and his 3-4
    stooges, get Eona back and head to Kosrod system where a man called Mitri can
    let you dock on the research station.
     13. The search for Zarkov - Mitri`s smuggling Mission
     Mitri will help only if you smuggle something for him. Install the Jammer,
    leave and receive two containers with Schas`ka Schnapps from his ship
    Voskovska. Jump to Nizbin system, destroy the 4 hunters there and meet the
    Militia men. Give him the cargo, jump to Vidal and head to the Sverkoj`s
    representative cruiser. Get the data, fly near the local station to see some
    hunters speaking about pulverize Mitri and jump to Kosrod to help him. Blast
    them, speak with Mitri, get the special container and dock at research station.
    In a cutscene the security chief present the meeting between Zarkov and Jack
    and I end up searching for 4 station, some already attacked by Thul drones, in
    Raptor and Oc`to systems.
     14. Wolodja Research Station (Sakaterin system)
     The drones attack crippled the research facility and you`ll get the data in
    exchange for one plasma resonator. Fly to Twekono and speak to Mendo about it.
    Mendo want (of course, I scratch your back, you scratch mine !) a favor -
    scan Basilius cargo ships to find out where they jump and sabotage them to lure
    Basilius away. Leave and scan both from 0,7 - 1 v. Jump to Schel system, kill
    at waypoint 4 fighters, 2 hunters and 3 containers, then jump to Bogozan. Head
    to ice field until the cargo ship is in range and destroy all enemies plus a
    military satellite. Go back, kill Basilius and 4 escort ship, speak with Mando
    and leave to Chernomen. There lie around 3 military cruiser wrecks. The
    plasma resonator is around the 3 wreck, just scan and pick it up. Jump to
    Sakaterin, drop the container around 0,5 v from the research station and
    receive the data.
     15. Toscha Research Station (Goronezh system)
      Rescue Nicolai from 3 waves (4,3,4) sent by Bronis, a powerful gunrunner.
    Nicolai is Toscha`s security officer and the reason you give him a helping
    hand. Dock, receive new data and leave.
     16. Kolenka Research Station (Permnaja system) / Pledging loyalty to the
     The only way to get information is to perform a mission for Raptors. Contact
    cruiser Bogatir in the same system and help him blow away the traitor Bronis.
    Destroy his satellite and fly to the planet to dust a weapons factory.
    Basically this factory is one big maze with corridors protected by mines,weapon
    platforms and turrets who get their juices from huge generators. There are 4
    rooms and 4 generators that need to be shoot before reaching the main
    generator. The direction is simple - corridor, left, right, right, right,
    deactivate the generator by shooting at his 3 arms. Go back to the laser
    barred doors and repeat with all four rooms. The most challenging part is on
    the road to the second room when the door behind is closed and the other one
    will close in 50 sec. Save and get a try to find out how to escape the maze,
    then reload, shoot the mines in the way, ignore the turrets and find the door
    in the opposite direction. Keep destroying until you reach the main generator,
    blow him and watch the cutscene.
     17. Muighal Research Station (Kil`ore system)
      Nicolai say that Muighal is interested in pictures of anomalies. You get
    three destination (Abria`chan, Ken`ore, Tezutiak). Fly close - 1 v - ,
    press F, click on Scanner and go. Two advices: leave them fast because this
    anomalies will eat up your shield; in Ken`ore system  4 pirates will attack
    near the anomaly, so be prepared. Back to Muighal and to the first FLAK
    MISSION. Always look on the map in the right to find out from where the 3 - 6
    Thul drones come and kill them when close to save the flak energy. Go see
    Captain Hornblower in Ach`air system.
     18. Captain Hornblower / Protect Captain Hornblower
       After you get to Ach`air help Hornblower against 5 pirates who try to
    collect a `road tax`, buy a 5 FL drive and jump to Lynch`at to meet the
    captain near the trade station.
     19. A visit to Arrack with Captain Hornblower
     Jump to Pachaung and protect him on the way to the meeting point with some
    smugglers. Save. They planted a device inside the containers who make you
    jump in the same system, near some 7 pirates.Engage them using crowd management
    abilities, destroy the hideout and take the special container.Jump to Tinmaung
    and get close to Mahandra asteroid. While flying Thul drones come in 5 - 6
    waves from hyperspace. Use graviton boost to get close before the first wave
    is capable to land and destroy all.Dock manually with the asteroid and find out
    that Thul are `really` interested in the crystals mined there. Jiju think they
    have a base near by and because of this he is obligated to transport the
    crystals using Arrack cruisers. To find out they deployed a network of
    satellites who suddenly malfunctioned and is your job to repair them.
     20. Malfunctioning Satelittes
     Fly along Hornblower to scan the satellites in Tinmaung, Sinkwe and Gaungbwe
    around 0,6 v. In the second system you`ll have to destroy 5 pushy pirates,
    while Thul drones destroy the satellite.Fortunatelly the captain have a couple
    of spare ones, so watch his back until he deploy one. Jump to Gaungbwe and
    destroy 3 - 4 Thul drones, protecting Hornblower in process. Stay close until
    he deploy another satellite and jump back.
     21. The Crystal Consigment
      Jiju loaded Samudra cruiser with crystals and he send you as escort to
    Haiken system (that`s what is said in your CV, remember- escort pilot!). Jump
    and watch a cutscene showing Samudra cut down by a huge Thul cruiser. Don`t
    bother attacking him, he will jump before any solid damage could be done, but
    have some fun - he is not going to respond to fire. Return to Jiju and find
    that his satellites located the Thul cruiser in Kajudeng system. Fly there
    with Hornblower.
     22. The search for the Thule
      After jumping save and select from the navigational map the closest system.
    Scan 3 coordinates, repel 3-4 salvagers around the second position and watch
    Hornblower being cut in little pieces by the Thul cruiser. After Eona tell you
    to jump, press H and don`t try to engage the big cruiser. On Mahendra Jiju
    inform you that Arrack scientist had been able to create a cloak scanner, but
    some Oc`to pirates stole him.
     23. The Arrack cloack scanner
      Go to Achand`unie and speak with Tan`ale (pick the lines 2 and 1 in the
    following conversation) who point at two pirate gang - X`Snider`Hips (!) and
    Raz`Koyr Bulls. The second one have the scanner. Jump to Sc`atwert, press T to
    select the container sitting in space and go close, selecting a system to jump
    in the way.There you understand that Oc`to military hired the pirates to steal
    the prototype and now they try to kill them. Wait until one side win, pick
    the container and fight or run till they are above 4 v to press H. Go back to
    Jiju to discuss the next plan.
     24. The Cloaked Thul Cruiser
     Now you have a scanner capable to trace cloaking devices.Jump back Kajudeng,
    ignore the Thul fighters and shoot the 4`th cloaking device. The Thul cruiser
    will become visible and is time for Plasma Shield - Big Bang missiles to
    come in action. Use the Plasma booster to refill your plasma cannon or run
    to recharge him and keep pounding until is no more. Take care any remaining
    fighters and jump to a system to contact Robert.
     25. Contact Robert via Hypercom
     Go to Tinmaung, dock and speak with Robert (cutscene). Now is obviously who
    is the real traitor and the fact that another party is involved in the game
    plot. You find out also that Jack is on Metojang. Jump there.
     26. The search for Jack
     The Metojang system is completely empty. Fly to the trade station wreck and
    prepare to meet 4 - 7 Thul drones. Jack came to your help and is prudent to
    keep him alive in order to find out what is really going on. After the battle
    Jack Forrester speak briefly and point to another rendezvous in Segin system.
     27. Fight off the Drones Attack / Flak mission 2
     In Segin 5 - 8 Thul drones get around the research station and is your job to
    stop them before landing. Save. Dock and find out three things :
     1. Eona is Jack`s girlfriend. Boomer !
     2. Robert betrayed your father.
     3. It is time for another Flak mission. If you win you are really something.
    If not, see cheats section. Below is one option, grace to Mechwar37 (William
    Carney) :
     I read the Flak mission 2 part of your walkthrough and i did not realize
    how hard it was. I just thought i sucked at that part of the game,but i
    see a lot of people have trouble.I went back and tried a few more times and
    found a key to it glory! Yes I did it i won but i did it with only 2% life
    left. It is still a victory, if i had another person telling me which red
    dot to hit next it might have been more health at the end.Since it seems
    the key is to keep an eye on which red dot shows up first.then the next
    key is if its like this badly done picture in text
    Shoot the top bottom, and middle if you have time
    Bottom middle, and top if you have time
    Remember the gun is 2 barrels so you should be kill 2 at a time.
    Any that get away will do far less damage then a full group
    Live for 45 seconds to one minuet
     28. Doctor Zarkov List of Materials
      The good doctor need 15 t of Anerminium crystals and a high-quality
    Quamstream isotopes. Buy an Ore Harvester and fly to Yama system. Go to the
    crystal field, install the Harvester and start shooting a couple of asteroids
    before one give you the crystals. Go back to Segin and drop the container
    near the research station. Next fly to Beinn to speak with Professor Hun`han.
    He is angry about some pirates who stole his isotopes and you`ll get one
    container for help in settling the matter. Follow him and destroy 5 - 6
    pirates and a nasty hideout. Pick one container and go back to Segin. There
    Zarkov inform you about Thul intentions to create a nanoflux shield with high
    power output. Meet the geologist Jow`hal in Tom`atin system to pinpoint
    the best position for their experiences.
     29. Meet Jow`hal
     Two waves of `Thul drones` attack Jow`hal asteroid. Use graviton booster to
    get close fast and destroy them. When the battle reach his peack Thul fighters
    lead by Nara show up and ... give you a hand !. Nara invite you to pay a visit
    in Clochtoll system after you speak with Jow`hal. Unfortunetely Jow`hal can`t
    go because his son is missing in Sona`chan system and ask for ye help.
     30.The search for Jow`son
     Jump to Sona`chan. The local military send you Jow`son picture, along with a
    bounty offer. Ignore them and get close to the asteroid surrounded by bounty
    hunters. Speak with the asteroid and find that Jow`son was involved in peace
    negotiations between Oc`to and Arrack, but admiral Kir`hal planted a bounty
    on him in order to disrupt the meeting and pursue the war. Vaporize the bounty
    hunters, land if necessary to repair and jump to Bin`dal in two steps. After
    the first jump another 4 hunters show up - kill all and jump again. Keep close
    until Jow`son dock in one of the cruiser and go back to Segin. There Zarkov
    speek about the arrival of Jow`hal and Nara give a key to Thul clusters.
     31. Meeting the Thul
      Go to Clachtoll after you buy a 9 FL drive from some prosperous system. As
    soon you are there the Thul cruiser Eoghen II is under heavy fire from 13-16
    drone waves. Fight them and land manually on Eoghen. The real enemy is S`kaa,
    an alien race who has two purposes :
     1.Hire key elements in every race to maintain hostilities between them until
    S`kaa is building a sizeable force
     2.Attack research station and asteroids for materials necessary to erect a
    dimensional gate in Permakin system in order to bring more battleships in the
    known galaxy.
     You must acquire at all costs a key to Permakin system. Search the
    neighboring systems. Of course Eona have a contact in Archangelsk, one jump
    away to Permakin.
     32. Departure for S`kaa System
      Jump to Archangelsk and head to Kornis Hideout. Apparently the key should be
    in some wreck from Kore system, same cluster. Select and jump.Scan two cruisers
    that still have some energy called 1 and 2. 1 happened to be a pirate gathering
    and 2 is the real winner. Start scanning from 0,7 v and some defenses platform
    around get alive and shoot. Stay close to the wreck, destroy them and three
    pirates who pop up after a while until you get the key. Land on the trade
    station to repair your ship, if necessary, and jump to Permakin.
     33. A key to the S`kaa System
      Jump to Permakin to meet S`kaa mothership in all his blue glory and
    overwhelming size. Cutscene - the Thul will send only a cruiser and you can`t
    destroy the gate generators without blowing up the mothership who protect it;
    further more his energy shield is impenetrable to your `puny weapons` and
    Nara need your protection while she scan closely the mothership. Leave and get
    every drone who came close to Nara, until Eoghen II show up and take her job.
    Protect him instead, but it is not necessary to hang around Eoghen. Better yet
    get close to the mothership and destroy every wing that pop up from inside.
    meantime continue your job and wait the cruiser to finish his scanns.
    Cutscene - Robert blame the S`kaa on mothership that they are not interested
    in making the galaxy a peaceful area, but only a prize conquered using force;
    he get back to his ship and transmit the shield specifications while a
    telepath S`kaa torture him mentally. Break off the fight and land to Eoghen
    for the final battle preparations.
     34. Destroying the Mothership
     Thul scientist are capable to modify your plasma weapons in order to
    penetrate the shield, but you need to fly through Mothership`s cannels to
    shoot the main generator. Fly to her, ignore the drones and shoot the
    designated area under 1 v to get the shield down enough time for a cutscene
    to put you inside. Fly through cannels, following Eona`s indications and the
    afterburner. Let the turrets deal with local defenses and stop only when you
    see horizontal laser blocking the way. Shoot fast at the rhombic crystal
    structure near by to deactivate the lasers and go on through canals
    ( Men, I always wanted to be Luke Skywalker dealing the final blow to the
    Death Star! For this Ascaron I forgive even your Flak Mission 2). Sometimes
    you`ll get in area similar with the tracks on Star Wars game and walls with
    4 X at the beginning. They will make you fly faster, but keep it steady and
    avoid to colide the walls without Plasma Shield up. Keep going left/right
    until the `road` stop. Look down to see the entrance, enter and fly to the
    main generator - an oval structure with four green arms reaching the walls.
    Shoot full power and cutscene - the mothership is destroyed, save for a
    small pyramid who jump into the dimensional gate before all of you destroy
    the generators. Fin ? No, brother, Eona programmed the Darkstar computer to
    speak with her voice ( Yeah, big thing! Why the hero don`t get all the
    womens in the end like in the `70 movie, since Nara and Eona seem to be
    really interested by Kayron ?!! ). You get the last artifacts and a zero
    point FL drive with whom jumping can be made everywhere. What now ? Only
    one final thing to do - see the job 24 on Side Missions.
      7. Side missions
     1. Fighting the Elu gang
     When you get to Metharon (Barnard cluster) the cruiser Keoma make an
    public announcement promising bounties for every member of the Elu gang shoot
    down. Try to stay near the cruiser and kill everyone in sight or refuse
    to get involved and go on for your business.
     2. Pirates of the occupied Ta system
     Join a task of mercenary in Tanee system and destroy the pirate cargo ships
    jumping from Ta. Reward - key for Ta system . The mercs boss brief you
    swiftly and is time to act. Engage in this order: first cargo ship, 3 - 4
    support craft, second cargo ship, 2-3 escort fighters and get the reward.
    Usually the enemy cargo ships can really take a pounding, so use weapons
     3.The Council President`s Daughter
      Rebels hold hostage (How can a bunch of pirate do this to a cruiser ?.
    Even my Darkstar One ship can`t take to much beating without the plasma
    abilities) the Oc`to diplomatic cruiser An`nathain inside Pani system with
    the daughter of GU president aboard. Protect terran cruiser Keoma II while
    she rescue the diplomats. Reward - key to Teha system. Ignore the orders
    above and go straight to the Oc`to diplomatic cruiser. Destroy fast those
    two cargo ships guarding him, engage the hunters to close for their health
    and go back to support Keoma if necessary, but usually it`s firepower are
    enough to deal with a couple of pirates.
     4. The Raptor Espionage Satellites
     Raptor secret service deployed Espionage Satellites in Grotok cluster
    to keep an eye on Mortok hyperspace activities. Reward - key to Martotacon
    system. Jump to Alfabalas - Mandedulce - Naro. In Naro system Bermudo, your
    wingmen, point to an asteroid fields with 5 satellites. Destroy 3, pull back
    to vaporise 4-6 pirates hired to protect them and destroy the last 2.
     5. How to fire an Empire Boss
     Baylona group want Ventura boss fired and you`ll join a mercs task in
    Alaniz system. Reward - key to Eicete system. Buy some missiles/missile
    launcher.Jump. Listen the mercs boss and follow him. Of course Ventura
    refuse the dismissal. Use plasma abilities and missiles to put his small
    cruiser down, then engage the escort. If you don`t feel confident, take first
    the support fighters and let the mercs soft up the cruiser`s defense. Now and
    always in this game : approach cruisers with the highest prudence. Their
    superior firepower and shield are vulnerable only to Plasma Shield and
    missile like Big Bang or Hellfire.
     6. Protect the Terran Cruiser Keoma IV during his Diplomatic Mission
      Darkstar One and some mercenary need to fly in Risafes system and protect
    Keoma IV against Raptor attacks. Reward - key to Odia system. When you jump
    the cruiser is already under enemy fire. Fly close and destroy all Raptor
    fighters near cruiser, destroy a couple of incoming craft and after a 1-2
    minutes head to the Raptor military cruiser Grigori II. He is already weak
    grace to terran fighters, so close and give the final blow.
     7. Ramirez Fight against the Gunrunners
     Ramirez find out that his rivals use Raptor weapons. Go to Camrracin and
    disrupt the handover. Reward : key to Grajuez. Jump. At waypoint destroy 2
    cargo ships and support fighters fast in order to prepare yourself for the
    Raptor cruiser. Same tactic : let others soft his defenses and attack.
     8. Boosting economy in the Zhusomol System
     Zhusomol expect several cargo vessels and they need someone to protect them
    against pirates. Reward - key to Lysmir system and a secret service gun
    behind the station. Leave the trade station, fly using V to the warp gate
    and protect 4 - 6 cargo ship jumping one after another. Destroy really fast
    5 - 6 waves of pirates, pushing R to get the closest one the fastest possible.
    Usually you`re about to lose just 1 cargo ship, maybe two if not carefull.
     9. Embargo in the Zareck System
     Two empires hired mercenary to intercept incoming cargo vessels in Zareck.
    Jump there and eliminate 12 - 14 mercs along your sidekick Garik.
     10. Escort for a Convoy
     Escort a convoy into Nakhod system and protect him against the Toscha gang,
    ensuring that at least one cargo ship reach the trade station.Reward - key to
    Balasom and 1 weapon behind the station. Fight hard 3 waves of 3 - 4 pirates
    with crowd management abilities.
     11. The Mynock Empire Strikes Back
     Destroy a small rebel cruiser in Koro system along a group of mercs.
    Reward - key to Nakhodlu system. One cruiser, two cruisers - what`s the
    difference ! Inevitably the small cruiser have a bigger friend, a Mortok one
    called Domingos. Destroy first Domingos using Plasma/Big Bang Missiles, run to
    recharge the plasma cannon and go back for the small cruiser if you feel great.
    If not wait until the mercs soft both cruiser and go for them.
     12. Raptor zealots are threatening a Terran cruiser
     A mediation between Oc`to and Raptor sect leaders failed on cruiser Aponi III.
    Protect the cruiser adrift in Nizpul system along with a mercenary task.
    Reward - key to Ankovo. Jump. Vaporise 2-3 fighters close to Aponi, intercept
    4 - 5 bombers far away and go for Raptor cruiser Saint Igor, protected by zelot
    fighters - you know the drill by now.
     13. Under Siege by Religious Fanatics
     The fanatics occupied Coill`ore system and demand the extradition of several
    defectors. Destroy all Raptor fighters in area, helped by Nicolai and a bunch
    of mercs. Reward - key to Lon`ore. Jump and admire 3 fanatic cruisers. Take
    out the closest group (cruiser, 3 - 4 escort fighters) and move methodically
    to the other two using the normal drill. After that another cruiser jump in.
    Engage. Always attack first the cruiser, because he is capable to send a
    lot of fighter waves against you.
     14. Support for Terran Cruiser
     Fly to Yaha and protect Keoma II against pirates. Reward - key to Tezutiak(?)
    ( The reward is strange, since I already been there in a main story quest ).
    Jump. Nobody dares to help, so it`s a small party - Keoma and Darkstar. Check
    the waypoint and destroy the pirates. Go back to Keoma II and vaporize 2-3
    cargo ships, plus fighters suport. Of course, after a while an Oc`to cruiser
    show up, a tough one to deal with. Be carefully and destroy him fast.
     15. Raid on a Pirate Cruiser
     Pirates kidnapped a Terran cruiser (?) in C`atlodge system that should be
    destroyed. Reward - key to Drum`unie (I think ?) . Fight along 2 cargo ship
    called Alrogh I and II the pirate cruiser and 12 support fighters.
     16. Protect the Arrack cruiser Akshat II from an Oc`to assault
      The cruiser is in Gaungbwe and need protection against the Oc`to. Reward -
    key to Honnaing. Keep close to Akshat, destroy every Oc`to in sight and engage
    the bombers as soon they show up. When Akshat let you know that the Oc`to
    cruiser is in weapons range go for it.
     17. Two Wacky Terrans in the Hive - B52 Cluster
     Wacky ? They are plain stupid ! Support Danny and Brad during a handover in
    Maleindon system with Funak`lu, a dangerous character. Reward - key to Minshwe.
    Jump. Follow to the waypoint to find out they stoled some money from Funak`lu
    and you are apparently the one who keep it ! Before the conversation place
    yourself inside Funak`lu formation (6 vessels) and use Timeshock right after
    he order your death to keep Danny and Brad safe.
     18. The Molin System under siege
     Rebels sent battleships in Molin system claiming that Kinzan empire bribed
    the local authority to obtain some mining rights.Destroy all using mercs to
    support you. Reward - key to Kinmin. The enemies are pretty strong - 3 small
    cruisers with 3 escort fighters each. Destroy them one after another using
    the usual tactics, then turn to face the 4`th.
     19. Liquid Explosives
      Research colony Magyibock `lost` six containers with liquid explosives in
    Pegin system. Destroy it. Reward - key to Chaing. Every two containers have
    two cruisers around. Simply fly close around 0,9 v, fire Plasma Shield and
    shoot the containers. The big bang will cripple/destroy the cruiser, but you
    are invincible. Fly to the next batch, repeat, etc. Go back and finish any
    crippled cruiser to get the reward.
     20. We are N.O.M.A.D.
     ( Nomads from Freelancer ? ) Support an Oc`to scientist by inspecting a
    number of haywire satellites, NOMAD series, from Badic`aul system. Reward -
    key to Altand`uin system. Jump and get in front of Gor`ale to protect him.
    Vaporise all 6 satellites.
     21. Retaliation against a Rebel Cruiser
     The rebel cruiser Bhadrak must be destroyed in Kamaing system along with his
    escort. Your support - a large squad of mercs and a couple of cargo ship, but
    no military. Reward - key to Letpan. Jump and find 2 cruiser instead of one.
    Speak with the cargo ship who let slip explosive containers. Pick it up, fly
    close to Bhadrak (0,5 - 0,9 v), fire Plasma cannon, drop the containers
    and run. The cruiser is gone and also the cargo ships - faith, men! Destroy
    the other cruiser and get your reward.
     22. Space Lunacy Aboard the Niatuin
     The crew of Thul cruiser Niatuin (all females!) got insane while exposed to a
    anomaly and ended up destroying ships in Ormiscaig system, but Thuls cannot
    vaporise their kin. Reward - key to Aberloch. Jump to see Niatuin attacking a
    small cargo vessel using the menacing words `We are the Thul. Resistance is
    futile` ( Borg all over again ! ). Vaporize those mad womens !
     23. The Mandroids
     A Thul female group called `Man should now their place`(!) is prepared to
    smuggle illegal men clones (Mandroids) in Clayock sytem. Support the Thul
    cruiser sent to intercept the cargo ships. Reward - key to Lagen system. Fly
    to Galadriel cruiser ( Elf name for a Thul cruiser !? ) and check 4 - 5
    mercenary who act strange - they attack you. Kil them and go back to Galadriel
    to help him against 8-9 mercs and 2-3 cargo ships. Vaporize all enemies until
    an Arrack cruiser, hired by rebels, jump to join the battle. Destroy him.
     24. Ascarong Gang
     So, you belive fighting the S`kaa mothership was a tough job ? After you
    finish the main story use the point zero FL drive and jump to Ascarong system,
    Hive - AC3 cluster (southern part ). The entire system belong to the infamous
    Ascarong gang who boast a fleet of 9 fighters, 3 medium cruisers and the
    biggest and toughest cruiser I ever see in this game, lead by boss Daniel
    Dumont (with a woman voice !). I suggest to take out support fighters
    first, then engage the small cruisers who are, luckily, at some distance one
    from each other. Don`t land to the trade station, because Dumont will be gone.
    It took me 4 rounds to put Daniel Dumont down (I didn`t have Big Bang/Helfire
    missiles, only 25 Swarm Elite Mk2) and this is a good thing - a challenge
    worthy to the men who saved the galaxy ! In part 1 I mean - maybe Ascaron
    will get the hint !!
      8. Random missions
     There are 2 places where you can perform this random missions :
     A. SPACE
     a. Checking a satellite - in some systems the local research station will
    require your help to check a malfunctioning satellite. Get close to see two
    pirates messing with the onboard computer. Around 0,7 v they get red and it`s
    time to blast them. After that close at 0,3 v and scan the satellite to get
    the reward.
     b. Mining - install an Ore Harvester and mine the asteroid fields. Pick
    the cargo and sell the goods at trade stations.
     c. Bounty Hunter in danger - in certain systems a hunter will ask your help
    against some pirates.
     d. Take out a pirate gang - all pirate gangs in a cluster are listed at
    terminals in trade stations under the tag NEWS. Usually they are inside
    an asteroid belt, near hideouts, shipwrecks and anomalies. If you don`t get
    an anomaly while pressing T, look around for a small white pulsar and head
    there. In my opinion is not a good idea to fight inside an asteroid belt
    or in a red cloud. Fly close to 2,4 v and the pirates will show up. Turn your
    ship and use W `till 2,1 v and V to get as far you can, in open space. Turn
    and use crowd management abilities. Pirates will came in 3 waves - normal,
    guards and big boss. Being so far from the hideout/shipwreck/anomaly you`ll
    get the time necessary to recharge the plasma cannon until the next wave is
    close. Usually a big first wave (6 - 8 normal pirates) means a small second
    one (1 - 2 guards) and viceversa. After you destroy the boss his ship will
    slip a special container who include a secret service weapon far more
    powerful than guns on trade stations.
     e. Free a system - from news you find out what systems are controlled by
    pirates. Jump there and face 3 waves X 3-5 ships. The best strategy is to take
    out fast each wave, using crowd management abilities and running away `till
    plasma cannon recharge ( W AND V KEYS ). If you can`t do it fast, run inside
    the asteroid and shoot at them from the opening, but after one try the game
    seem to understand your tactic and the pirates stay away from entrance.
    See above the artifact locations - some systems blocked by pirates have 2
    artifacts, one as reward for your deed and another one still inside the
      a. Spying - a company want you to spy a meeting in a different system. Fly
    there, wait until all cargo ships mentioned on screen get inside the research
    station, reach the waypoint, press F and click Laser device to hear the
    conversation. Usually those inside spot you, but is a minor problem fighting
    2-3 hunters before jumping back. Check terminal - mission.
      b. Cargo transport - a cargo ship left a system without one container or
    someone lost a container near the asteroid. Retrieve it and jump/dock to
    complete the missions, usually after a little fight with some merry
    hunters/pirates. Check terminal - mission.
     c. Bounty hunting - everybody has a grudge against pirates, hunters and
    defectors. All those are protected by partners and accomplices that need to
    be killed before dealing with your target. Check terminal - mission.
     d. Trading - this is your job. Poor systems desperately need video games,
    luxury goods, androids, drugs, isotopes, etc. and sell cheap raw materials.
    Check ( N key ) each system type (poor, prosperous, wealthy ; research,
    mining, industrial, agricultural) to find out the export goods, forbidden
    items and import opportunities. In my opinion trade is a must only in the
    first cluster, but for everyone pleasure. Below is the list with all
    products : Carbohydrates, Proteins, Life Forms, Plant Fibers, Metals,
    Precious Metals, Crystals, Alloys, Machinery, Electronics,Computer
    components,Ship technology, Medicine, Chemicals, Spirits, Fertilizer, Energy
    Cells, Fuel Rods, Isotopes,Superconductors, Video games, Luxury goods,
    Androids, Drugs.
     e. Escort freighter - freighters need protection and you`re hired to do
    so. Usually the attacks succed after a jump and you are warned by a cutscene.
    Engage pirates from the second one or get close fast - this cargo ship can`t
    take to much heat. Check terminal - escort.
       9. Weapons
     There are many guns and turrets in Darkstar One from level 1 to 9. Here
    you`ll get those I had the good sense to note their characteristics and
    type, but keep in mind that every weapon is different from the others,
    so numbers could change :
      Type    Fire rate    Consumption   Energy Ratio     Gain
     Laser       4             11           2.4          + 0
     MK 2        4             15           3.4          3.8
     MK 3        4             21           4.8          9.6
     Military    4             29           6.7        - 3.0
     Elite       4             78           1.9         + 42
     Elite MK 2  4            109           2.6           31
     Elite MK 3  4            152           3.7           72
     Projectile :
     MK2          6             15           2.9         0.1
     MK3          6             21           3.8         6.9
     Military     6             29           4.5         3.1
     Military MK2 6             40           6.2         7.5
     Military MK3 6             56           8.8          23
     Elite        6             78            13           0
     Elite MK 2   6            109            18          30
     Shield damage :
     Ion Pulse
     MK3          4             21             6       - 5.8
     Ion Pulse
     Military     4             29            11        + 11
     Ion Pulse
     Milit. MK2   4             40            12          18
     Ion Pulse
     Milit. MK3   4             56            17          37
     Ion Pulse
     Elite        4             78            24          61
     Ion Pulse
     Elite MK2    4            109            33          57
     Ion Pulse
     Elite MK3    4            152            46         108
     Gravitone :
     Military    2             29            14         - 5.0
     Milit. MK2  2             40            23            14
     Milit. MK3  2             56            27            22
     Elite       2             78            38            43
     Elite MK2   2            109            53            32
     Elite MK3   2            153            34            74
     Projectile, damage both shield and hull :
     Military       4             29         6.7       - 7.9
     Military MK2   4             40         9.4       + 2.7
     Military MK3   4             56          16          29
     Elite          4             78          19          40
     Elite MK2      4            109          26          70
     Elite MK3      4            152          37          72
     Laser :
     Elite          2             78           46          17
     Elite MK2      2            109           53          32
     Elite MK3      2            152           74          74
     Laser          4              5           1.2        4.8
     MK 2           4              7           1.7        6.7
     MK 3           4             11           2.4        9.6
     Military       4             15           3.4        1.7
     Military MK2   4             20           4.7        5.4
     Military MK3   4             28           4.4         13
     Elite          4             39           9.3         19
     Elite MK2      4             55            13         30
     Rail           6             15           1.2        7.2
     Rail MK2       6              7           1.5        8.7
     Rail MK3       6             11           1.9         12
     Rail Military  6             15           2.2         14
     Military MK2   6             20           3.1        5.3
     Military MK3   6             28           4.4         13
     Rail Elite     6             78            13         42
     Elite MK2      6            109            18         30
     Elite MK3      6            176            13         25
     Ion Pulse
     Military       4             15           5.1        6.8
     Ion Pulse
     Milit. MK2     4             20           5.9         11
     Ion Pulse
     MiliT. MK3     4             28           8.3         20
     Ion Pulse
     Elite          4             39            12         28
     Ion Pulse
     Elite MK2      4             55            17         17
     Ion Pulse
     Elite MK3      4             76            23         43
     Milit. MK2     2             20            12        4.1
     Milit. MK3     2             28            14        8.1
     Graviton Elite 2             39            19         19
     Elite MK2      2             55            27        4.5
     Elite MK3      2             76            37         26
     Military MK2   4             20           4.7        0.1
     Military MK3   4             28           7.9         14
     Spore Elite    4             39           9.3         19
     Elite MK2      4             55            13        3.8
     Elite MK3      4             76            19         25
     Photon Elite   2             39            23      - 3.1
     Elite MK2      2             55            27       + 45
     Elite MK3      2             76            37         26
     Laser MK2      4             15           4.4        0.0
     Laser MK3      4             21           6.3        7.5
     Military MK3   4             56            18         37
     Elite Mk2      2            109            69         41
     Projectile MK3 6             21           4.8        0.0
     Elite MK2      4            109            33         56
     Milit. MK3     2             56            35         38
     Projectile Tower
      Elite         4             39            13         12
     Projectile Tower
      Elite MK2     4             55            17         19
     Graviton Tower
      Elite MK2     2             55            35         21
     Ion Tower
     Military       4             15           6.6         13
        Type                       Rate/s   Number of missiles
     Missile Launcher                1             5
     Missile Launcher MK2            1             8
     Missile Launcher MK3            1            10
     Missile Launcher Military       1            12
     Missile Launcher Military MK2   1            15
     Missile Launcher Military MK3   1            18
     Missile Launcher Elite          1            20
     Missile Launcher Elite MK2      2            25
     Missile Launcher Elite MK3      1            30
      Type               Damage     Velocity   Warheads/Agility
     Swarm                 120        400            6
     Swarm MK2             132        400            6
     Swarm MK3             180        400            6
     Swarm Military        245        400            7
     Swarm Military MK2    350        400            7
     Swarm Military MK3    490        400            7
     Swarm Elite           800        400            8
     Swarm Elite MK2      1120        400            8
     Swarm Elite MK3      1840        400            8
     Hellfire MK2          220        300            High
     Hellfire MK3          300        300            High
     Hellfire Military     420        300            High
     Hellfire Milit. MK2   600        300            High
     Hellfire Milit. MK3   840        300            High
     Hellfire Elite       1400        300            High
     Hellfire Elite MK2   1960        300            High
     Hellfire Elite MK3   3220        300            High
     Big Bang MK3          750        200            Low
     Big Bang Military    1050        200            Low
     Big Bang Milit. MK2  1500        200            Low
     Big Bang Milit. MK3  2100        200            Low
     Big Bang Elite       3500        200            Low
     Big Bang Elite MK2   4900        200            Low
     Big Bang Elite MK3   8050        200            Low
      10. Equipment
     Activator Refil - replenish hyperspace activator (one time)
     Afterburner Booster - increase the afterburner energy by
     200% (one time)
     Graviton Boost - increase speed 200% for 10 sec. (one time)
     Plasma Boost - recharge plasma cannon 100% (one time)
     Repair Boot - repair 100% (one time)
     Shield Boost - recharge shield 100% (one time)
     This devices will work only if you choose to install them in the
    equipment menu  :
     Cargo Computer X50, 100, 200, 300, 600 - required to
     pick/transport  containers of different size
     Jammer 30 to Elite- automatic protection against scan from 30% to
     Landing Computer 1 to 5 - automatic landing from 1 to 5 v
     Shield Flux - transfer energy from front shield to rear shield
     Energy Flux - transfer energy from weapons to shields
     Energy Colector X 20 to 70 - increase the recharge rate of a FL
     drive  while flying inside a system
     Ore Harvester - allows the mining of asteroids using normal weapons
     Scanner 1 to 20 - scanning possible between 1 to 20 v
     Afterburner (Boost duration, Velocity) :
     level 1 (8,50); level 2 (10,50); level 3 (12,50); level 4 (14,50);
     level 5 (16,50); level 6 (18,50); level 7 (20,50); level 8 (22,50).
     Capacitator (Recharge time, Capacity, Gain) :
     level 1 (12,12,0%); level 2 (10,14,16); level 3 (10,25,10);
     level 4 (10,40,60); level 5 (10,60,50); level 6 (10,90,50);
     level 7 (10,120,33); level 8 (10,170,41)
     Energy Shield (Recharge time, Shield Energy, Gain) :
     level 1 (53,18,0%); level 2 (71,28,10); level 3 (72,40,10);
     level 4 (73,58,19); level 5 (74,84,20); level 6 (72,104,21);
     level 7 (76,164,61); level 8 (78,248,85)
     Generator (Energy, Gain) :
     level 1 (1.3,0%); level 2 (1.8,28); level 3 (3.1,0);
     level 4 (4.8,51);  level 5 (7.1,46); level 6 (11,39);
     level 7 (15,41); level 8 (21,44).
       11. Bugs/Errors, cheats and indirect play
     Bugs and errors come often while fighting inside asteroid belts or
    red/blue clouds, helping the hunter under attack after a jump and rare
    time inside a trade station.
     Cheats - trainers could be found on internet and they usually give money,
    better hulls, skip the flak missions, etc.
     Indirect play - on the internet you could find savegames, especially after
    Flak mission 2, but be carefully since every player have a different
    configuration for his ship. Also on Darkstar One official site you could
    ask nicely TornadoX1, one of the moderators from the International forum,
    to play your Flak mission 2 save game and send it back.
      12. Credits
     All credits go to Ascaron Entertainment and fans everywhere who posted
    answers, questions and info on forums. Thanks, people !
     Copyright 2006 Limona Razvan

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