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    Campaign Guide by perrinmiller

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For use with Empire Earth II: Age of Supremacy
    (c)2007 Perrin Miller <perrinmiller@gmail.com>
    Version: 1.0
    This was written for submission to:
    *                                                                     *
    *                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                          *
    *                                                                     *
     [1.0] Introduction
     [2.0] Basic Strategy
     [3.0] Egyptian Campaign
          [3.1] Neferkare and the Old Kingdom
          [3.2] Black Sun Over the Delta
          [3.3] Smile of the Crocodile
          [3.4] Osiris Enraged
          [3.5] Horus Ascendent
     [4.0] Russian Campaign
          [4.1] After Austerlitz
          [4.2] Playing for Time
          [4.3] The Continental System
          [4.4] Scorched Earth
          [4.5] Liberation
     [5.0] Maasai Campaign
          [5.1] Rite of Passage
          [5.2] A New Home
          [5.3] More Valuable Than gold
          [5.4] Invasion
          [5.5] African Freedom
     [6.0] Final Thoughts
     [7.0] Version History
     [8.0] Credits
    *                                                                     *
    *                         [1.0] INTRODUCTION                          *
    *                                                                     *
    This guide is written to provide an insight into the various scenarios that
    make up the Single Player Campaigns that shipped out with Age of Supremacy
    (AoS). After playing Empire Earth II last year I set it aside and moved on to
    other games. I replayed it again in preparation of AoS when I recently bought
    the expansion.  I was surprised that no guides existed already. Either the
    expansion was not that popular or a guide was not needed.  In any case I
    decided to take down notes and write one as I played through the scenarios.
    I have written character guides before for Neverwinter Nights, but this is
    the first time I have done a walkthrough for a strategy game.  I have been
    playing strategy PC games since they were created, who remembers Empire and
    Civilization?  I don't claim to be a great player and I don't really get into
    the multi-player aspects of these games, but I am experienced in many games.  I
    plan to make this guide to serve as an outline of my strategy used for the
    completion. It not intended to be the best way to complete each scenario, but I
    will include strategy revisions from other players if they are constructive and
    help make the guide better.
    *                                                                     *
    *                        [2.0] BASIC STRATEGY                         *
    *                                                                     *
    For Empire Earth II (EE2) the first basic component that players need to
    master is the resources.  Balancing them can be a matter of preference and
    experienced players probably have their own ideas.  Some scenarios require some
    adjustments based on Objectives to be accomplished.  My basic prefence is to
    use only 3-4 food (including boats), 7-10 wood, 5-6 stone, 4-6 gold (including
    traders), 2-4 of the specials depending on usage.  Of course in scenarios where
    the Population Capacity (Pop Cap) is around 200 or more this may need to be
    For Tech Research I usually go for 1 university and 1 temple, but that
    depends on starting buildings and units.  I tend to not use priests units
    except for special Objectives, so I put the starting units into a Temple.  I
    will sometimes go with only 1 building for research if there is no Epoch
    advancement in the early Epochs when research is cheaper.
    I usually use at least one dedicated building team with 2-4 citizens to
    handle my main construction efforts.  This team is usually building the
    defenses around my primary Areas of Interest (AOIs) initially.  As I expand
    into new territories throughout the Area of Operations, they follow the army's
    advance, building the forward defenses and infrastructure.  I use regular
    resource gathers to do spot building/repairing in nearby locations if
    necessary.  Using the [Shift] key to queue up orders and send them back their
    resource gathering without revisiting them again.
    In my strategy I am probably light on resource gathering.  In most
    scenarios it is going to boil down to attrition principles and the more you
    cost the enemy compared to your expenses while preserving the main army is to
    your advantage.  I don't like throwing away armies and rebuilding them quickly
    with a larger resource gathering plan.  I prefer letting the enemy kill
    themselves on my defenses until my larger army rolls over them.  Identifying
    key AOIs and Choke Points (CPs) are important to protect against
    counter-attacks and invasions during the scenarios.  Also proper defenses are
    necessary to ensure resource gathering efforts are not disrupted by the enemy.
    Consolidating the resource operations into protected areas is best. It does
    mean the enemy could really hurt if they can attack those areas, but the idea
    is to prevent them from ever getting close.
    For armies I usually use 1-2 infantry groups, mixed with balance of all 3
    types of infantry plus light artillery.  The heavy artillery is grouped
    separately to keep them behind the infantry and keep the infantry army
    formation more compact and manageable.  Also use 1-2 mobile groups of cavalry
    for quick response and flanking attacks/raids.  In later Epochs the cavalry is
    replaced by more modern equivelants.  Air and Anti-air is used to support the
    ground forces.
    With the heroes, I tend to split them among the 2 infantry armies if
    appropriate and form armies to make them more effective.  The heavy artillery
    and cavalry heroes stay with their type of units.  Winning the military crown
    can turn one of your ranged heroes or the named leader into better strategist
    as well.  The supreme strategist should always be with the main army. At the
    end of a scenario, tributing a few extra surplus units to be killed by the
    appropriate type of unit can get those last remaining kills to get the hero not
    yet received.
    In some situations a spy can be a force multiplier to sabotage an enemy
    fortress while your army has to operate in its vicinity and it is difficult to
    knock it down with heavy artillery without taking a heavy toll on the army.
    Going for the Imperial crown first can speed along the Tech Point gathering
    to gain the other Crowns faster.
    *                                                                     *
    *                       [3.0] EGYPTIAN CAMPAIGN                       *
    *                                                                     *
    [3.1] Neferkare and the Old Kingdom
    [3.1.1] Objectives
      Primary:  Rescue Miners Dumyat in the South
                Protect Mining Camp in Dumyat
                Build 2 Wonders before time expires (approx 30 minutes)
      Secondary:  Defeat Bandit Camp
                  Tribute Gold to Gain Market Tech
    [3.1.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Narrow map with rocky terrain narrowing movements to ravine passages.  Large
    flat areas for construction are limited.
    * Starting city of Esna is in NW corner protected mostly by ridges and trees.
    Resources are all present and accessible.
    * Abydos shares the NE border of the starting territory they remained
    friendly/neutral throughout the scenario.
    * The Black Sun Bandits have some forces in small groups in the passages
    betwen Esna and Dumyat, but no city centers or military production. Their
    stronghold is in the SE corner, protected with palisades and a ridege with a
    narrow slope to access.
      * Key CPs: #1 Gap in SE corner of Esna just South of eastern barracks
                 #2 NE of Dumyat just over ridge with stone and gold resources
    [3.1.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize the resource gathering and set up some Tech Point gathering.
    Need heavier emphasis on wood, stone, and gold than normal. Stone is actually
    in Abydos North of Esna's city center, but a warehouse can be built on the
    ridge next to it. Gold is a little difficult to see behind the trees NE of the
    city center.  Build temple and garrison a 2nd priest.
    2.  Build a few defenses at CP#1, setting the rally points of the military
    production buildings to be just behind.
    3.  The initial military units with Kemsa can head south, moving slowly to
    take out the small pockets of bandits one at a time.  Initial unique elephants
    should be sent along to assist.
    4.  The initial army push on to liberate Dumyat using Kemsa's rally power
    after getting past the fortress before fighting cavalry near CP#2.
        5.  Upgrade units when possible.
        6.  Claim the territory just South of Esna.
    7.  New military units will create 2nd army with artillery, elephants and
    infantry, assembling to defend at CP#1.
    8.  The new citizens in Dumyat can be put to work gathering more wood,
    stone, and gold to build the 2 Wonders (approximately 3000 wood, 3000 stone and
    2000 gold will be needed).  Build a city center in Dumyat next to the fortress
    build defenses at CP#2.
    9.  The Kemsa's army can head North from CP#2 via western most passage to
    discover the market and pay the requested tribute (700 gold) to gain the Tech.
    Send the army back to Esna after leaving a detachment of 15-20 to defend CP#2.
    10. During battles try and gain heroes in artillery, elephants and ranged
    infantry to assist in later scenarios. building more of those units to increase
    their kills.
    11. With heavy artillery support attack the bandit towers and gate just SE
    of CP#1 and push up the slope to destroy the outpost and barracks.
    12. Start building the Wonders as the resources are available, using the
    market to make up for shortfalls.  The Imperial Leader will speed the
    foundation along significantly before the citizens actually start building.
    13. Build city center in territory East of Esna and another in the
    territory North of Dumyat.
        14. Advance to Epoch 3 when ready and upgrade units again.
    15. Invade the bandits with entire army by heading towards the SE corner
    and destroy all their buildings.  The slope accessing the flat area of their
    territory is almost due East from the market NE of Dumyat.
        16. Finish building the 2nd Wonder after bandits are eliminated.
    [3.2] Black Sun Over the Delta
    [3.2.1] Objectives
      Primary:  Eliminate Black Sun Leader Ah-ket
                Destroy Black Sun Workskops and Military Production Buildings
                Destroy/capture all Black Sun City Centers
      Secondary:  Fill Grain Stores (4000 food)
                  Establish Alliance with Baraka (Tribute 750 gold)
                  Protect Temple of Horus (destroy Black Sun Workshop)
    [3.2.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Square Map with 2 rivers and some ridges to provide protection on some borders.
    A ridge runing SE to NW divides the area in half with openings at each end.
    * The Baraka City of Iunet takes the SE corner of the map.  Their Northern
    border is defended by a wall to help protect them against the Black Sun Bandits.
    * Moyale shares Herakleopolis's NW border and is controlled by the Black Sun
    * The river separates Moyale from the neutral Lybians City of Edfu and is
    accessible by a bridge WNW of the Moyale city center.
    * The Black Sun Stronghold and third territory cover the NE area between
    Khmunu and the Baraka with fortresses to defend both fronts.
      * Key CPs: #1 Gap in NE Moyale at bottom of slope leading to Khmunu
                 #2 The northern border of the Baraka territory
    [3.2.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts.  Initially heavy food is not
    required, but need to gather 4000 before the end of the scenario. Gold is also
    needed to quickly form the alliance with the Baraka. Garrison both Universities.
    2.  Scout unclaimed territory South and build city center when possible.
    Scout East to make contact with Baraka in the SE corner.
    3.  Send initial military units to defend against the first attacks just
    East of CP#1.
    4.  Train a citizen in Khmunu to build defenses and a barracks to defend
    the Temple of Horus.
    5.  Train more military units and set rally points in Moyale.  Build city
    center.  Some enemy may cross the bridge from Lybia initially but only because
    they were scouting and are returning back.
    6.  Build defenses to cover CP#1 and make a good kill zone. Include heavy
    artillery support for further invasion and take out enemy outpost covering CP.
    Expect strong counter-attack.
    7.  Tribute 750 gold to Baraka to form the alliance.  Quickly build some
    outposts behind the walls to protect Iunet and keep the Baraka from being hurt
    from counter-attacks.  If necessary send a small detachment of 10-15 units to
        8.  Upgrade units and make Kemsa a supreme strategist.
    9.  Take main army without heavy artillery to slow them down and raid East
    from CP#1 and swing around mountain and along water to take out the workshop.
    Return back to Moyale to heal and reinforce.
    10. Make sure the 4000 food has been gathered before finishing off the
    remaining Black Sun military units and production buildings.  Empty the
    universities after winning the crowns to ensure enough food is gathered.
    11. Once main army is maximized invade the Black Sun stronghold from either
    front and destroy everything. Rebuild 1st city center in a more convenient
    location to heal up the army if necessary before the last push to clean up the
    remaining defenses and buildings in the 3rd remaining territory.  Ah-ket will
    be center of the Black Sun territories and should be killed during the
    fighting. Also free enemy reinforcements appear in the center of the eastern
    map edge in Al Isma'iliyah, even after the military production building are
    [3.3] Smile of the Crocodile
    [3.3.1] Objectives
      Primary: Destroy Tasian Cult of Yaguth
               Recover the Artifacts Stolen from the Pharoah's Tomb
               Recover the Queen's Sceptre
               Recover the golden Disk of Ra
               Recover the Crown of Sobek
               Recover the Spear of Horus
      Secondary: Gather 6000 Food
                 Control Al Jizah Territory
                 Build Monuement of Sobek
    [3.3.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large but narrow map, mostly flat and open except around Capital of Tmn-Hor and
    the waterways isolating a few territories onto pennisulas.
    * Tmn-Hor occupies the SW area, but is surround by 6 unclaimed territories on
    3 sides. Al Minufiyah is North of Tmn-Hor on the otherside of the ridge with a
    barracks and a workshop to protect the warehouse near the only stone available.
    The road goes by as it heads North to the Pharoah's Tomb.
    * The Pharoah's Tomb in Al Jizah is only protected by 2 outposts and the
    terrain is flat and open.
    * The territories along the road are open and flat between Tmn-Hor and Al
    Jizah.  Some Tasian Cult military production and defenses are scattered.
    * Black Sun are in the SW corner and walled in at Al Iskandariyah protected
    by outposts and a fortress inside.
    * The Tasian Cult Territory, Aswan, adjacent to the Black Sun is not walled
    in. Trees and a waterway separate the SE corner from the North forcing the
    enemy to attack heading West towards Tmn-Hor.   * The Tasian stronghold in the
    NW corner has 2 territories, Dumyat and Ad Daqahliyah.  Ad Daqahliyah is walled
    in and there are fortresses and outposts to protect both territories inside and
    outside the walls.
    * There is a second Tasian Cult stronghold in Qina on a pennisula SE of Al
    Jizah with the opening on the North end.  The unclaimed territory Shamat Sina'
    in between Al Jizah and Qina has some military production.
    * Tasian Cult's 4th city in Al Qahirah is NE of Al Jizah on another pennisula
    defended by outposts and possibly some naval units.
    * The Lybians have a settlement in the NW corner, behind the Tasian
    stronghold, with two entrances with only light defenses.
      * Key CPs: #1: The North gate entrance of Tmn-Hor
    #2: The slope entrance on Tmn-Hor's East side and the narrow gap
    in the trees along the road just NE
    #3: The gap SE of Tmn-Hor between the ridge and the southern map
    edge along Suhaj's eastern border
    [3.3.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources.  Large
    amounts of food, wood and stone will be required to build defenses and complete
    secondary objectives. Garrison the university, but Epoch 4 is not available.
    2.  Initial military units should be split into 3 groups.  The elephants
    with their hero should be sent immediately to help defend the Pharoah's Tomb.
    The remaing infantry needs to be split into 2 groups. One samller group defends
    CP#1 and the stone gathering area in Al Minufiyah.  The 2nd group includes
    Kemsa and defends CP#2.
        3.  Claim territories South and SE of Tmn-Hor with city centers.
    4.  Build more citizens after Pop Cap is increased to increase resource
    5.  Reinforce infantry groups with light artillery and more infantry.  Send
    a little more infantry to make Kemsa's army at CP#2.  Build a 2nd cavalry group
    to provide quick reaction as needed.  Send a few Elephants North to help defend
    the Pharoah's Tomb as necessary.
    6.  Build defenses NE of CP#1 to cover the North Wall and the stone
    gathering. Build city center and fortress in Al Minufiyah.
    7.  Build walls at CP#2 and CP#3 keep out the enemy cavalry that run all
    the way through defneses to attack Tmn-Hor's city center.  Build a few defenses
    at CP#2 to cover the road.
        8.  Make Kemsa a supreme strategist with the military crown.
    9.  Push Kemsa's army little more East and build city center just East of
    CP#2 to heal. Increase defenses to cover the CP when the army leaves on
    10. Use 2nd cavalry group to cover defenses North of Tmn-Hor.  Then send
    infantry group with light artillery (approximately 35-40 units) from CP#1 to
    protect a few citizens en route Al Jizah.  Ignore capturing and destroying the
    enemy building along the way.
    10. Build city center and increase defenses at Al Jizah.  Attacks are
    coming from all directions.
        11. Upgrade units when possible.
    12. Set rally points increase the main army at CP#2 to include heavy
    artillery support until reaching the max Pop Cap.
    13. Continue to increase defenses from CP#1, North of Tmn-Hor and along the
    road from the stone gathering area towards CP#2 to maintain good defensive
    coverage as necessary.
    14. Send main army East from CP#2 and swing NE to invade and eliminate
    Tasian City in Aswan from the NW direction without being in range of Black Sun
    stronghold, recovering The Queen's Scepter. Continue and destroy Black Sun
    stronghold in Al Iskandariyah, eliminating threat from SE corner.
        15. Build the Monument to Sobek in the protected area of Tmn-Hor.
    16. Heal and reinforce main army at CP#2, then push north from CP#1 along
    the western edge of the map.  Invade Tasian stronghold at Ad Daqahliyah, breach
    walls and take out defenses inside and towers and recover the golden Disk of
    Ra.  Rebuild the city center to heal army before taking out buildings outside
    walls and razing Dumyat enroute Al Jizah.
    17. Lybians will turn hostile after retreiving the 2nd artifact, but the
    main army can easy destroy everything in their territory in the NW corner.
    18. The infantry group at Al Jizah can join main army leaving the elephant
    group to cover the defenses.
    19. While waiting for reinforcements, main army can eliminate Tasian Cult
    buildings along road back to Tmn-Hor and in Shamat Sina' SW of Al Jizah.
    20. Invade NE of Al Jizah onto pennisula of Al Qahirah to recover the Spear
    of Horus.
    21. Invade SE of Al Jizah to breach walled defenses on the northen edge of
    the Qina pennisula and head South to recover the Crown of Sobek.
    [3.4] Osiris Enraged
    [3.4.1] Objectives
      Primary: Destroy Black Sun Base
               Kill Nemesis, Black Sun leader
               Destroy the Crocodile (Special seige engine)
               Demolish hardened fortresses
      Secondary: Destroy Theban Outpost
                 Capture Oasis at Dumyat
    [3.4.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large square map with waterway making a "V" branching off of a sea area in the
    SE corner.  Another sea is along the northern edge of the map. Terrain also
    split with several cliffs to make CPs. The map from scenario 2 makes up the SW
    * Unclaimed territories North of the Great Pyramid have a few Baraka
    * There is a Lybian settlement in the NW corner area, accessed by bridges off
    the unclaimed area.
    * Inside the "V" are the Black Sun territories extending into the NE corner.
    Not all of the territories are claimed, but still contain some defenses.  The
    NE corner is a walled in stronghold accessible from the West side and the South
    from the Theban territory.
    * The Black Sun navy have 2 docks in the unclaimed territory of Al Gharbliyah
    on the sea in the SE corner and 1 dock in Black Sun settlement in Kafr ash
    Shaykh on the East branch of the waterway.
    * The Teban territory of Matruh in on the center eastern edge of the map on a
    protected mesa accissible from the South near the Black Sun docks
      * Key CPs: #1: Area just north of the Great Pyramid
                 #2: (Naval) The entrance to the western branch of the waterway
                 #3: Narrow approaches into Al Bahr al Ahmar from East and SE
                 #4: Narrow approach into Kafr ash Shaykh on NE border
                 #5: Slope heading North from Al Gharbliyah's docks
                 #6: Narrow gap leading from Dumyat oasis to Bitlis
    #7: Gap in trees in Al Jizah that leads North to swing around East
    towards Bitlis.
                 #8: Slope leading West from Theban fortress
    [3.4.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources. Will need
    to gather extra wood and tin compared to fund a navy. Tech Points allowed.
    2.  Repell initial attacks and send initial military units to defend Great
    Pyramid.  Set rally points to automatically reinforce main army.
        3.  Explore West branch of waterway and area North of Great Pyramid.
    4.  Build city center and build defenses with 5-6 citizens around great
    pyramid. Extend defenses down north side of hill to cover CP#1.  Need a few
    walls also to slow down Black Sun special battering ram.
    5.  Build more triremes and assmeble navy at CP#2.  Maintain a navy of 6-8
    to keep naval superiority.  Send navy to destroy Black Sun docks in the East
    branch of the waterway and the sea in the SE corner.  Keep navy patroling in
    the SE corner and coast of Al Gharbliyah.
    6.  Build some more outposts on coast to protect beach from invasions leave
    a small cavalry group for quick reactions and keep Black Sun from disrupting
    resource gathering.  Naval blockade at CP#2 alone did not prevent.
    7.  Destroy the Crocodile as soon as it gets to defenses North of Great
    Pyramid. It is escorted by a sizeable army. Need to prevent Crocodile from
    destroying Great Pyramid.  Afterward build 2 Crocodiles when able.
    8.  Heal army and expand NE into Al Fayyum and Al Bahr al Ahmar.  Build 2
    fortresses to defend CP#3 to East and SE and city centers to boost Pop Cap and
    heal army at CP#3.
    9.  Build 2nd small army to fill 3-4 triremes for amphibious invasions,
    include 1-2 citizens.  Capture Black Sun settlement at Kafr ash Shaykh.  Navy
    can help defend CP#4 Theban attacks on land.  Build some defenses.
    10. Land amphibious army where Black Sun docks were to build city center
    and defenses to cover CP#5.
    11. Send first Crocodile SE from Al Bahr al Amar and sweep along coast to
    Kafr ash Shaykh destroying all defenses and buildings.  A small detachment of
    infantry and/or cavalry can follow to protect it against enemy units.
    12. Send main army East into Al Jizah and Crocodile into Dumyat and capture
        13. Use Kemsa to quickly heal Crocodile. Upgrade units.
    14. Main army can defend against counter-attacks at CP#6 and CP#7, build
    city center in Al Jizah if necessary.
    15. Send 1st Crocodile to CP#5 and push North with the amphibious army
    covering and raise Theban territory.
    16. With 2nd Crocodile available attack Black Sun stronghold from Dumyat
    and Theban territory. Initially ignore Adana and breach the walls into Bitlis.
    Armies follow behind Crocodiles to protect them.
    17. Use Crocodiles to destroy 2 hardened fortresses inside the walls of
    Bitlis.  The raze everything else in both Black Sun territories, with final
    city center in NE corner on a hill.
    [3.5] Horus Ascendent
    [3.5.1] Objectives
      Primary: Eliminate Theban Ruler Pamiu in Theban Capital
               Survive the siege of Herakleopolis for 15 minutes
               Destroy Theban Forts at Al Wadi al Jadid, Akkad, and Jaub Sina
               Destroy Mercenary Forts
      Secondary: Establish base in Nubian territory, 3 outposts
                 Build Monument to Osiris
    [3.5.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large map with the northern end being most of the territories from the previous
    scenario. The Nile runs from NW corner, parallel to the western edge of the
    map.  The main land mass is narrowed by the waterways.
    * A small Theban settlement protected by a fortress in is the NE corner on
    the flat mesa accessible from the southern end.
    * The Theban and Zulu have fortresses and military production in the
    territories in the center of the AOO and all the way South.
    * The Zulu stronghold is in the SW corner, on the narrow strip of land west
    of the waterway along the western edge of the map.  Some bridges will provide
    further access across the water.  Walled off with palisades and a protected by
    a fortress and outposts inside.
    * The Nubians have their city in the SW corner of the main land mass across
    the water from the Zulu stronghold.  It is not walled in but has a fortress and
    a few outposts.
    * The Theban stronghold is walled in just East of the Nubians in the center
    southern edge of the map. Defenses and military production are present in the
    adjacent territories.  Their only dock is on the coast in the SE corner of the
      * Key CPs: #1: The gap on the SE border of Al Qahirah.
                 #2: Eastern slope leading from Al Iskandriyah into Lydia.
                 #3: Western slope leading from Al Iskandriyah into Lydia.
    #4: The bridge crosses the waterway and the gap on the SW border
    of Al Iskandriyah.
                 #5: The gap NE of Esna
    [3.5.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Organize resource gathering efforts building more citizens. Garrison
    the univesity and temple. The max Pop Cap is 400 more resources gathering will
    be required than previous scenarios.
    2.  Send initial military units south to CP#2 and CP#3.  Set rally points
    to automatically reinforce at that area. Separate the cavalry into a quick
    reaction group to flank infantry and hit heavy artillery and battering rams.
    3.  Initial Theban attacks take out forward outposts and then head north
    with large amounts of battering rams and heavy artillery.  Eliminate the
    eastern group first. Use the cavalry to lure the western group away from CP#4
    to be eliminated by the main army at CP#3.
        4.  Build city centers and defenses in Lydia and just south of CP#4.
    5.  Split main army in 2 groups eastern army and western army.  Eastern
    army defends CP#1 and CP#2 and the western army covers CP#3 and CP#4. The
    cavarly group provides assistance wherever needed and quickly take down the
    heavy artillery and battering rams that attack.
    6.  Build some spies to provide early warning South of the armies to allow
    them time to get into position for defense.  Extend the defenses South of CP#2
    toward East and build city center in Akkad. Eastern army will be able to cover
    approaches to CPs #1-3.
    7.  Build small navy, 6-8 triremes to eliminate Theban naval attack off the
    coast from CP#1.  Send survivors South to eliminate the Theban naval threat for
    the rest of the scenario.
        8.  Assemble a small detachment to defend Esna at CP#5.
        9.  Claim the territories around Esna to boost Pop Cap to maximum.
        10. Upgrade ground forces only.
        11. Make Kemsa supreme strategist when possible.
    12. Send heavy artillery support and cavalry to Esna's military group and
    push through CP#5 around the waterway and raze the Theban settlement in the NE
    corner. Afterwards send the invasion force to join the main armies.
    13. The eastern army can range south and raze Theban defenses and
    production in Akkad and the Zulu territory South of Lydia.  Returning to
    defensive line to heal and reinforce.
    14. The western army can range south and raze the Theban fortress and
    military production enroute Nubian territory, returning to defensive line to
    heal and reinforce as necessary.
        15. Build monument of Osiris
        16. Advance to Epoch 5 and upgrade units again.
    17. Western army pushes South to Al Isma'iliyah and raze everything.  Cross
    bridge into Ad Daqahliyah and sweep South to destroy Zulu stronghold, capture
    last city center to heal army.
    18. Western army crosses back East into Nubian territory with heavy
    artillery in range of fortress.  Build the three outposts in range of fortress
    and city center.  Nubians will turn hostile, destroy everything.
    19. Eastern army advances to Al Gharbiyah and raze everything, build a new
    city center in more open location to heal army.
        20. Western army heads back NE and captures As Suways.
        21. Eastern army attacks SE and razes everything in the SE corner.
    22. Send both armies to assualt the Theban stronghold in Shamal Sina' and
    kill Theban leader to end the scenario and campaign.
    *                                                                     *
    *                       [4.0] RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN                        *
    *                                                                     *
    [4.1] After Austerlitz
    [4.1.1] Objectives
      Primary: Bring Alexander to Olmutz
      Secondary: Reconnaissance, find stable
                 Sabotage French stable
    [4.1.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Small map with some ridges and tress to channel movement and create CPs. The
    road starts in SE corner leads to Olmutz.
    * Some ruined buildings are not to far North with French camp due East and
    pathe leading West.  Just North of the ruins a gap in the trees leads to
    palisades blocking bridge to Olmutz Hills.
    * A ridge protects an outpost NE of the ruins that covers the road to Olmutz.
    A palisade protects another outpost and a heavy artillery unit just SE of the
    entrance to Olmutz.
    * The territory in the center western edge of the map has the French stable.
    A ridge and trees block access to Olmutz.
      * Key CPs: #1: Road approach just south of the gate to Olmutz
                 #2: Bridge leading to Olmutz Hills
    [4.1.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Move along road and take out cavalry. Head NE and take out Infantry
        2.  Leave citizens just SE of ruins until army enters Olmutz Hills.
    3.  Head West from ruins until just before the trees.  Avoid the outpost NE
    of the ruins.  Kill the French spy.
    4.  Send spy NW to find stable and then sabotage it.  Let army kill
    retreating cavalry as they run past, but don't follow.
        5.  Send army NW to take out infantry patrol and stable.
    6.  Head back to ruins and go around NE side into gap in trees and take out
    infantry protecting palisades.
    7.  Breach palisades and send army into Olmutz Hills and onto Olmutz,
    leaving the spy in the trees North of the ruins to observe the approaches to
    Olmutz.  Send the citizens following the army.
        8.  Start repairing the outposts.
    9.  Organize resource gathering efforts and build some more citizens. Use
    all 6 farms and balance the others lightly.  Can only repair buildings, build
    units, and buy upgrades.  Cannot build new defenses or additional production.
        10. Upgrade the towers on the Southern wall of Olmutz to cover CP#1.
        11. Take out the outpost and units in vicinity of CP#1.
        12. Build military units, all types to reach Pop Cap.
    13. With early warning the army can position in center of Olmutz and move
    to intercept the French attacks depending on which CP they head towards.
    Initial waves head straight through CP#1, but 2 separate waves turn NE and try
    for CP#2. The static defenses can hold out until the army arrives to eliminate.
    [4.2] Playing For Time
    [4.2.1] Objectives
      Primary: Earn a hero fighting the French
               Make Pease With Napoleon
      Secondary: Protect Prussian Refugees
                 Protect Prussian Supply Shipments
    [4.2.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Medium map with waterways and a mountain to create 2 CPs for the German-French
    * The German and French border has the gap between the mountain and the
    waterway just NW of Lodz.  Saxony and Berlin share a border that the Germans
    protect with a few outposts.
    * The French protect Silesia and Saxony with fortresses and outposts just
    West of the CP with Posen.  They have not walled in the border with Berlin.
      * Key CPs: #1: Gap between mountain and water just NW of Lodz
                 #2: Approach to Berlin from border with Saxony
    [4.2.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources but do not
    need many new citizens. Cannot gather Tech Points. Free citizens and resources
    will be given later for protecting the refugees.
    2.  Organize military units into cavalry group and main army with heavy
    artillery support grouped separately.
    3.  Move units into Posen with army defending East of CP#1 and the cavalry
    defending from NE to destroy initial attacks.
    4.  Build defenses in NW Lodz a little further back than the initial
    outpost and extend into Posen with a fortress and outposts to create a kill
    zone just East of CP#1 in Posen territory.
        5.  Build market and maximum number of houses in Warsaw and Lodz.
        6.  Move army to Berlin to defend refugees enroute Warsaw.
    7.  Build defenses at CP#2.  Build 2nd fortress SE of the market in SW
    Posen and some walls and roads to channel trade caravans away from the fighting
    around CP#1.
        8.  Create 2nd army from newly produced units to cover the defenses at CP#1.
    9.  After 3 waves of refugees and heavy French invasions the army covering
    CP#2 can be reduced to cover the defenses in Berlin.
    10. The main army covers CP#1 to protect the 4 caravans from Posen to
    11. Once the resources, 5000 of each, are gathered to meet the French's
    requirements you can accept the alliance.  You can wait until fighting produces
    more heroes, but otherwsie there is no advantage to invading and trying to
    capture Saxony or Silesia.
    [4.3] The Continental System
    [4.3.1] Objectives
      Primary: Conquer Finland
      Secondary: Win Economic Crown
    [4.3.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Medium map with a sea occupying the center of the area. Russia and allied
    France take up the southern edge of the map.
    * Starting two territories occupy the SE corner.  French controlled Prussia
    shares a narrow broder to the West. Finland has a longer border between Karelen
    and Russia.
    * Both Finnish territories are North of Russia.  Tavastland has no fixed
    defenses at the start, but there are 2 docks, 1 on the near side not far NW
    from the Russian navy's starting position. The 2nd dock is on the far side.
    * The unclaimed territory, White Sea Coast, North of Karelen has gold and 2
    narrow CPs with Sweden.
    * Sweden's territories are in the NW with a fortress protecting the border
    with Finland.  There are 4 docks and many coastal defenses spaced along the
    extensive coastline. There is a large starting navy.
      * Key CPs: #1: Finnish border with Russia
                 #2: Narrow border with Sweden on the North side of Tavastland.
                 #3: Southern gap border of White Seas Coast with Sweden
    #4: (Naval) Narrow gap between Russian and Finish coastlines off
    the SW corner of Tavastland
    [4.3.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources and increase
    the number of citizens.  Garrison the university and temple to gather Tech
    Points.  No gold can be gathered at the beginning, need to send trade units to
    the French in Prussia. More gold will be awarded from French later.
    2.  Move initial military units to cover CP#1. Cavalry should be grouped
    separately and can hunt down the few enemy that run past the army.
    3.  Use initial navy to take out the closest dock in southern Tavastland.
    Take out defenses around the Finnish coast and take out the 2nd dock.  Heal up
    ships in dock as necessary but don't build more units initially.
    4.  Increase army to prepare for invasion. Need to build max houses to
    boost Pop Cap.
        5.  Take out Finnish fortress and outposts in Karelen.
        6.  Upgrade military units when resources are available.
        7.  Use small navy to patrol Finnish coast and explore the coast of Sweden.
    8.  Finish razing Karelen and Tavastland and rebuild the city centers in
    more convenient locations.  Wait before completing the 2nd one until ready to
    go to war with Sweden.
    9.  At Pop Cap of 250, stop training army units and switch to navy.  Build
    a few more docks in southern Tavastland.
        10. Claim White Sea Coast to gain access to gold.
    11. Build defenses at CP#2 and CP#3. Northern gap border with Sweden from
    the White Seas Coast can be walled off. Position army to defend CP#2. Position
    navy to begin destroying Sweden's navy in pieces.
        12. Claim last Finnish territory to start war with Sweden.
    13. Use crowns to support navy and defeat Swedish navy quickly. Ravage
    their coastline and destroy the 4 docks.  Once naval superiority is assured,
    stop building naval units for reinforcements.
    14. Invade Sweden from Tavastland. When navy is available support invasion
    with coastal bombardment along Gallivare.  Raze everything in Gallivare.
    Rebuild city center to heal army and commence building army reinforcements.
    15. Push invasion into Sundsvall and claim territory.  Sweden will
    [4.4] Scorched Earth
    [4.4.1] Objectives
      Primary: Bleed the French, cause 500+ casualties
               Cut the French Supply Lines
      Secondary: Defend Moscow
                 Earn Flags
    [4.4.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large wide map with many CPs due to forests, mountains, and bridges over rivers.
    * Russia owns almost entire map initially, with French owning West Kovno
    across the river taking up the western edge of the map.
      * Key CPs; bridges accessing West Kovno.
         #1 Gap between trees and mountain on the SW border of Poltsk
         #2 Bridge from Borisov to Mogilev
         #3 Northern bridge access to West Kovno
         #4 Southern bridge access to West Kovno
      * Other CPs:
         - Road heading West to East just south of Smolensk city center
         - Bridge from Mogilev to Krasnoi
         - Gap between mountains NW of Gorki
         - Gap on road South from Moscow between ridge and trees
         - Gap between ridge and trees with road heading West from Moscow
         - Bridge separating West and East Borodino
    [4.4.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources.  Build some
    more citizens. Fill the two universities.  Assign 2 building teams of 6 from
    the citizens in the West, abandoning the resource gathering efforts near the
    2.  Use the 2 teams to build defenses at CP#1 and CP#2 for initial lines of
    defense, abandoning East Kovna and Borisov.  1st fortress at CP#1 and 2nd at
    CP#2.  Follow-up with outposts at CP#1 as resources allow.
    3.  Send initial military units to defend CP#1. A detachment should defend
    CP#2. Increase army and set rally points to CP#1 to support main army.
    4.  Close off CP#2 with palisades.  Partially block CP#1 with Palisades and
    block gaps in trees West and NW of Polotsk to prevent flanking.  Leave road
    open to create a kill zone. Can enclose some space from East Kovna to build
    outposts and a fortress just across the border NW of CP#1. After initial push
    by French they consolidate and build up in their new territories. Some quick
    raiding can lure smaller amounts of units into the kill zone. Maximize defenses
    at CP#1.
    5.  Use cavalry group to chase down French that make it through the kill
    zone in the early stages.
    6.  Before reaching the Pop Cap build 6 spies to sabotage the French
    command tent in West Kovna before many outposts can be built.
    7.  Win the crowns and then empty universities to fill the resource
    gathering shortfalls.
        8.  Upgrade units when resources allow.
    9.  To gain flags keep counter-attacking the french with the appropriate
    units to allow continued training when Pop Cap is reached.  Conscripts will
    continue to arrive so they can be sacrificed as well.
    10. When winter hits begin counter invasion to reclaim East Kovna and
    11. Invade East Kovna from North end and swinging South along river.  Block
    off bridges with defenses.  Raze city center and rebuild it in a more
    convenient location heal main army when covering CP#3.
    12. Continue South in to Borisov as well and rebuild city center near
    border with East Kovna allowing healing of the army when covering CP#4.
        13. Build defenses to cover CP#3 and CP#4 if still waiting to obtain flags.
    14. Invade across southern bridge to take out defenses to clear way for
    spies to sabotage command tent if not completed yet.
    15. Continue invasion across both bridges with 2 pronged assault, splitting
    army into two groups.
    [4.5] Liberation
    [4.5.1] Objectives
      Primary: Capture Paris
               Defeat Napoleon
      Secondary: Liberate Prussians
                 Liberate Austrians
    [4.5.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large wide map with 3 North to South waterways, trees, and mountains to make
    narrow CPs advancing East to West. All resources available in Warsaw.
    * West Prussia and Silesia are protected on the West side by the waterway
    initially as no bridges exist.
    * Bohemia and Moravia are protected by a CP heading North into Saxony between
    the waterway and the mountains with a French fortress NW initially providing
    defense.  Bohemia also has open border with Italy to the West. Moravia and
    Austria have a fairly open border but are blocked into the SE corner.
    * Saxony has two approaches into Brandenburg to the North and both
    territories are protected by the 2nd waterway to the West.  There is a narrow
    CP to the SW into Tyrol. Brandenburg also separates the water along the North
    edge of the map.
    * Tyrol has a fortress to protect the CP with Saxony. Has narrow CPs North
    inot Schleswig and South to Italy.  Fairly open borber with Lorraine.
    * Lorraine has fairly open border with Schleswig, and 3rd waterway to the
    West.  There are narrow CPs to Paris in SW and Italy in the SE.
    * Paris is walled with towers and 2 sets of walls.  It also has many outposts
    and two fortresses.  Amsterdam covers the North borber outside the wall.
    * Key CPs: #1: Gap between mountain and waterway in SE Saxony on border with
    Bohemia and Moravia.
                 #2: Western border of Bohemia with Italy
                 #3: Gap in SW Saxony to Tyrol
                 #4: Gaps in mountains leading from Tyrol into Lorraine
                 #5: Gap leading South from Tyrol into Italy
                 #6: SW corner of Lorraine leading to Paris
    [4.5.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Resource gathering is balanced, but light. University already
    2.  Split initial military into 2 groups to invade immediately.  Small army
    of 25-30 with light artillery support invades West Prussia.  Larger army with
    heavy artillery support invades Silesia.
    3.  Capture Silesia.  Raze West Prussia, sending heavy artillery to assist
    during capturing of Silesia's city center.
        4.  Upgrade military units.
    5.  Build houses in Silesia and new city center in West Prussia to claim.
    Put outposts along waterway to discourage bridge building to flank CP#1.
    6.  Build temple near Warsaw's university and garrison.  Build more
    citizens as soon as Pop Cap is increased.
    7.  After capture of Silesia and razing of West Prussia, combine armies and
    invade into NW Moravia and push to cover CP into Saxony, eliminate fortress and
    capture Bohemia.
    8.  Build fortress in NW Moravia to cover CP#1.  Build fortresses in
    Bohemia, one to cover CP#1 and 2nd to eastern approach to CP#2. Increases
    defenses to cover both areas.  France will counter-attack through Italy and may
    try to build bridges into Silesia or West Prussia to by-pass CP#1.
        9.  Tribute West Prussia to Frederick after claiming Bohemia.
    10. Maximize army, setting rally points to cover defenses at CP#1.  Build
    more barrracks to speed along reinforcements.
    11. Invade down to Austria. Raze Moravia and capture Austria.  Tributing
    Austria to Francis II will create an Alliance.  No need to rebuild Moravia's
    City Center this will keep the fortress and barracks built under Russian
    12. Push for Imperial Crown first to gain the Imperial leader to speed Tech
    Point gathering in Warsaw.  Then push for Military Crown to make Alexander a
    supreme strategist.
        13. Use small army detachment to cover defenses at CP#2.
    14. Invade into Saxony with main army.  Raze city center and push invasion
    into Brandenburg and capture.  Rebuild city center and tribute both to
    Frederick and create 2nd alliance.  Build some defenses at CP#3.
    15. Advance to Epoch 10 and upgrade cavalry and heavy artillery.  Shift
    citizens from iron to oil in Warsaw.
        16. Build medics to help heal army during invasions.
    17. Invade into Tyrol and capture, tributing to Austria.  Build some
    defenses to cover CP#4 and CP#5 against counter-attacks.
    18. Sweep into Lorraine and raze. Rebuild city center to cover army as it
    defends CP#6 and then build defenses. Tribute Bohemia to Austria.
    19. Between French counter-attacks invade North and raze Schleswig, leave
    allies to claim.
    20. Let Prussia and Austria attack Paris through CP#6 and follow in to
    assist, but preserve army and take care of Alexander.
    21. May be easier to build bridge from NW corner of Schleswig to Amsterdam
    and raze it.  Army can spread out more and knock down Paris defenses without
    getting chewed up.
    22. Once fortresses are destroyed, Paris can be finished off.  Napoleon
    will likely get killed long before invasion is complete.
    *                                                                     *
    *                         [5.0] MAASAI CAMPAIGN                       *
    *                                                                     *
    [5.1] Rite of Passage
    [5.1.1] Objectives
      Primary: Investigate the Lions
               Defend Magadi
               Figure out why Burkeneji are attacking
               Eliminate Globo Corp's security forces
    [5.1.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Small square map with mountains and water to section it off into quadrants.
    The waterways split the map in half with a narrow gap CP to access from West to
      * Magadi is the center of the West edge of the map with open borders.
      * SW corner has two unclaimed territories blocked in by the mountain.
    * The Burkeneji have 4 territories taking up the NE half of the map, but the
    one North of Magadi is separated from the others by terrain.
    * The Globo Corp compound is in the SE corner of the map, accessed by a
      * Key CP: #1: Narrow gap in trees NE from Kwafi.
    [5.1.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Group initial units into small army and move West to cattle and begin
    taking out the lions attacking from the South.
    2.  Slowly move army South taking out lions as the come in range, there are
    about 8-10 total that stream along the tree line along the West edge of the map.
        3.  Swing SE and discover the Burkeneji and take them out.
    4.  Take control of Magadi and organize resource gathering.  No Tech Points
    can be gathered.
    5.  Set rally points to NE corner of Magadi and begin building infantry to
    reinforce army.  Bring army North to assist in defense.
        6.  Max out army to initial Pop Cap and upgrade.
    7.  Claim the two territories South of Magadi to boost Pop Cap to max at
    8.  Invade NW from Magadi into Eshowe's territory and discover Globo Corp
    units.  Then swing East and take out outposts and barracks, sending
    reinforcements to join army when available.
    9.  Begin razing remaining building until Burkeneji attack Kwafi, then move
    to assist defense within range of the outposts.
        10. Go back and finish off Eshowe and build a few outposts to defend CP#1.
        11. Send army through CP#1 and head NE to destroy all the buildings.
        12. Swing back South and finish off Burkeneji down to the SE corner.
    13. Cross the bridge and take out buildings and the outpost.  Make some
    holes in the palisades to allow army to move quickly through the compound when
    the Globo Corp army to the West counter-attacks.
    [5.2] A New Home
    [5.2.1] Objectives
      Primary: Escort herd to Eldoret
               Destroy all Burkeneji city centers
               Keep last of Kwafi citizens from starving
      Secondary: Protect the entire herd, no cattle killed
                 Destroy the Eco-pirates
                 Protect Kwafi city, no buildings destroyed
    [5.2.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Medium square map with 30% sea taking up West edge of the map.  A large
    mountain makes some wide CPs with the trees and ridges.
    * Start in Magadi in SE corner with opening to NW to unclaimed Namanga which
    is clear.
    * The other unclaimed territories in the NE half of the map contain small
    staionary pockets of Burkeneji infantry.
    * In the center of the area is a large mountain and the territory on the east
    side, Nakuru contains some outpost protecting a small Burkeneji settlement.
    * The Burkeneji have a stronghold with Globo Corp security forces walled in
    the NE corner with a few outposts on the outside to provide early warning and
    spy detection.
    * The Eco-pirates are in a small strip of land in the SW corner across the
    sea with 2 docks and a small starting navy.
    * Eldoret and Kisumu are on the coast, NE of Magadi with all resources
    available except food.  Fish is available, but the Eco-pirates tend to destroy
    unprotected fishing boats.
      * Key CPs: #1: Eastern border of Londiam, NW of the mountain
                 #2: Eastern border of Kericho, south of large mountain
    [5.2.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Push scouts and spies to spread out NW.  Follow with army and secure
    2. Move herd to West side of Namanga, push spies North to scout out
    Burkeneji infantry.
    3.  Take out enemy infantry groups on border, looking for Globo Corp patrol
    as well.  Let scouts cover SE flank to catch any straggling infantry trying to
    shoot at the herd.
    4.  Push spies NW and NE.  Send army to take out outpost and barracks NE of
    Elephant herd in Nakuru.
    5.  Keep army reutning close to herd to take out the straggler infantry
    that try and get the herd.
    6.  Push army through CP#2 into Kericho and take out infantry to clear way
    for herd to enter Kisumu. Keep army near herd until it is safe in Kisumu. Leave
    one spy near elephants East of CP#2 to provide early warning.
    7.  Move herd North inside Kisumu's borders and use army to clear area
    between Kisumu and the Mountain.  Use scouts to screen stragglers from CP#2.
    8.  Push army to clear area East of Eldoret and move herd around the coast
    into Eldoret, covered by the army against straggler infantry.
        9.  2nd spy can move to trees near CP#1 to provide early warning.
    10. Gain control of Eldoret and balance resources, build more citizens.  No
    Tech Points are allowed.  Need to fill oil derrick to fund navy. Use 5 original
    shepards as building team.
    11. Immediately simultaneously build a fortress(2 citizens) to protect
    Eldoret and an outpost(3 citizens) on NE border of Kisumu near the Kwafi one.
    12. Send new military units from Eldoret to join army and move it South to
    the border of Kisumu East of the city center.  A big enemy push will come
    shortly through CP#2.
    13. The fortress in Eldoret will handle the Burkeneji group that attacks
    through CP#1.
    14. The big push is 3-4 groups that includes significant artillery support
    that head to Kisumu from CP#2.  The remaining scouts can lure the initial
    Burkeneji group towards the new outpost built.  Use army to hit the Globo Corp
    artillery groups that follow while in range of the fortress and outposts on the
    southern end of the border.  The two outposts and the Kwafi army will take out
    the first Burkeneji groups lured to the north.
    15. Wait on building infantry and spending food, to keep tributing food to
    the Kwafi. Build some artillery infantry reinforcements when resources allow.
    16. Build 1-2 docks and begin building a navy, need at least 12 units.
    That should protect some fishing boats in the North end of the sea.
    17. Claim Londiam with city center and fortress on border, at CP#1. Harvest
    the animals nearby.
    18. Push army through CP#2 to East side of mountain and finish off the
    small Burkeneji settlement and outposts within range.  Build a city center next
    to the farms and harvest.  Build 2 fortresses to the East and establish a
    defensive line with outposts.
        19. Harvest the elephants.
    20. Send navy South, and try to take out Eco-pirates in pieces.  Reinforce
    if necessary and take out the 2 docks.  Once docks are being damaged, stop
    building navy. Completely raze Eco-pirates coastline.
    21. Send Navy to sweep sea for any straggling Eco-pirates then scuttle the
    ships to gain back the population costs.  Build a few naval transports to
    transport a small army to finish off the Eco-pirates buildings.
        22. Return army to Nakuru and scuttle naval transports to max out army.
    23. Invade NE and slowing take down defenses on perimeter of stronghold,
    then finish them off.
    [5.3] More Valuable Than gold
    [5.3.1] Objectives
      Primary: Build Behrinium Extractor
               Control 6 Behrinium Deposits
               Trade with Lasitech
      Secondary: Ally with Kalenjin
                 Stop the Airstrikes
    [5.3.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Map is similiar to previous scenario, but extends further North and East,
    cutting off the southern territories. Key territories are Kericho and Nakuru,
    South and East from Eldoret. The lake covering the West edge of the area is not
      * Kalenjin territory is in the center of the northern edge of the area.
      * Behrinium deposits are scattered in almost all the unclaimed territories.
    * Globo Corp and the Burkeneji are fortfied in the SE area.  Globo Corp is
    protected with an electrified fence in the middle of the southern edge and the
    Burkeneji are behind plasma walls with towers in the SE corner.
      * Key CPs: #1: Eastern border of Londiam, NW of the mountain
                 #2: Eastern border of Kericho, south of large mountain
    [5.3.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts to balance resources.  Build
    Behrinium extractor. Cannot gather Tech Points.  Need heavier emphasis on wood
    and stone for alliance and defenses.
    2.  Send scout to meet the Kalenjin and explore and discover the location
    of the Behrinium deposits in NW and NE Corners and through the center of the
    area, avoiding the SE.
    3.  Push army SE to CP#2, follow with road and build city center and
    defenses, set rally points to reinforce.  Need max SAMs in line from Kisumu's
    SE corner heading NNE towards the mountain.
    4.  Push army into Nakuru immediately after Burkeneji claim to raze their
    buildings, then retreat back to CP#2.
    5.  Claim Londiam and build road to connect to Maralai and Lasitech Market.
    Build a Behrinium extractor.
        6.  Claim Kitale and build Behrinium extractor.
    7.  After a shipments to Lasitech, receive ability to build factories.
    Build a few mobile SAM units to protect army and Kisumu.
    8.  No need to build more than an initial few artillery, steady shipments
    of Behrinium will result in free artillery reinforcements.
        9.  Defend and maximize defenses at CP#2 and build fortress when able.
        10. Upgrade units when possible.
    11. With Tech Points from Lasitech, gain military crown to make supreme
        12. Build 2nd army to push invasion East from CP#1.
        13. Build Behrinium extractor in Nanyuki.
        14. Build manufacturing plant when available to train armor units.
        15. Raze Burkeneji expansion in NE.
    16. Extend defenses from CP#2 into Nakuru and claim.  Build 5th Behrinium
    17. Max out army and invade Globo Corp and push south to raze the airports.
    Need SAM support to take out Globo Corp air force and helicopters.
    18. No need to invade Burkeneji stronghold, just defend and earn all
    available heroes, including armor and helicopter.  Build 6th Behrinium
    extractor when ready.
    [5.4] Invasion
    [5.4.1] Objectives
      Primary: Claim a Territory
               Destroy or Capture All Behrinium Extractor
               Kill Kesho Mwizi
      Secondary: Capture 4 Behrinium Extractors
                 Disrupt Behrinium Trade Routes
    [5.4.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Small map in a clock-wise spiral with the river and mountains blocking land
    access to center without going around. Burkeneji control everything initially.
    * Resistance in Bokhol Plain and Moyale is not very heavy, but increase
    farther along the spiral.
      * Burkeneji have stronghold in center of area.
      * Globo Corp have military production in the SE area.
      * Key CPs: #1: Moyale-Mande border
                 #2: Mande-Lanu border
    [5.4.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Organize initial military units and form armies with heroes, and start
    some unit upgrades.
    2.  Push North and raze buildings in Bokhol Plain, keep helicopter hero
    back to prevent loss from SAMs.
    3.  Build new city center, then resource gathering buildings, 6 houses and
    then SAM defenses on SE side.
    4.  Keep army pushing North slowly into Moyale to take out fortress and
    city center.
    5.  Being careful not to destroy them in the fighting, capture the 2
    Behrinium extractors.
        6.  Build city center in Moyale and military production buildings.
    7.  Build more citizens and gear up resource gathering, no Tech Points
    8.  Move army East to defend near CP#1, careful not to destroy the
    Behrinium extractor.
        9.  Reinforce the army and upgrade units.
    10. Push army into Mande and capture the Behrinium extractor. A spy to
    sabotage the fortress migh help eliminate heavy losses letting heavy artillery
    concentrate on the military production buildings instead.
    11. Keep reinforcements and rally points heading to the front to provide
    fresh troops as fast as possible.  Only need 4 mobile SAMs to protect the army
    from initial air attacks.  Build helo group to replace armor for quick reaction
    to cover tactical withdrawls and destroy enemy counter-attacks.  Armor gets
    bogged down in the close quarters.
        12. Build a few SAMs to protect Moyale from air attacks.
        13. Continue upgrading units.
    14. Continue taking down buildings in Mande and pushing SE.  Take out 2nd
    fortress and capture 4th Behrinium extractor.
    15. Build city center in NE Mande to hit Pop Cap max and heal army if
        16. Use army to defend CP#2 while reinforcing.
    17. Once army hits Pop Cap, slowly push into Lanu and destroy everything in
    SE corner.
        18. Reinforce before pushing West to Globo Corp market, careful of HERCs.
    19. Push West and take out fortress and outpost in SE Wajir with heavy
    artillery from long range.
    20. Leave the army on the hill overlooking western Lanu.  Burkeneji
    reinforcements will appear in the gap between the trees in the SW corner of
    Lanu. Eventually the Burkeneji counter-attacks will include Kesho Mwizi and he
    will get himself killed in the fighting.
    [5.5] African Freedom
    [5.5.1] Objectives
      Primary: Claim Nairobi
               Remove Globo Corp's Influence in Kenya
      Secondary: Free the Sanbura
                 Protect the Kwafi
                 Protect the Kalenjin
    [5.5.2] Battlefield Intelligence
    Large map combining the previous 2 scenarios.  Road already connects the NE
    corner area to allied territories in the West.
    * Nairobi is enclosed with plasma walls and many towers providing heavy
    defense, many outposts and SAM defenses are just inside the gates as well.
    Globo Corp has an inner compound with 2 fortresses in the central southern
    area.  To the East, Embu is initially Burkeneji controlled but without
    * Globo Corp is also in the SE corner and they have an electric fence to
    protect Malindi.
    * Namanga is walled in with an electric fence and a gate to allow Burkeneji
    to enter from the eastern side.  It is protected with some defenses and
    military production.  It is also under protection of the towers along Nairobi's
    western wall.
      * Key CPs: #1: Wajir gap on border with Garsen
                 #2: Gap in West Kitui and East of brdige to Garsen
                 #3: Gap between trees and ridge in Meru with uranium deposit
                 #4: Area North of gate in NE Namanga
    [5.5.3] Course of Actions
    1.  Reorganize resource gathering efforts and build more citizens to
    balance resources.  No Tech Points can be gathered, but are awarded from
    Lasitech and Epoch 15 can be reached.
    2.  Organize initial military units and set rally points and start training
    reinforcements.  Londiam's military units defend CP#4.  Initially armor units
    defend CP#3 and new helo quick reaction force assembles there as well.  Small
    infantry army with SAM support pushes to CP#2 to cover and defend.  Main army
    with the heavy artillery assmeble at CP#1.  Can build a 4th small army to
    defend CP#3 once armor is destroyed.
    3.  Initial military operations are a small Burkeneji force goes into CP#3
    and the Kwafi army attacks the NE gate of Namanga.
        4.  Use 2-3 build teams to claim territories and build defenses at CPs#2-4.
    5.  Use air force in the East.  Tactical bombers can prevent enemy build up
    in Embu and use of the resources.  The strategic bombers can make surgical
    strikes on defenses.  A few more planes are need to replace losses and make the
    strikes more effective.
    6.  Send a citizen to build an oil derrick in NE Isiolo and the garrison to
    increase oil gathering.
    7.  Build city center just NW of gold in Kitui and set a few more citizen
    to increase gold collection.  Follow up with a few SAMs and defenses out of
    range of Nairobi towers.
    8.  Build city center near Behrinium deposit in Nakuru and defenses North
    of Namanga and along Kericho border.
    9.  Claim Meru with a city center NE of CP#3, but close as possible to help
    heal defensive force.  Follow up with defenses.
    10. Strategic bombers carefully take down SAM defense in Garsen, healing
    the bombers after each run.  Follow up destruction of fortress and outposts as
    well.  Once nuclear bombers are available replace bomber losses with them
    instead, only 3 will be needed to successfully continue surgical strikes.
        11. Build extractors on Behrinium deposits in Nakuru, Meru, and Kitui.
    12. Move main army across border to help cover again Globo Corp
    counter-attack across bridge into Kitui.
        13. Upgrade units when possible.
    14. Gain supreme strategist and make it the new Military Leader and attach
    to main army.
    15. Once defenses are reduced in Garsen, follow with main army to destroy
    16. Heal up and reinforce, positioning main army North of gate to Malindi,
    but just out of range.  Rebuild the city center in the vicinity to heal.
    17. Send Military leader and 30-40% of main army to join with the defensive
    force at CP#4 to create the western army with heavy artillery support to invade
    Namaga.  Free Sanbura and pull back to CP#4.
    18. Heavy artillery can take out ground defenses of Malindi from outside,
    while eastern army destroys any counter-attacks that come out of the gate.
    Take out the gate and destroy all the Globo Corp buildings when ready.
    19. Use nuclear bombers to slowly take out SAM defenses in Nairobi, using
    approach and exit routes to ensure bombers survive to heal at the airport.
    20. Continue expanding defenses at CP#3 and CP#4 and extend defenses
    towards each other and include some SAM sites.
    21. Push eastern army into Embu and build city center. A few other defenses
    out of range of the towers in Nairobi can assist against counter-attacks.
    22. Once HERCs are avaiable build some production buildings to build them
    to replace infantry losses.
        23. Advance to Epoch 15 and then upgrade units again.
    24. If fighters are a problem for nuclear bombers, take out the airports in
    SE Nairobi.
    25. Once SAMs are destroyed the helo group can assist by hitting the towers
    on the perimeter and retreating when Burkeneji try to counter-attack.
    26. Once ICBMs are available nuclear strikes can take down remaining
    defenses to allow simultaneous invasion of Nairobi from both sides without much
    *                                                                     *
    *                         [6.0] FINAL THOUGHTS                        *
    *                                                                     *
    I personally enjoy playing the campaigns in games like EE2 more than the
    skirmishes or multi-player.  I made this guide and walk-through while
    completing my first and only run through on moderate difficulty.  I did however
    restart most scenarios after a trial start to get feel for the courses of
    action I wanted to take from the beginning and eliminate the wasted actions I
    I tried the turning point scenarios and was able to win the first one,
    Rorke's Drift form the British side.  But I had no chance in winning from the
    Zulu side.  I tried three times without coming close and decided the effort to
    figure out a creative method was not worth my time.  After that I did not even
    bother with The Battle of Kursk.
    If anyone actually uses this guide and has some updated ideas or
    constructive improvements I don't mind if you email them to my address at the
    top of the guide.  Please include EE2 in the subject line.
    *                                                                     *
    *                         [7.0] VERSION HISTORY                       *
    *                                                                     *
    Version 1.0
      - Initial Version
    *                                                                     *
    *                           [7.0] CREDITS                             *
    *                                                                     *
    Sierra and Mad Doc Software for the Game itself.
    GameFaqs for providing a wealth of information for the gaming community.
    Written and (c)2007 by Perrin Miller

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