Does anyone know that why Blizzard will not bring the game to consoles?

  1. They did not bring Starcraft 2 to consoles, they say because it requires a mouse-keyboard combination to play it successfully. I understand that. But why don't they bring Diablo 3 to consoles? I think it's quite possible to play it with a joystick. Because I was playing Diablo 2 with just a mouse and two clicks without keyboard. One click for attack, one click for skill. Joystick has many buttons to resign. But they won't bring the game to consoles. Why?

    User Info: erolmuh

    erolmuh - 6 years ago

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  1. Who said it isn't? ;) Check this link out:
    It's a job posting by Blizzard for senior producer for the console version of Diablo 3. There have been many other job posting like this (lead designer, lead programmer, etc...) What we do not know is what console(s) will be supported or if it will be a direct port of D3 or, as many have speculated, not D3 but a game in the diablo universe, possibly just a "dumbed down version of diablo 3. Hope this answeres your question or at least helps. :)

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  1. They have only done 5 console releases ever (4 Snes games and the ps1 port of diablo) they just aren't really a console company is all. Same reason so few fireaxis games get released on consoles.

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  2. Yes, they are hiring for consoles. But they said they don't intend do actually make Diablo for consoles (yet).

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  3. Because diablo for the ps1 did not port well at all. was kind of a negative mark for diablo

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  4. The Blizzard Developers are working in this... now the time will answer :)

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  5. Let's face it, it won't be this year, but maybe next one :)

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  6. There was an article some time back in gameinformer. I don't have the sources but Blizzard mentioned something at Blizzcon about why they weren't, and that's because consoles don't have all the port support that computers do. Though, I'm not even sure that's the case anymore.

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  7. Yanno, I can understand why they don't want to port it to a console. But can they at least give us the option of using a console controller with the game? I mean, keyboard / mouse is fine for most people, but I'm left handed, and so I use the mouse with my left hand.. and to use the keys on the left side of the keyboard with my right is.. difficult, to say the least. Furthermore, they could simply put pots on LB / RB (using a 360 controller for convenience's sake).. L-Click = L-Trigger, R-Click = R-Trigger, XABY buttons for the 4 skills.. that's all the core things.. maybe map the menus (skills / inventory / followers) to the d-pad.. start = pause, as usual.. and that's all. Joystick for movement I guess as well, but that goes without saying. *sigh* Would be easy.

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  8. To answer your question for it to come to consoles and therefore support a controller they would have to create some sort of lock on system. They have tried and it didn't feel right to them. They said if they were going to bring it to consoles they would have to come up with a different solution. Basically diablo is all about CLICKING if it moved to consoles it would feel like diablo anymore. that's why it's not coming to consoles.
    @DarkRaven22 Umm If it's that... difficult just remap the commands to other keys that aren't difficult. D3 is designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard all diablos are. If it supported a controller it wouldn't be diablo anymore. If you are having THAT much trouble pressing keys and clicking 2 mouse buttons then try xpadder to remap the keys to a 360 controller. You do know that you can play D3 just with the mouse, right? You also realize that you can put your mouse on the left of your keyboard too, right? Then it's not difficult at all to press the keys. I just tried it. It's really not difficult at all. If you can't do that then get over it because if the introduced a controller then it would feel like diablo anymore.

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