Demon Hunter Strategy?

  1. Im a Demon hunter and I'm level 53 and I'm having trouble killing the butcher in hell. What is a good strategy/skills/runes and gear to beat hell and beyond. I had no problem in norm/nm but hell is proving tough with my current skill set. If anyone has been successful with the DH id really appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    Thanks, ill give that a shot!

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  1. I ran the following set (I use this for bosses that don't spawn minions) and had a decent time with it.

    Active Skills
    Mouse 1: Hungering Arrow - Puncturing Arrow
    Mouse 2: Impale - Chemical Burn
    1: Vault - Action Shot or Tumble
    2: Smoke Screen - Special Recipe
    3: Companion - Bat (I use this for everything, I like bats)
    4: Marked For Death - Mortal Enemy

    Passive Skills
    Tactical Advantage

    I used smoke screen to dodge attacks of his while firing and used vault to avoid the fire. Impale does a lot of damage as well. Having Marked for Death and the bat really helps get out a few more impale attacks before having to move back to Hungering Arrow. You could also try the Devouring Arrow rune instead of puncture if you want to test your chances.

    Hope this helps a little.

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  1. In Act 1 Hell many options should still be viable to defeat the Butcher. The strategy is all about evasion as the Demon Hunter so I regard vault or smoke screen as a must have skill.

    The distance you should keep from the butcher should be slightly greater than that of other enemies because of his hook grab. To keep that distance I suggest using the Templar or play a multiplayer game. The opportunity to really unload damage comes after the Butcher dashes into a wall and becomes shortly stunned.

    If you are looking for skills to unload heavy damage I would say Templar with his regenerative hatred passive, the bat companion, rapid fire with the rune that lessens hatred consumption, and marked for death with the mortal enemy rune. This combination should be more than enough for whittling down the Butcher's health when he is stunned. All other times you should be sticking and moving.

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