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  1. This isn't really a question, but just clarification regarding item sets as found on the Diablo wiki. According to the game developers, there are no more green-colored item sets. Item sets still exist, but are now found in the form of Legendary items, which are the same as D2's Unique items. When equipping certain pieces of Legendary items, you will receive set bonuses.

    Not sure when exactly this begins to happen, but at some point in the game, you will begin to encounter item recipes for the blacksmith. Some of these will include recipes for entire item sets, which you can then have crafted one piece at a time. Once you find the recipe, those items will be able to drop in-game as well.

    On another note, it would seem that items in an item set can be part of several generations of gear sets. To clarify, there are 18 'levels' of gear for each class of character, refered to as gear sets. A set item may be part of several gear sets. For example, say your character is wearing set items from gear set 5 but is missing the boots; if your character comes across boots from a lower-level gear set, say gear set 3 or 4, they could potentially be used as the last item to complete the set. In another example, say you are wearing a complete set of set items, and they all belong to gear set 6. If you come across the armor from the set, but it is from a higher gear set, like set 7 or 8, you could 'upgrade' your existing set armor for this better piece of equipment and still have your complete set.

    They did this so the item sets don't go obsolete so quickly. Giving you the ability to craft the set items means a lot less grinding, as once you find the recipe you are interested in, it's just a matter of finding the materials and the cash to make it happen.

    Another way to obtain set items? Haven't looked much at the auction site yet, but I would imagine that there will eventually be plenty of set items in the auction house. Recipes too, perhaps.

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  1. If it isn't a question then discuss it on the message board.

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