Does anyone know how many different dyes there are?

  1. Initially there is only white, tan, and aqua dyes available. Once in nightmare difficulty, you can get red, orange, and purple as well. Anyone know how many dyes there are in total?

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    bahamut2n8 - 5 years ago

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  1. There are currently 20 known colors, including collector only dyes and dye remover (in case you want to go back to the "default" color of the item). Certain dyes will show up at the vendors that can sell dyes over higher difficulties, for higher prices.

    The names of the dyes are:
    Abyssal Dye
    All-Soap's Miraculous Dye Remover
    Aquatic Dye
    Autumn Dye
    Cardinal Dye
    Desert Dye
    Elegant Dye
    Forester's Dye
    Golden Dye
    Infernal Dye
    Lovely Dye
    Mariner's Dye
    Pale Dye
    Purity Dye
    Ranger's Dye
    Rogue's Dye
    Royal Dye
    Spring Dye
    Summer Dye
    Tanner's Dye
    Vanishing Dye
    Winter Dye
    Bottled Cloud (Exclusive collector edition dye)
    Bottled Smoke (Exclusive collector edition dye)


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  1. As of now there are 20 different known colors.

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