Merchants for Achievement: Shut up and take my money!(?)

  1. I need to find an in game merchant who sells any mighty weapon and a merchant who sells any spirit stone (monk only head piece). This is for the achievement "Shut up and take my money!" These are the only two items I've been unable to find and I can't find anything to help me on the web!

    User Info: JungleMidget

    JungleMidget - 5 years ago

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  1. The spirit stone merchant is the one that spawn with a quest in the watch tower level 2. If he is not near the entrance of level 2, just leave and retry. After the quest, he wil drop a lore books, sell you a spirit stone and you just met 1 more merchant for the achiv. As for mighty weapon,I got it from the merchant in act2 that spawn in a random cellar.

    User Info: Bid16

    Bid16 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. Venders change what they sell periodically. If they don't sell what you need in one game, make a new one. It's luck of the draw. You may even have to wait for Inferno to get the items you need.

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  2. Find a check point located near a merchant. Several merchants are available at New Tristram in Act I and the city in Act II. Exit and re-enter your game. The inventory of your selected weapon merchant will change. Different weapon merchants cater to different classes.

    I used this trick to get rings of agony with the DMG stats I wanted from "the fence" merchant in Act II.

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  3. The merchants in town are generally always going to have the exact same types of items, just with different stats, for sale.
    To find what you're looking for, you need to locate one of the "wandering merchants" and just hope he has what you need. They're all randomly and not 100% spawning though so might take some effort to find them.

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  4. Spirit stone can be bought from a merchant in Act II Dalghur Oasis, i think there are 2 cellar where the merchant will appear.

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