What is the Black rock ledger?

  1. I found an item in stinging winds act 2 nightmare. It was by a shipwreck where a miner was digging. It was called blackrock ledger page 8. Does anyone know what it is for? It was unsellable and took up inventory space.

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Accepted Answer

  1. diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Rock_Ledger

    The Black Rock Ledger pages can be found on Act II - City of Blood mission right outside of the Khasim Outpost's east gate in the Stinging Winds desert in an old pirate ship that is stuck within a pile of sharp, black rocks.
    There are total of 6 pages found in the game, each page referring to a number found on the television show, LOST. These pages are: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Also, the first letter in each of the pages text, if combined, spell out DHARMA; a further confirmation that these pages refer to LOST, The Black Rock was also a wrecked ship in LOST. It is currently unknown for what reason or what secret level, or easter egg it refers to. There is some speculation that the black dust storms in the desert may have something to do with it (referencing the LOST smoke monster), but nothing is confirmed.

    The Black Rock ledger was the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock sailing vessel. It is a thick, worn, leatherbound volume with yellowed pages and the word "LEDGER" gilt on the spine. To the outside world, the ledger is the only surviving artifact of the final voyage of the Black Rock, which was thought to be lost at sea following its departure from Portsmouth, England, March 22, 1845, on a purported trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam. The ledger was discovered in 1852 among the artifacts of pirates on Ile Sainte-Marie, an island off the coast of Madagascar, a notorious pirate haven of the time. It eventually came to be owned by Tovard Hanso.

    The contents of the ledger were never made public and were unknown to anyone outside the Hanso family until the ledger was sold at a Southfield's auction in 1996 as lot #2342. The ledger sold for 380,000 to bidder #755, Charles Widmore. ("The Constant")

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