Diablo 3 is it a waste of money?

  1. Diablo 3 it is a waste of money? I am planning to buy it next week, but so many people says in the forums, that isnt worth the cost.. Anybody feels like giving me a guest pass so I can try it before? I would really be appreciate that, and anyway sorry for my question if I bothered you. My email adress is paston1984@gmail.com Thanks Shody27

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    Shody27 - 5 years ago
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    That's what I was afraid about. But I wanted that game so bad.... anyway you haven't got a guest pass to spare to who you don't know, Am I right? :)

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    Shody27 - 5 years ago


  1. Yes.

    This game has so many issues, so much rage and hate in the forums, that CNN wrote an article about the rage alone.

    The game is absolutely nothing like D2, and is more like a half assed version of WoW with an isometric view and only 4 player groups with no PvP or endgame content, constantly adjusted classes, no customization in builds, characters, playstyle, a very bad story, bad voice acting, levels that are copied right out of Fable that move A to B and just killing everything in between, no surprises along the way, worst dialogue I've heard in a long long time, elite generic monsters are more difficult to kill and drop better items than the actual bosses...and to top it off a group of developers that literally talk down to the player base calling us stupid and that they know more about fun than their players do.

    And the entire game revolves around spending real money for items in the real money auction house. It's like a carrot on a stick...except there is no carrot. They just want you to grind and grind until you give up (because they constantly destroy the ways you used to grind because they are 'too easy', which you look for because the consequence of a single death is a repair bill that is 4x what you even have in your wallet) so that you buy items from the RMAH (real money auction house) that THEY THEMSELVES PUT UP so that you buy them for real money and tada! You finally beat D3!

    And after you buy all the best items for $100 you beat the game in 3 seconds because you realize that the "hard" mode difficulties aren't even hard, they just jack the numbers up on damage and equipment so high that you have to get really good gear to survive getting 1 shot by random zombies in Act 1, and now you have no reason to replay this game.

    This entire game is a joke. Do not buy it. Do not let the creators profit anything from this trash. They should be motivated to make good games by being punished for making bad ones.

    And if you think I'm joking about the developer thing, just go youtube Jay Wilson. He insults players over and over and over and calls us stupid, that we don't know what is fun, and that only he knows what's fun.

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    Wandervon - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. I disagree. Please note I only play the single player game so far so opinion has nothing to do with multiplayer. As complained before, sometimes there is lag, and you do have to be connected online in order to play. When I was reading the reviews I noticed people saying that the game was horrible and they played 100 hours of it. I'm sorry, if you played a 100 hours of the game, it couldn't have been horrible. Game is large and has addictive gameplay as you would expect. You do not need to use the auction house in order to advance in the game. I am very happy with the single player game play. I purcheased game from gamestop when It was on sale for black friday.

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    shellcap - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. Don't listen to the haters - this game is absolutely worth it. If you're playing on either PC or Mac (not a console) then you're in for a real treat with seasons mode (only if you have the Reaper of Souls expansion - which is totally worth it and makes the game 1000% better than just the normal version of the game).

    Season mode is where you create a seasonal character that you play only in season mode (seasons last about 3 months or so) and there are cool achievements (called season journeys) to shoot for where you get awesome loot, banners and mounts (which are permanently bound to your account that you can use on any character any time) and cool portraits (the various borders around your character's head icon in the top left corner of the screen).

    Seasons keeps the game fresh since after the season is over your seasonal character is automatically retired and can never be used again, but the paragon levels you acquire during the season are transferred over to your normal characters (assuming it's higher than what your normal characters already are).

    Additionally, if you make it far enough in the season journey achievements you can unlock a PERMANENT loot stash tab, which comes in super handy if you're a hoarder of loot. There's also a mode called Adventure/Bounty where you work your way towards getting cool loot, upgrading your gear and doing what is called Greater Rifts and seeing how far you can get within them. It's so fun and to elaborate further would only be trying to write poetry and convince you of something that is entirely subjective - just get it - and get Reaper of Souls and go nuts. If you like the Diablo franchise you'll like Diablo III - yes it had a rocky start with some heavily criticized modes and mechanics (auction house, etc.) but that's all been fixed and the game rocks now.

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    Gahechi - 1 year ago 0 0

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