What are proc coefficients?

  1. I was reading the patch preview for 1.0.4 and and the term proc coefficients showed up a few times. Can someone please explain to me what this is, how it works, and which skills have what proc coefficients. so far all ive been able to find out is it involves life on hit. does this factor in with stuff life bleed chance etc.?

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    thejesusofjesus - 5 years ago


  1. all skill have a proc coeficent ranging from 0 - 1. Used to determine how often certain bonuses trigger.
    Let's use LOH as an example. Its a skill that gives you health for every enemy hit. It is usually comes from items. But LOH is a proc skill. this means that it only activates [proc coefficiaent *100]% of the time. so if you have 1000 LOH and you are using a skill with a proc coeffiencet of .5, then against a single enemy, you can expect back an average of 500Life/hit. There are alos coeffiencts to deal with the second and more enemies hit.
    blizz takes into account the speed of the skill and the AOE when determining prosc. Just to be clear. These are not dynamic numbers. Thye only change view updates and hotfixes.

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    fishfu - 5 years ago 0 0

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