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"Diablo 3 First Impression"

Launch day server crashes. There Now with that out of the way, how's the game:

Graphics 7

There's not two ways about it, the art style has really gotten cartoony. Sure it's animation ions are verified and detailed, but it's hard to escape the fact that many fans of the old art style are going to be disappointed…

and yes that rainbow is really out of place.

Sound 5
No exactly Nostalgic

For me the auditory change overs are distracting, once familiar sounds like gold drops and town portals have been changed and while some Diablo 2 music does play during the installation the music is completely forgettable.

Voice Acting 7
Descent, considering the script

Deckard Cain's voice sounds the same and yet his lines are some of the worse. Still at least he's trying some of the humorously bad ascents seem to hint that this is a Diablo parody. Also I don't ever recall ever asking for audio logs to be in every game ever and they are especially out of place here.

Gameplay 7
Fun, but overly simplified

No attribute placement or skill choices, no need to re-roll, this is the dungeon crawler for the terminally lazy. The shops are now pointless giving a pittance for even world wrecking items and the much touted auction house can't even be accessed from within the game. The town portal is now unlimited, but will not even be acquired until you've been forced to lug a full pack to town a few times. Also while it's too early to say for certain the Wizard seems ungodly powerful compared to the other classes. Finally the glitches are a critical problem, I played this with a friend and the number of times the other appeared to be glitching out was mind blowing.

Story 5
Goatmen, that is all

Ok that's not all, but holy carp is this plot silly. Sure the plot from the previous games were no masterpieces, but they never made me fall out of my chair laughing. This warped amalgam of ridiculous dialog, inappropriate references, shoehorned lore and pointless characters, not to mention those assured audio logs.

…and there is one character, who you have to take with you for some quests, who won‘t shut up, ever.

The earlier games seemed to understand that with a content like this less is more and if we want an info dump we can talk to the characters in town. Chatty tagalongs and mountains of audio logs are a very, very bad thing to have in your game when you can't write.

Fine I'm going to talk about the servers:

It's worth remembering that if Blizzard didn't require online play as a part of an ant piracy scheme that didn't even work, people could happy experienced the game offline while the servers get fixed. Games have technical problems all the time, but I think the fans would be more forgiving (3.6 Metacritic Fan score at time of writing) if you trusted them enough to play offline. As it is Blizzard's real problem is learning nothing from the Spore incident in so much as you will never, ever, under any circumstances stop people pirating your media, but if you show respect enough to trust them far fewer will.

Conclusion 6.2
This is a very bad first impression

This is not a bad game, but it's not on par with it's forbears. I can only hope the rest of the game is better and the glitches get ironed out. In the mean time I don't think it's worth the full asking price, wait for a price drop or skip it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/17/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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