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"Diablo III - What have you done Blizzard?"

This game could have been one of the best Diablo's.... instead it leaves you feeling empty and as if this game is a bad ripoff with Diablo III stamped across it.

The Good:
The Graphics are outdated, but they have a nice touch of details in the textures.

The Game Mechanics are the same Hack and slash we love. Which is a great thing to leave in considering this could make ore break Diablo III..... Unfortunately it does not save it though.

The new classes, while they may seem the same, are VERY different and run on different class mechanics. Which is great considering people were thinking that they were just copy and paste of different classes from Diablo II.

The voice acting is very good.

Character creation: has a good amount for it and feels better compared to the Diablo II. (Except customization)

The Bad:

The Graphics: are outdated. The details are a nice touch but the graphics being dated would be a lot better.

Day 1 Servers: While this is to be an expected problem it was a HUGE problem. This issue was so big due to the fact that Diablo III is now Always Online and you can't play it while the servers are down. So people waiting to play for 5+ years now have to wait another 5 hours to play because Blizzard could not implement this.

No SP: As I said above this is a huge issue with the game. Not everyone in the world has a stable online connection, some people have to constantly be on the move, and others just have bad connections. These people are screwed over with no SP and to save Blizzard sales. This is VERY VERY VERY greedy and Blizzard needs to implement it right away. The players who are hurt by this are pretty much kicked in the face by Blizzard and can't play whenever they want. This problem is not huge on the boards and people say "It is 2012!!!!!!" yes, it is 2012, but that does not mean we do not have people who travel, are in the armed forces, or people who live in small towns with hardly any options.

Length: The game feels way too short and you can beat Normal mode and move on within 5-10 hours depending on how many players you have. There are 4 acts, but the quests do not feel nearly as long as Diablo 2 which leaves an emptiness in your stomach once you actually beat the game. People also say because there are different difficulties that there are more than 4 acts.... this isn't true because it doesn't change the story it just makes it more difficult.

PvP: First of all there is no PvP at launch. They took away the old ways of doing things period and I don't think they will be back and it is a real shame considering how much fun it could be. The arena does not interest me at all and it is because how overused the arena is in MMOs and now it is spreading to Diablo III. The arena takes a lot of the fun away from PvP and makes it in to a generic experience where you will almost always have the same experience each time. Which really isn't fun... I'm not saying let us gank, but free-for-all was fun as ever in Diablo II and should make a return in the regular maps.

4 people: They changed it from 8 to 4 people which takes away some fun. No more PvP with 4V4 or free-for-alls with 7 of my friends. The game felt a lot better IMO with 8 mainly because I have more than 3 other friends who want to play with me.

Co-Op is too easy: The co-op scale isn't fun and the difficulty with me +3 doesn't feel any different. The game also allows people to be anywhere and as long as you are in the game you get quest completion.... which is ridiculous.

Game breaking bugs: such as putting a shield on a mercenary and longer being able to play. There are a good number of bugs and hopefully Blizzard will fix them but for now they have not.

Customization: The customization is horrible. There are some good ones but overall you can't really define your character's attributes, no more skill trees, and overall doesn't feel like you can really make your character feel customization because of that.

Sound: The sound is alright but then changed some really good sounds that we were used to. So they took away the old and brought in the new which is not always bad, but more often than not I would prefer to have my Diablo II sounds over the Diablo III sounds.

The Story: The story is kind of meh and good at parts, but takes away points. Why? Because of annoying characters in the game and because of characters that just never shut up. The worse part is that you can only play with companions in SP so you lose a good part of the story there if you are playing with friends.

Gameplay: While it is our hack and slash friend it feels very simplified and a lot like WoW. Good to some but to people who don't want simplified it is terrible. this doesn't ruin the entire experience it just dumbs it down.

Real Money Auction House: While I have not tried it I really don't see how this is going to work and not frustrate people or be a huge issue in the future when people start using it.

Overall: Diablo III has some great potential but Blizzard stopped it dead in its tracks by adding the same features that killed WoW. The game does have its good points butt suffers from glaring problem and over simplification. Can the game be saved? Of course but the better question is will it be.... in this case it won't because it seems like Blizzard was looking for money instead of making players happy.

Would I recommend this to a friend? No. Because blizzard is no longer the innovator it used to be and this just feels like a rip off of the Diablo series. The game strays away from what it used to be and tries to get a larger profit over fun. The game can be saved but will probably not. Good by Diablo series.... we will miss you :*(

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/18/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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