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Reviewed: 05/21/12

New Developers. Good Game. Shut up about its flaws.

Now, let me just start us off first by saying: This game was developed by a WHOLE new developing team, with consultants from all over the place. It's NOT going to be Diablo 2. So stop comparing it. Diablo 2 came out in 1998, a over 14 years ago when the gaming industries were first starting out. Of course the classics have their better qualities, but at the same time, they also have their severe flaws too. If I looked at this game, and then looked at D2. Sure, I'd say that D2 was probably the better game, but that's not because it has better features.

Anyway, moving along.

Lets start here, at the storyline, which I give a 10/10.

This game takes place 20 years after the events of D1, and D2. The Prime Evils have been destroyed, as far as anyone knows, by a group of nameless heroes that saved Deckard Cain from the ruins of Old Tristram. It was 20 years of mostly peace, despite the destruction of the Worldstone. However, 6 days ago, prior to the start of the game. A comet crashes into the Old Cathedral, nearly killing a girl who we soon find out is the niece of Old Cain. You arrive, and it becomes blatantly obvious that the dead are rising, as you pass by a number of creatures eating corpses. You come across a town called New Tristram, which is built a few leagues south of Old Tristram which had been destroyed in the previous games. You meet the girl, she sends you off to talk to the captain of the guard, to kill more zombies. It all leads to you going after Cain in the Cathedral Labyrinth. Where you have a run-in with the Skeleton King himself, King Leoric.

You save Cain, and you kill the Skeleton King for a third and final time(?). Things move on, and you reach the comet. Now this is where I'm going to stop. I'm not here to spoil the game. I'm here to say that the storyline itself, fits the Diablo Lore. Sure, you run into old foes long past. Which I find is actually refreshing. I like feeling nostalgic when I kill King Leoric. Even more later down the line. But I'm not going into that. Point is, the gist of the early 'chapter' of Act 1. It all comes togather, and it makes perfect sense for the world. I don't know why people seem to think that the storyline is fail, or whathaveyou. But that's my opinion.

Next I'll talk about the sound, and music and voice actors. I give it a 9/10.

On my computer, the sound itself is pretty low. It might just be my speakers, though when I have headphones it seems to work perfectly well. Anyway, moving on. The BGM seems pretty lacking, honestly. That's my only real complaint, I think it could've been louder and more robust like Diablo 1's music was. Though D2 was good too, but it had it's own flaws. The sounds are recycled from previous games, which is good. The Gold Dropping noise from Diablo 1 is iconic, as is the bubbly noise of potions. Which I've actually heard in other games like this. There's a few 'eh' moments, but I don't really care too much to talk about them. As for the voice acting? I'm happy to know that some very notable voice actors were able to come onto this. We have Anna Graves, who played a number of voices in TV shows, and other video games. And of course, it wouldn't be Diablo without Micheal Gough as the voice of Cain. I liked that. I really did.

Though, I think they could've attempted to have a character that fit Adria's D1 voice a little better... I can't honestly see the actress they have for Adria saying "I SENSE A SOUL, IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS" to the same extent as Lani Manella did. She sounds too much like the blacksmith from Act 2 of Diablo 2. I can't place where I've heard her voice before. It'll come to me one day... Though, considering both voices. The current one does seem more 'fitting'. But call me nostalgic.

That's all I really have to say about the sound.

Now, here's the moment we've all been waiting for: The gameplay. Which, despite all other critic reviews, I have to say I give it a 10/10 with a slight 'eh' in regards to how it's set up.

I will agree that the gameplay is a tiny bit archaic. It could've been better, but it's still playable. I will say that, it does sadden me that there isn't much in terms of a 'tech trees' as there was with D2. The customization seems lacking, and they could've done alot better with it. It's not what you'd really expect from a game released in 2012, that's for sure. But it still does have it's perks. You have a quickbar of 4 boxes, plus two mouse buttons, which play as your primary and secondary skills. The trick here, is strategy. AS you leve lup you get skills, and 'runes' which change certain effects of how your powers work. Such as, say, you have a Hunter. You have a skill called Hungering Arrow. The first rune you get is something that increases piercing damage, which means the arrow has a chance to buz through one enemy and kill another. As you level up you unlock "Cinder Arrow" which adds fire damage, but takes your piercing chance away. This is where customization can play a part. You set up your powers as best as you can based on your playstyle and what works for you.

I'm okay with this. While it leaves a lot of options closed, it also means you have to really think about what skills you want set up and where. Like with me, I have a skill called Vault which allows me to jump out of battle, and into battle. Plus a passive skill that increases my damage on slowed enemies. I also have a skill that slows my enemies. I leap in, drop my slow, leap out, and rain down death upon my foes. It works quite well for me. But your style might be different.

All and all, it could've been better, but it's workable. And it fits the way the game plays out. My only problem is that I can't attack with a basic attack. I always have to use a skill in my primary/secondary slots. While neat, and awesome, it still begs for the ability to hack up my enemies with a sword if I'm bored. I'm also disappointed that you can't have two weapon-sets equipped at once, and swap between as needed. I liked that in D2.

But anyway, I digress. This is all I got for gameplay.

Endgame: No idea, don't care, don't want to care. Haven't beaten the game yet. Want to beat the game. And will. I wouldn't even post it even if I had beaten the game. Because that's just not me.

Cinematics, and Auction House: I give the cinematics a 10/10. Straight up. No contest. They're the same awesome Cinematics Blizzard has given us since D1, and will always remain as such. As for the auction house, I think while it's a nifty idea, it's also a kinda weird idea. See, they want to do a gold auction house, where you sell stuff for ingame gold, which is fine. That's how most games work these days. Though, sometime in the near future, they want to open up a Real Money auction house. I don't agree with this, and I think it's a silly idea. Who would want to pay real money for a shiney new armored cap for their character? Why would they do it? Are they insane? It's a bloody game. I don't think it's right.

Not everyone has crazy money to spend on shiney stupid armor crap for their characters. Those that do, I pity them. That they would waste their money on something as silly as armor.. for a character.. in a virtual world.. on a GAME. So yeah, don't like it. Probably never will. We'll see what happens when it's released.

PVP: None yet. I think they're adding it later.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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