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"Diablo 3 - A disappointment to a long-time Diablo 2 veteran"

This review was written on June 12, 2012, at the time of the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) release.

For those of you that know me, you'll probably have read my FAQ here on GameFAQs and know that I am Tifas-Revenge, the #1 99 Sorceress on Diablo 2's UW West Ladder 2 season, so I am a legitimate gamer and a part of the Diablo history and timeline. When I first knew that Diablo 3 was coming out, I would always patrol the websites just to get a glimpse of the gameplay, characters, and see how they had improved the system over Diablo 2. Everything looked impressive back in 2009, so where did this game go wrong? Well, let's break it down by category:

Graphics: 4/10

The graphics are mediocre at best, unplayable on my Intel Core i7 with 8GB DDR3 with a Geforce 420GT and 1GB GDDR3 of RAM when set at the max resolution. The act 2 sewers part seems to be the worst part. However, I do give the developers credit for doing a good job recreating the Diablo look and feel. It just doesn't look like a game that's modernized.

Gameplay: 3/10

The entire purpose of playing the game is well, to have fun right? Well, not exactly. When I played Diablo 3, I found myself struggling for the first time once I started from scratch and got into nightmare mode with my level 30 wizard, avoiding naively the auction house and not knowing the mechanics of the game which requires caster-classes to have good weapons to deal damage. However, that just doesn't seem right... why should Wizards have to have an ungodly high damage weapon when they could just rely on their skills/spells to do that damage? This is where the game is basically broken; the skill system just basically doesn't matter at all, as anyone can do ungodly damage as long as they have the best equipment in the game. However, this goes against all mechanics of RPGs that I've known from final fantasy 1 onwards... which basically say that your stats and your proficiency in the actual skill that you are specializing in (whether it be black magic, white magic, or ^%$# magic) is what determines how much damage you do, and not the actual weapon. The Intelligence stat does this to a lesser degree, but they could have improved the system more to make wizards less dependant on gear and more dependant on the INT stats.

Leveling-up and Difficulty: 4/10

Making my way through all the later acts and difficulties solo was nearly impossible, Inferno monsters basically will one-hit kill almost any Wizard foolish enough to come close, and the teleport skill offers very little recluse. By the time I got into Inferno difficulty, I had stacked my HP up to 36,000 life, but found that I was still getting killed by the monsters before I could do enough damage to kill them. Sure, I didn't have adaquate gear to combat them, but what's the point? So basically I had to rely on other people to tank or stop the monsters from reaching me, or just kite the heck out of them. In Diablo 2, it always seemed like I was going somewhere when playing the game... I would always have an opportunity to level up, and I put myself into the ladder competition. In Diablo 3, once you hit level 60, you're done, and that's it; no ladder, rewards, other than a mediocre achievement system that no one gives a care about. The reward incentives are just to get new banners, but there's no other incentive or unique items that you can unlock by doing this at all. Were they just trying to emulate what Guild Wars 1 was doing?

Network 0/10

I can't even play my game offline, or with my friends on a LAN without having Internet capabilities. The servers were always being worked on for maintenance since the day 1 release, and several patches have had to be put into place. Not only that, but there are still people that spam the chat channels, and from what I've been seeing on the D3 forums, there are people actually botting for items just like they were in Diablo 2. Why can't Blizzard just get some game moderators/masters and monitor their game actively to combat this problem instead of applying a half-***ed Warden system patch which auto-bans people? This is why I have a job as a system administrator, and why all servers on my network have 0 downtime during production hours; it's because I plan properly.

Economy/Auction System 2/10

The only thing you'll want to do is buy items from the auction house when you realize you cannot kill monsters yourself without having decent enough gear. Heck, even the legendary items that I've gotten just plain stink. All the farming areas got ruined by nerfs from Blizzard after they found so many people farming them with bots, so that puts legit people between a rock and a hard place. Legendary items should be exactly that... LEGENDARY... meaning awesome power.

Overall 4/10

Maybe once Blizzard realizes that they've made a big mistake and hyped this game up too much, they'll do something about it. I'm looking forward to the patches or expansions and hoping they'll at least improve the leveling system and mechanics, and get rid of the auction house entirely.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/13/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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