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"Now I eat demons for breakfast"

The original Diablo game from 1996 was a very dark one at that. It had that tense atmosphere that you only get with specific games. The consumers loved it from the very beginning and it quickly became a cult-favorite down the road. However when Diablo II was released, the series really got popular. Here was a game that were at least 5 times bigger than the original and the gameplay was better than ever.

Since then every game in this particular genre, has been compared to Diablo, but none have reached the highs of any of these. The two Diablo games were indeed great games and really captured the time and place of their release.

Now 11 years after Lord Of Destruction, Diablo III arrives and I've got to tell you, in as good form as ever. I will go over some of the most basic in this review and try to explain to you all, why this is one of the best game released this year.

First and foremost Diablo III just plays great. It comes with that high level of polish, only Blizzard can do and it is, with all its ups and lows, a Blizzard game to the core, polished to a degree that is almost insane.

The game begins in the town of Tristham a favorite for old gamers and a great start for newcomers of the series. You have 5 character classes. I choose the barbarian, since its quite old school and I am, well quite oldschool. This was also a great opportunity to experience the game play for a first time. The game is drenched in atmosphere and it only gets better. I bet some will shed a tear when they arrive in the old cathedral from the first Diablo game and slay the skeleton king.

Also if you thought the bosses from the old games were big, this game is gonna blow you away. An old favorite returns at the end of Act 1 and he is as nasty as ever. You will also fight the remaining two lesser evils, both of whom are greatly designed and a joy to fight against. Especially the second form of the act II boss is out of this world. That's how great it is.

Yes the world of Sanctuary is a great place and you really feel part of the world, mostly because Blizzard have gotten some great writers on board, this time around. Sure the story is cliche and the usual story about good vs evil, but the amount of dialogue that the developers have put into the game is just staggering. The game has all in all over 30.000 lines of dialogue. Compared to the 40.000 lines of dialogue in Mass Effect 3, this is an achievement in itself. In Diablo II there were about 10 or so npcs in each act. Now you have npcs everywhere and they usually have something new to say, after you complete each quest.

And speaking about quests, the ones in this games are great. You will start the game, investigating a strange meteor that has fallen in the outskirts of the town. You will soon meet Deckard Cain from the previous Diablo games, who has been taken by the fallen king Leoric. Of course you'll have to venture down deep into the cathedral and slain the skeleton king. After this the plot really starts to get interesting. You will soon meet the archangel Tyrael, whom by mysteries reasons(I won't say why) has arrived in the city.

You will also have a terrifying encounter with a huge demon spider and a fight against an menacing old adversary.. - this is only in Act 1

The bestiary in Diablo III is as great as ever. The monsters are big and gross and they have some of the best dead animations ever seen in a game. There is really nothing more satisfying, than killing an enemy, watching it explode with entrails all over the place. The same can be said about the game's bosses, which all have epic dead animations. All in all the enemy design in this game, really fits the dark mood of the Diablo universe and in my honest opinion, they are some of the best ever in a game.

If we should talk a little about the graphics, I can only say one thing. Sweet ! The graphics, kinda like World Of Warcraft has a very cartoonish feel, but are much darker, befitting of the universe it is set in. It is not cutting edge in any way and even if you're pc is 4-5 years old, you should still be able to run it. The character models, when zoomed in, are not very detailed. The game is smart in the sense, that it create an illusion of cutting edge graphic, which in reality is only medium, but comes out very nice.

Lets talk a little about the music shall we. Many remember the old Tristham theme from Diablo I and II and sadly this doesn't return in the third game. The music is a lot more epic this time around and is defiantly inspired by the score from Lord Of the rings movies. This is a bit sad, since the music in the previous games, created a sense of hopelessness in the Diablo universe, which was very fitting. Rest assured, that there are some great tunes in the game, but none of them reach the amazing Tristham theme from the previous games.

Good news however is that this game will last you for a very long time. The main campaign the first time around, will take you about 15 hours. But after this you can do it all over again on hellish and inferno. There are some very difficult battles on these settings and I assure you, that it will keep you occupied throughout the whole summer, Autumn and winter and you will enjoy every minute of it. That's how good it is.

All in all this is Diablo as we know it. A game that can be played for months on end, with endless loot and a degree of polish, only Blizzard can do. The best exclusive pc game in many years and a very good candidate for game of the year. Pure awesomeness.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/18/12

Game Release: Diablo III (EU, 05/15/12)

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