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"It had potential"

I am a long time Diablo and Diablo 2 fan and had been following this games production for quite some time. When it finally came out I was so excited to play. Now just 2 short months after it's release I am completely bored with the game. (more like 1.5 months since I stopped playing late last month.)

The game started out fun, I enjoyed leveling up, but then hit the level cap. At this point you have nothing to do but a few things: 1. Grind for gold to buy gear on the gold auction house. 2. Try to grind for gear 3. Start over and level a new character.

Grinding for gold or grinding for gear gets old very very quickly. There are very few build options to progress through inferno with so you are stuck using the same skills over and over and can never really switch and change your play style very easily. If you do want to switch you generally have to re-gear towards a specific stat so that the spec is actually decent.

It seems like this game had a very very long production and then when it came time to release the game, half the features that people were excited for got cut and "promised" to be implemented "soon." Well it is two months after release and they do not even have the real money auction house fully operational. Its release was delay continually until a few weeks ago, then when it did go live you could not purchase crafting materials, recipes, or gold. You still cannot use it to purchase gold at this time. These are things that were supposed to be in the release.

I don't know about you but features that are supposed to be in at release but still are not in 2 months after release does not give me much hope for features they said would come later.

Maybe in 1-2 years this game will be decent, I will try downloading it again around that time and see if it ever got any better of a game.

Diablo 3 just does not have whatever Diablo 2 had to make it fun. I don't know what it is missing, but it is missing something.

I hope the game will change for the better with future patches, but for now I do not recommend this game to anyone and would advise people to spend their money elsewhere. I was glad to have made my $60 back via selling items on the RMAH before I quit.

Blizzard seems to be going severely downhill as of late. They have officially lost one more customer to any future titles.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/11/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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