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"Diablo 3 review"

The latest installment of the Diablo series is seriously flawed in many ways. Diablo3 lacks the feel and fun factor of the originals. Not surprising, since it wasn't developed by the original creators of Diablo 1 and 2.

The game was actually enjoyable for a couple weeks actually. Then it got tedious. fast.

D3 developers constantly try to lock you into a forced style of play of their choosing, rather than promoting freedom of play. You are forced to begin an act, kill as many elite packs as possible to build nephalem valor and for drops, and then end with boss kill. Some people were farming chests and jars, but no, that wasn't acceptable to the powers that be. That was nerfed/removed. Killing a boss over and over is fairly useless. Everyone is forced to play a specific way, which feels like a game world run by dictators. Not fun.

The game controls aren't good. The hit boxes are screwed up, and it's frustrating when trying to hit a specific monster or just running past monsters. Something that wasn't a problem in D2.

The story is just plain tedious. Oh, it's not so bad the first time around. But the game is designed so you can't go anywhere you want. You simply pick the act and are forced to progress through the story over and over and over. It's a piss poor design, forcing you to listen to the same story and dialogue over and over. It's extremely invasive and annoying to constantly Esc and mouseclick OK over and over.

There are 4 difficulties. Normal, nightmare, hell and inferno. Game difficulty up to hell isn't too bad. However, inferno difficulty is totally ridiculous. There's a difference between extremely hard and just totally frustrating and not fun, and inferno is designed so poorly that it's ridiculous. There is simply no way to progress through at a decent pace. The elite packs can and often spawn with such ridiculous abilities that the moment you see them, you are dead because you can't even run away. To even have a chance to fight those types of monsters is to have godly equipment. It just takes unreasonably long to find enough good items, and the item prices in the auction house are so high that it would take hundreds of hours of gold farming to buy anything good. You are also forced to use a specific cookie cutter build, as any weaker build is useless. This is where you hit a wall, and where the biggest problem of D3 lies. The loot.

Before a recent patch, you could not find the proper items in Act 1 of Inferno to progress farther. While it's now possible to find those items in Act 1, the chances of finding one is so low that it's just very tedious and frustrating to do any farming, especially because of many of the reasons above. One of the biggest factors of D2's enjoyability was loot collecting. The itemization of D3 is basically garbage. The so called legendary items, which are supposed to be the most powerful items in the game, are not only insanely rare, they're so weak that most are almost completely worthless in end game. There are no unique, powerful items to shoot for, no real motivation to try farming for such items. There are no special abilities or functions from items. Only a handful of stats are useful, and all the items are sought for the exact same stats. Damage, primary stat, vit, life on hit, resist all. Items are just extremely boring poorly designed. Great items should be iconic, and meaningful.

Too many features have been left out, probably being saved for the expansion, which really should have been in here. Only 5 types of gems, no jewels, no cube, no runes or runewords, or another similar type of itemization. No weapon switch. Only 3 chests in stash, when there is obviously room for 6. The game feels incomplete, and not just because of the lack of PVP. It's very frustrating to spend gold on certain items and gearing up a certain way, only to have blizzard patch and nerf it. Don't bother getting the game until things are stabilized, becuase the game's basically a beta release, with non stop bug fixes, nerfing and balance patches. Better yet, probably best to wait until the expansion comes out and see how it turns out, because as of now, it's not worth getting.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/17/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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