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"After a month of playing this game, Diablo I and Diablo II is better than this!"

After the beta I've played, gameplay is fine. But there are many flaws in this game. I'll go over the game elements.


After playing the full game for the first time, it appears to be cool rather than dark and scary like the previous game, especially Diablo I. Even though they could have made it more... unpredictable and darker than it was. Just not enjoyable being so predicable and bland. I even think I've lost my taste for this game. Yeah there are some scary lines, but the majority is outright funny and obvious to the story.


Now I actually play a barbarian in Diablo III I just can't believe there is so much lag in the game because the lacking of a offline single player mode. It just does not make it enjoyable for me and even ANY player with connection issues like I do. And for the character classes, some are squishy as hell and only two can take the most physical punishment; like the Monk and the Barbarian. The demon hunter can easily be killed, even if you have godly stats and damage. You're just going to get blown up anyway by a champion pack or worse; elite monsters with "Invulnerable Minions" on them. It's just ridiculous and frustrating if you're kiting for X seconds when you can just stand there and blow everything up with one or two swings with a weapon or two. And they've even tuned down the two-handed swords on critical hit chance. Come on, How can anyone now use a two-handed weapon to deal such damage. Now one-handed weapons seem to dominate the two-handers. For rare items and legendary items concerning me, rare items seem to dominate the legendary items now instead of the opposite, or worse, magical items. And I've seen exceptional and elite items already, they would overpower the normal items if not balanced out with a unique tiering system to balance out all base weapon stats.

Replay value: Now there is not much but randomly-generated map areas now. They can include randomly-generated monsters like Diablo I did. if you've started over at the beginning of Act I and encountered the Risen and this time, the same monster which you could have encountered the Ravenous dead, for example, you wouldn't be pleased with that, like me.

Yeah the simplified the game a lot by replacing the potion bar with a skills action bar this time. But when you switch out a single skill with 5 stacks of Nephalm Valour, you're going to lose all of the stacks and it would aggravate you very badly. They even removed skill level to encourage experimentation so you can use skill builds to your liking.


Crafting in Diablo III is a new thing to me since they tweaked it by replacing the Horadric Cube with artisans this time, they did a poor job on them. I you're looking for, for example: Strength, Vitality, and All Resistances, You wouldn't get those specified stats and they would be a piece of crap to best your gear. And for the gems, perfect, radiant squares and stars aren't worth crafting because their stats they come with are not good enough to even keep a level 60 player up with inferno difficulty. Like a Star Amethyst for example come with 300 life added each hit when socketed in a weapon when you can find one that is ten times better than a weapon plus a star amethyst. And it is also costly to craft. If it's not worth crafting, don't craft it then. If you are crafting just for the hell of it, then you're going to have to replace all of that lost money for a worthless gem then.


The music composition is good, but its just cool rather than dark and scary. They can compose to the scariness like in Diablo I.


If rare/magic items are dominating legendary items, then they are not worth using or keeping in your stash and having them pile up in your inventory. However, They can tweak the drop rates so it is rare, but it is given to everyone instead of a select group who has 250-plus percent magic find. And concerning me about you playing single player online at all times, you wouldn't enjoy disconnecting every single time.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/19/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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