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"I don't like it."

To be honest, Diablo 3 is a bad game in many ways. OK, let me tell you why the Diablo 3 is actually bad, and not enjoyable at all. Let's talk about the bad things first:

The bad :
1) Always Online
I have a mixed bags of feeling about this. The good thing is an automatic patch and update, which is a very good idea on these days. No more hassle downloading patch like what we did on Diablo 2. However, this game should offer "offline single-player" mode, instead of "online single-player" mode". Playing this game is really influenced by your internet connection and server stability. Three regional server are not good-enough for the player to play this game fluently. I remembered those day when this game was only one-week old and I don't even want to count how much I disconnected from the game. Lag, maintenance, server's instability, spam, AFK players, and so many countless problem here.

2) Gameplay,
While Diablo 3 retains itself as an Action RPG game, the gameplay feature is dull. The game almost doesn't bring new and fresh idea, even Blizzard tweaked this game for being a standard Action RPG so far. In the game, we only have 6 shortcuts, while we have at least 16 skill that we can choose! The passive skill is actually the worst innovation I've ever seen, there are a lot of passive skill and we can only choose 3? I don't like this. I really miss Diablo 2 skill shortcut interface, which is 100x better than this game. The absence of status allocation and skill point is acceptable in the beginning, but not for the end-game player, I just realized when I reach level 40, there's no way to improve my character other than grinding for good gear. There is not enough freedom to experiment because everyone ends at the same capabilities and skill at level 60. Ridiculously, there's a funny achievement like "reach level 60 with Wizard twice". I feel like I'm being insulted by Blizzard, and I will not do this, Seriously.

Items are uninspired, and too general, magic item affixes are bleh.. many great affixes present in Diablo 2 are absent in this game. Useless item shop, and blacksmith.. you can buy better goods at Auction House, No more random maps like Diablo 2, the game does offer random generated little dungeon not a whole new experience. And, last thing I've heard about the expensive repair cost recently, that's not a wise feature, while I never experience this. It counts something bad in my book. Features like PVP and Real Money Auction House are not working properly.

Playing game is about game play, if the game play fails, the game fails.

3) Farming.
I don't know why Diablo 3 didn't adopt free-roam mode like Diablo 2. It's dull to see the same dialogue and storyline over and over again, not to mention it's a waste of time! Farming magic item is painful and not fun. I quit the game when Blizzard tweaked drop rate on elite monsters, and they made it harder to find a great magic item. Back to the earlier patch, drop rate was okay, but not for now.

4) Character classes.
Come on, they're too generic and not unique, like I said before, it doesn't bring new to the genre. I have seen these classes a lot, in addition of effect no customization is really killing the game. An unique class like Druid is not even present. Compare Diablo 3's character classes to similar game like Titan Quest, Titan Quest is 100x better than this. Do not lose hope, this is not the main problem, I hope Blizzard will create new classes in the expansion.

5) Music.
As an intermediate composer, I don't like what I have here.. sorry. Music is almost not existent, dull, not memorable, and it has no soul. I don't even remember the melody Tristram town theme, sorry. There's no great music like Lut Ghoelin or Diablo 2 Act 1 wilderness theme in here, it's just a forgettable and dull ambient songs. In respect to the composer, there are few themes that I like a lot for example : the Spider Queen Theme and Title Theme (Title screen theme kept ringing in my head because of frequent disconnect, haha.)

6) Poor service and poor community
It took almost 10 years to think about great features and implementing the same features like Diablo 2, what did the developer do? They don't think about what makes a game outstanding, it's about money! Money comes first, then enjoy the full game! The official forum and the game itself are nearly dead, forum management is pretty bad and angry fans are all that's left.

Okay, enough of bad things. Let's go to the "Good" things.

The good :
1) New mechanic and feature.
I like new features such as picking gold instantly, health globes, gender, random events, dungeon exit, unique mana system, and additional equipment set such as : pants, gloves, etc. They should stay the same in the future.

2) Storyline.
I'm not joking, storyline of Diablo 3 is actually not bad. It has potential, and has a great twist in the end. It's storyline pretty enjoyable in the first two act, but for the act 3 and 4, the story is very cheesy, but acceptable.. There's a big potential for upcoming storyline. Keep on going!

3) Multiplayer Experience
Finally! Here comes what Diablo 2 doesn't have, a great multiplayer experience of Diablo 3 ! Multiplayer is great and enjoyable, many great features such as individual loot and banners are really useful.

Conclusion :
This game is actually okay at first, but the recent patch (1.03) makes the game's totally unplayable, it only brings stress and painful experience. And then, we have : Lack of innovation, always online, forced quest, and the other bad thing I mentioned before. I wish Blizzard will hear this, because this is my honest opinion. And, I will not buy Blizzard's game anymore from now, but I will keep watching this game, because I don't want my $60 ends like this.

Rating :
Gameplay : 2/10
Story : 7/10
Graphics : 5/10
Music and sounds : 3/10
Community : 3/10
Replayability : 3/10

Overall Score : 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/02/12

Game Release: Diablo III (US, 05/15/12)

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