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"What A Game!"

Having not played the first two Diablo games I watched the build up to Diablo 3 excited by the opportunity to get involved with such a well know franchise. Having preferred sports sims and FPS's as a younger man my tastes have turned a little more sadistic and I have swapped these for dungeon crawling RPGs where it is easy to lose one hundred hours or get punished repeatedly by a game like Dark Souls. With this in mind I downloaded Diablo 3 as soon as it was available. For my first play I was not sure what to expect but what I got exceeded all expectations. What a game!

This game is non-stop fun. Having now put in about thirty hours, (which is no where near enough!), into the experience and I am still enjoying every minute. Having started as a Warrior my first play through I chose to do entirely as a single player campaign to get to grips with the game and to enjoy the story line without anyone skipping through the cutscenes. I loved it! The fun factor is huge.

Slaying countless enemies, a great leveling system that does make it feel like it impacts on your character thoughout the game and of course the sheer volume of loot. The loot is just one of the reasons this game will never get boring and will keep you turning on time after time. Is that next kill going to net me some legendary equipment or some gold or will it be another hour before I hit the jackpot?

As stated before the leveling system feels fantastic and very easy to use. Each skill has a number of different runes that change how that particular skill works. These runes are unlocked as your character levels up and they are easily changeable to adapt to the situation you find yourself in and whether you need close or ranged attacks.

After my solo campaign I then made the move online. As the difficulty level had increased I thought it about time to enlist some help. I was surprised at how easy it was to join games and get involved. You click on join and it puts you into the town of an existing game. At this point you then see the flags of the other players, click on their flag and then you are into the thick of any action they are involved with. To avoid any animosity among players loot is your own. This is fantastic as no one is rushing to grab loot, they are concentrating on the battle at hand.

Now with regards to storyline their is one present that binds the four acts together. To be honest after your first playthrough it is not something you will be paying that much attention to and if you are playing online it is normally skipped past.

Graphically I find this game to be fantastic. Over the four acts you play in four very different environments that all look great. The character modelling is very good and the frame rate rarely dips. Even when there is a lot going on on screen in amid huge battles the graphics remain amazing.

Now, you cannot discuss Diablo 3 without mentioning the auction house. In my opinion the auction house has actually been ruined a bit by the introduction of the real money auctions. When it was purely in game currency it was great getting deals and spending time searching for upgrades for your character and selling off items that you no longer need. I have felt that since the real money auction house has been introduced it has diluted the fun a bit and it is harder to buy and sell items. Most people trying to earn money will only sell on there and so detracts from the use of in game currency. However, this is my only complaint for a game that is absolutely fantastic.

In conclusion, Diablo 3 is an amazing game. Great battle mechanics, easy controls, easy to pick up and play and fantastic loot system. With a recent update level 60 is no longer the ultimate cap and so there is more to play for after you have reached this. I cannot rate this game highly enough and I can see me enjoying this game long into the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/25/12

Game Release: Diablo III (EU, 05/15/12)

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