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By 2012 standards, Diablo 3 will contend for game of the year. By overall gaming standards, Diablo 3 is terrible. It's time for a new standard.10/09/12UltimaterializerX
Sometimes less is more.05/22/12hyperknees91
Diablo 3. Just what you were waiting for?08/02/12angermngment101
A sign of things to come: the downfall of gaming12/20/12astroisawesome
It's a good game... I just kinda wished I owned it.07/17/12Bkstunt_31
A Review By a More Casual Player01/26/15buruburu1
The best detailed review, with some personal bias and TLDR! WiP.06/11/12djinni204
Diablo 3 isn't bad; it just isn't great... yet.05/22/12Flare_Dragon123
It's devilish how much fun you'll have...06/12/12Ice_Shield
Easily Obsessable! A worthy successor to legends.06/07/12Insaniteus
Angels vs. Demons, Good vs. Evil, and Consumer Expectations vs. The Diablo 3 Development Team06/29/12justinolegero
Now that I've beaten Inferno, I feel like I have something to say...06/28/12KillerCrono599
Blizzard Just Can't Help Themselves, Can They?05/25/12Lady_Gweyn
Enjoyable gameplay but lacking overal depth05/23/12Miskatonic
Don't Fear the Reaper05/16/14Never3ndr
Diablo III: an exercise in instant gratification05/29/12Seraphimon
Great fun for a while, end game is pretty hollow and aggravating.06/04/12smiledk
Diablo III - As per usual with Blizzard, only half of a game with more to come with patches06/18/12Suffurix
Third time's the charm? Not quite, but stay a while and listen!05/30/12UltimaZER0
A conflicted review for a long overdue sequel.07/05/12UPRC

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