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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         ::;:  Y
                      YYY .,: ##
                   +Yi ,;;=;: #
                 =X, :    ::, #
                X. :  ,##;::, #
              tY,+= .##   ::. #
             B .,  W#;  +,=;: #
            # =+  ##    t:i=: #
           W ;:  ##     t.:,. #
          # ==. #W      t.+=; #
         R,;=, ##       t.+=; #
        ,I,=: ##        t.+:, #
        # =; I#  +tti   t:+=; #  #tVIW#    :#ii## #i=##   #ii.=####Rt=#B     WBI=#i
       V:;=. #.;  =;.VB =.+;; #  B =:=#     X  #t #  #   V   ##V   R :#       M .#
       # =; ##  i#### #;,.+;: #  W :  ;#.   R. #= #  # ti  ##I     M i#       # ,#
       I:=: # + =#  i #X..+;: #  W  #W .#i  R  #; # .#+  ##Y       M =#       # ;#
      # =;,Y#  #,I#t B#   =;: #  W  #RW:.WB I  #= # ;, t#+         B :#       W .#
      # +=,.=  ;..: ,M. V,i=: #  W  #  #t.V#Y  #= # ,   #          M ;# +iiii,M .#
      W.=;  +B##WR :BX#MV,=+; #  W  #:  #Y ,R  #= #  #. I#         B..          .#
      W,;: ##+==:R ## =;#==:: #  W  #=   ##:,, #= #  #M:,X#        B :#########: #
      W=;; #     V ##   , +;: #  W  #=    t#i= #= #  # #. X#       M +#       X  #
      W,i= #     X B#   i,i=: #  W  #=     ,#: #= #  #  #:,Wt      B :#       # .#
      W;=: #     X:##   i.t=: #  M  #=      Y  #= #  #  ,B:;#      B ;#       # ,#
      M:i+ #    =####   i.i;+ #  W .#=      R,:#= # .#   VI:=#     M:t#       # .#
      M;+= #            i i;+.#  M  #=      R  #= # .#    #t,i#    R :#       # .#
     +.=:=.#t           I Yi+ #, M.;#+      R.,#+ # ,#     #:.I#   B.=#       #;+#
     M i+=:+#           W +,, t# Y ,VI      X.:#= # ;M=    M,+:iM  t:=#       i, #
    I########=         =########.#####      t  X+ #####    t######Y####X     X####+
    PC 2006 
    Version:        1.0     released on the 21st of September 2006
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |      Chapter 1                                                 |   G0310   |
    |      Chapter 2                                                 |   G0320   |
    |      Chapter 3                                                 |   G0330   |
    |      Chapter 4                                                 |   G0340   |
    |      Chapter 5                                                 |   G0350   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Ankh' for the PC, an adventure game by Deck 13 released in March
    Suggestions, comments or errors - e-mail me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Use the mouse to control the game. Left click moves Assil around, and right
    click on objects and people interacts with it. Double click to make Assil run.
    Double clicking the left mouse button will speed up the interaction (talk, use)
    as well.
    Press TAB to see the current objectives.
    Press ESC during the game to get to the main menu where you can save, load or
    quit the game.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    This walkthrough skips a lot of dialogue and further exploration. If you want
    to fully enjoy the game I suggest talking to everybody about everything, and
    looking around a lot. You cannot die in the game, thus do not be afraid to
    check out a lot of areas and objects.
                            Chapter 1                                    G0310
                            How To Annoy A Pharaoh
    After the introduction and horrid singing, you'll be at home.
    <QUEST ADDED> Find a way to speak to the Pharaoh.
    <QUEST ADDED> Find a way out, but not through the door!
    Pick up the dirty shirt. Collect the brush without bristles from underneath the
    large vase on the right. Open the locker and take the robe. Combine the robe
    with the dirty shirt. Go up the stairs and use the new improvised rope on the
    extravagant hanging basket to get out.
    <QUEST ENDED> Find a way out, but not through the door!
    You'll meet the two guys that wanted to break into your home.
    *What do I have to do to get rid of you?
    *Uh, I only have one silver coin.
    <QUEST ADDED> Get back my single silver coin.
    Enter the bazaar to the left. Volcano will talk to you.
    *No thank you...
    Go up to the tailor. Look at the sign with the crocodile, then talk to the
    *I'm more into leather, if you know what I mean.
    *You should go to the optician before something really bad happens to you!
    *So what's wrong with your scissors then?
    *Exactly, that's my job.
    <QUEST ADDED> Sharpen the tailor's scissors.
    With your new scissors, find the old lady walking around and try to grab her
    *Assil, Environmental Agency. You're violating animal protection laws.
    *I mean your purse! You're carrying a dead animal.
    *Give us the purse and I'll let you off the hook.
    Continue up the stairs. After the scene, go north into the road. Take the
    fishnet stockings and enter the forecourt. Talk with the guards.
    *Oh ho, so you guys aren't afraid of anything?
    *Not even...
    *Not even...
    *Not even...
    *Ok, I guess I don't have to ask about crocodiles then...
    Go back to the large plaza and exit to the right. Dinar will talk to you.
    *...I'm obviously in the wrong place. Later.
    At the next stand, remove the metal bar and open the door. Quickly run over to
    front and grab a bun. Repeat this to get salad. Further down the road, collect
    the stinky fish with the fishnet stockings. Make a fish burger using the stinky
    burger, bun and salad. Go left to the boats. Use the blunt scissors on the
    moist stone near the water to sharpen them. Return to the previous screen and
    go up the street to the north. Give the burger to the two guys.
    <QUEST ENDED> Get back my single silver coin.
    Back at the bazaar, hand the sharpened scissors to the tailor.
    *Sharp as a razor blade!
    *Uh, thanks...Just what I always wanted...a needle with a curse on it.
    <QUEST ENDED> Sharpen the tailor's scissors.
    Return to the ferry and talk to the ferry man.
    *What do I need? Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll!
    *Do you know where I can find some crocodiles?
    *o I didn't know what you mean exactly.
    Give him the silver coin to leave.
    At the ship wreck, walk forward a bit and pull the dead treasurer's arm. Pick
    up the treasurer's hand and use it in your inventory. With this key, you can
    open the treasure chest behind of where you started out. Take the treasure from
    inside. Combine the cursed needle with the compass. Use the metal bar on the
    plank on the left side. Pick up the stone arm and combine it with the Hawaiian
    shirt. Feed the disguised arm to the crocodile.
    Enter the desert. Continue right to next area. Grab the skull from the animal
    bones and the branch at the tree. Walk to Giza.
    Talk to Ras El Tin in the middle.
    <QUEST ADDED> Wash the camel.
    Insert the branch into the mechanism, then place the camel food onto the bowl
    at the camel wash entrance. Use the mechanism to wash it.
    <QUEST ENDED> Wash the camel.
    Pick up some camel hair and combine it with the brush without bristles. Brush
    off the dirty statue, too. Return to the desert and use the boat icon to return
    to the ferry. Give the ferry man the pirate flag, then talk to him.
    *Of course.
    Talk to Fatima in the first shop near your home.
    *That happened in the pyramids yesterday. Don't you remember?
    *Can you help me get rid of this curse?
    *What do you have?
    *Don't you have anything...special?
    *No problem. I'll scrape together money somehow.
    <QUEST ADDED> Get hold of some gold to purchase Fatima's treasure map.
    Give her the gleaming idol.
    <QUEST ENDED> Get hold of some gold to purchase Fatima's treasure map.
    <QUEST ADDED> Find the "treasure of the desert".
    Return to the ferry man.
    *Let's go.
    In the desert, go north to the rock and walk left. After the short scene,
    continue left. Go north in the next area and then all the way down the stairs.
    Finally, give the three guys your skull, crocodile teeth and crocodile bag.
    <QUEST ENDED> Find the "treasure of the desert".
    Return to the ferry and take it Cairo. Enter the road north past the plaza
    and use the crocodile mask. Enter the forecourt.
    <QUEST ENDED> Find a way to speak to the Pharaoh.
                            Chapter 2                                    G0320
                            An Indecent Proposal
    <QUEST ADDED> Escape from prison.
    Give the wine bottle to the hole. Use the hanger with it afterwards to get the
    VersaTool. Look inside the rat's hole and take out the rasp. Use the rasp on
    the knotted rusty chain. Take the peg leg off the lowered pirate. Open the door
    with the VersaTool. Feed the peg leg to the crocodile and exit the prison.
    <QUEST ENDED> Escape from prison.
    <QUEST ADDED> Find the backdoor to the palace.
    Talk to Dinar at the marketplace.
    *I'm looking for the back entrance to the palace.
    *But you're not just gonna show it to me, am I right?
    *Help you with a job? Of course! Sounds interesting!
    *Don't worry, I'll be back in the blink of an eye.
    <QUEST ADDED> Get the Sultan's Grail for Dinar.
    Show the badge to the guard and go inside. Pick up the rattle on the left and
    use it on the Sultan's Grail. Quickly use it on the window. If you are too slow
    and the snake is back inside, you have to go out to pick up the rattle before
    you can try again. Grab the Sultan's Grail and give it to Dinar. Enter the
    <QUEST ENDED> Get the Sultan's Grail for Dinar.
    <QUEST ENDED> Find the backdoor to the palace.
    Walk left, ignore the voice coming from the window. Pick up the Hurricane
    Termites from the stall, and the proclamation hanging down on the left. At the
    back, go down the stairs to the cellar. Use the Hurricane Termites on the
    rotten beam.
    *Maybe I could find something for you to wear.
    Give her the proclamation.
    *I know you don't. This is your new dress.
    Outside, give the flute to Thara for her to play.
                            Chapter 3                                    G0330
                            Calling Osiris
    <QUEST ADDED> Find a way out of the palace bakery.
    Climb up the ladder and pick up some grain on the right. Climb back down and
    use the grain on the millstone. Take some flour, place it on the Grill-O-Matic
    3000 bc and pour some water from the giant blue jug on it, too. Wait for the
    bread to be charcoal, then collect it.
    Go up the ladder again and walk to the right. Use the charcoal bread on the
    gap. If you have picked up the bread too early, it will break here and you need
    to make a new one.
    <QUEST ENDED> Find a way out of the palace bakery.
    <QUEST ADDED> Get Thara past the guard.
    Enter the corridor and use the lever at the water wheel. Walk over to the small
    patch of grass and climb the slim palm. Collect the lobster and go up the
    stairs to the garden. Take the fork from the rightmost chair, and the curry
    powder slightly underneath it. On the left is a washboard, take that too. Cut
    the large red banner with the lobster.
    Switch to Thara and go along the path to the right. Inside the tower, take the
    red banner. Return to where you started and go down the corridor to the water
    level. Use the banner on the water wheel. Return to the tower.
    Switch to Assil and pick up the Captain Pharaoh floating on the water. Walk up
    to the Gallery and enter the tower on the left. Walk into the dark corner and
    use the Captain Pharaoh. Back in the Garden, use the Captain Pharaoh once more.
    Let Thara run over to the other tower. Walk into the dark corner to hide from
    the guard.
    <QUEST ENDED> Get Thara past the guard.
    Walk forward onto the floor plate. Switch to the other character and do the
    same on the other plate. Continue onwards into the temple entrance.
    <QUEST ADDED> Summon Osiris.
    Use the joss stick on the top incense burner, and the one at the lower one.
    For now, do not step on any Eye of Osiris tiles!
    Give the curry powder to Thara, by combining it with her. Make her stand in
    front of the right raised puzzle. Move Assil in front of the left one and pick
    up the clapper lying on the floor. Thara should take some yellow powder from
    the center pan, and some green powder from the left one. Now switch between
    characters to do the following sequences:
    Use Yellow Powder on the Flame - hit the Triangle Gong with the Clapper.
    Use Green Powder on the Flame - hit the Circle Gong with the Clapper.
    Use Curry Powder on the Flame - hit the Square Gong with the Clapper.
    Move Assil up, you can now cross the Eye tiles, and use the Fork with the
    Washboard at the top left corner. Move Thara up into the top right corner and
    play the flute.
    <QUEST ENDED> Summon Osiris.
    Talk to Osiris about anything.
    <QUEST ADDED> Block the persecutors' path.
    Walk left a little and take the broken plate off the floor.
    <QUEST ENDED> Block the persecutors' path.
    Enter the tower on the left and jump out of the window on the right side.
    Collect the rope on the left to finish this chapter.
                            Chapter 4                                    G0340
                            The Sun of Cairo
    <QUEST ADDED> Get rid of the death curse.
    Go to the ferry Take Tut Cashun will talk to you.
    *Do I have a real problem now, or what?
    *Yeah, great. I know. But what am I supposed to do?
    *Good. I'll find out whatever's necessary.
    Use the ferry. Go left at the first desert area and left at the rock. Talk to
    the genie.
    *Are you always this unpleasant?
    *Erm...how could that happen?
    *Let me guess: And now you need my help!
    *What's in for me if I decide to help you?
    <QUEST ADDED> Help the genie to get back his lamp.
    Go down the stairs and talk to Thara.
    *Thara, it's so good to see you again!
    *What? Schmuel, Shalom, Ephraim and you? You guys are the revolutionaries?
    *Could you help me out? For old times sake?
    *Oh, that's what I always wanted!
    Talk to Schmuel, Shalom & Ephraim.
    *Now that I'm part of the team, will you reveal your secret to me?
    Walk right and use the plank with the bridge. Enter the area with the bananas.
    Pick up he bucket with remnants of red paint and a banana from the bunch.
    Return to Cairo.
    At the marketplace, talk to the Slave Driver.
    *What's so bad about that?
    *I'll talk to the brewer.
    <QUEST ADDED> Get the "Sun of Cairo" for the Slave Driver.
    Go left and return the wine bottle to the merchant. Talk to him afterwards.
    *Can I get the "Sun of Cairo" from you?
    Give him the banana.
    *Something to totally knock me off my feet!
    Give him the silver coin as deposit.
    Try to give the drink to the Slave Driver.
    <QUEST ENDED> Get the "Sun of Cairo" for the Slave Driver.
    <QUEST ADDED> That guy insists on a cocktail umbrella!
    Walk right and enter the doorway next to Dinar's booth. Enter the palace and
    walk right and down to the garden. Use the bucket on the water and throw it on
    the sleeping Red Sea Aquarium. Take the ferry to the desert.
    Go east until you reach the Sphinx. At the souvenir stand, take the small
    <QUEST ENDED> That guy insists on a cocktail umbrella!
    Combine the Sun of Cairo with the umbrella. Return to Cairo and give the drink
    to the Slave Driver. Grab the bunch of keys and use them to free the slave.
    *Well, I'd like you to dive a little bit.
    <QUEST ENDED> Help the genie to get back his lamp.
    The genie has his limp back.
    *Hang on! How about my reward?
    *Who has kidnapped the Pharaoh's daughter?
    *Thanks, that's all I needed to know.
    <QUEST ADDED> Tell the Pharaoh where his daughter is.
    Return to Cairo via ferry and talk to the guards at the palace.
    *I know wher the Pharaoh's daughter is being kept!
    *She's inside the Sphinx.
    *You wannt take the risk? That the Pharaoh's daughter is in dangered because
     you won't let me in?
    Enter the palace and follow the path until you meet the Pharaoh.
    *Cool, I'll do it!
    <QUEST ENDED> Tell the Pharaoh where his daughter is.
    <QUEST ADDED> Find the Pharaoh's daughter.
    Make your way to the Spinx. Use the hand of the locksmith on the mechanism to
    get inside. There is a memo 1 on one of the crates in the Great Hall. Collect
    the hammer on the left side. Walk up the ramp, memo 2 is on the way up. Go down
    on the other side and use the hammer on the sack of concrete on a ledge. Use
    the bucket on the water, then walk down and pick up the sack of concrete.
    Combine the bucket with the concrete and then fill the cement into the tracks
    on the ground. Take the cast form so you can use it on the dents on the right
    side. Climb to the top and pick up memo 3 along with a key. Return up to the
    pool with eels, then go up the thin wooden scaffolding. Use the key on the nose
    <QUEST ADDED> Get the locksmith's key.
    Return to Cairo and walk home. Talk to the group waiting outside.
    *What are you doing here?
    *I've been there. It's just an abandoned building site.
    Talk to your father.
    *Would you please be quiet for one minute and give me the key to the Sphinx
    *I need the key to the tomb inside the Sphinx.
    Enter your home and go up the stairs in the back. Use the lever on the pillar.
    Return to the first room and check out the secret compartment to find the key.
    <QUEST ENDED> Get the locksmith's key.
    Leave for the Sphinx.
    Use the hand on the mechanism to get inside. Climb all the way up. Pick up the
    can of figs and use the eye on the eye pedestal. Throw the figs down the
    nostrils and follow it out. Pick up the figs outside and eat them. Enter the
    Sphinx once more and this time go down where eel pool was earlier.
    Pick up the eel and use it on the time machine. Insert the new scale weight
    into the stone pedestal on the right. Enter hte doorway. Go down the corridor
    and collect the baseball set near the first table. The mummy will approach you.
    *Not so long ago I believed that you mummies were dead as a doornail.
    *What construction are you talking about?
    When the mummy leaves, follow it and use the construction.
                            Chapter 5                                    G0350
                            Into The Dark
    <QUEST ADDED> Make the underworld visible.
    Use the emerald tiara.
    <QUEST ENDED> Make the underworld visible.
    Walk right and down to the bridge. Throw the baseball at the Hell jackal.
    Continue on the path. When you get to the large stone face, go right and move
    the lid. Remove the red fuse and place it into the red slot. Attempt to walk
    into the stone skull.
    *My dear door! If you'll let me through, we could be friends.
    *Yeah, sure! I always wanted to see a hinge collection!
    Walk along the path and up the stairs.
    *Wait a minute. Will you lift my curse in exchange for the ankh?
    *You know what? Then I'm not gonna give you the ankh!
    *I have a feeling that I shouldn't give up without a fight.
    Run right as Thara, if you get caught you need to repeat the entire
    conversation with Osiris. Position yourself behind the cracked pillar until
    the cutscene takes over.
    *Isis gave the ankh to Ra, Ra gave it to Osiris, Osiris gave it to Seth and
     Seth gave it to the pharaoh.
    After the cutscene, just wait for Assil to do his thing.
    When you regain control, push Bakshish.
    The rest is up to you, enjoy the ending!
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release, complete (21st of September 2006)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Deck 13 for this game.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                        (o o)

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