Review by odino

"thAnkh you Deck 13, a good adventure game at last"

Gameplay: 8/10

Unlike many "adventure" games lately, this is an old third person style point and click. Puzzles are well done, and locations are few enough to know what needs to be done, and large enough to give you plenty of time to explore. Interacting with people will give you lots of hints, and I don't remember ever being stuck for a long time. The camera could use a little work. Many times I have found myself not know which way I can go, as it was not obvious the path would continue a certain way. The camera pans around the locations, but only does so when you get near the very end of that path. The marketplace is downright confusing with the camera simply changing angle and many times I was walking the wrong way again and again.

Graphics: 7/10

The sceneries are very beautiful and idyllic, with a lot of details. The real problem is the characters that look very bulky, perhaps downright ugly. From the main characters down to the smallest snake, they seem to use less polygons than the first Tomb Raider title. There aren't many cutscenes but it is very easy to spot items that need to be interacted with, so no pixel hunting here. I am just generally disappointing with the game's backwards graphics. In the year 2000 I would find this amazing, but not anymore. Quite dated, but still seems to need a very powerful PC to run smoothly.

Sound: 8/10

Did I mention any singing yet? Unfortunately there are some horrid dance numbers that made my quickly lower the sound with a red face, hoping nobody heard me play this. Then most of the times there is relaxing background music as well. The Desert can be a little quiet, is this on purpose? I would say so, I guess it's nice that there is more ambient sounds when you walk into a desert. Good voice cast was used, if only their speech could have been synched better to the lips moving. I believe this a German developer so it was all dubbed at a later stage, but a little extra input could have fixed that.

Overall: 8/10

A great adventure game, but no masterpiece. The story is often a little too childish for my taste, even though the team have thrown some adult jokes in there here and there. The humor isn't all bad, however, just nothing hilarious. With today's lack of good adventure games coming along, this was a nice surprise and I can only hope Deck 13 does not disappoint with its next outing. Please no singing!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/06

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