Earth 2150 Cheats


  • Codes

    Press ENTER and type "I_wanna_cheat", then press enter and any of the following:

    let_be_darknessActivates fog of war
    dirt_cheap_researchCheaper research
    bad_time_bad_placeDamages all nearby units
    see_you_next_lifeDestroy selected unit
    the_hammer_of_thordestroys all enemies within 8 range
    hasta_la_vista_enemigosdestroys all visible units and objects
    massacreDestroys everything in range of 8
    einstein_0fast exploration disabled
    einstein_1fast exploration enabled
    help_me_please!!! 0/1Fast explore player only, 0 = off and 1 = on
    I_wanna_cheatFull repair
    i_love_this_game #Give # of CR
    x-mas_packReload ammo
    time_is_relativeResearch speed increased
    i_hate_limits #Sets unit limit to #
    no_more_secretsShow map
    no_one_hidesShows all units
    eagle_eyeYou see all

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

Earth 2150: Lost Souls Cheats


  • Codes

    During gameplay hit Enter then enter one of the following codes...

    TromavilleDamage all visible enemies
    gohome!Destroy selected building
    smashDestroys everything in sight
    Cheater 0Disable cheat mode
    moonlightDisable fog of war
    Cheater 1Enable cheat mode
    hideEnable fog of war
    mybrainisfaster 1Faster research
    moneyfornothing #Free money (enter number)
    SciencefornothingFree research
    byebyeInstant loss
    judgementdayKill on visible enemies
    limit_up #Limit goes up # of levels (enter number)
    ShowerMeteor shower
    hotgroundPlant mines
    nobelprizeResearch everything
    hereyouare!Show all enemies
    beautifulmoon 1Show full map

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

Earth 2150: The Moon Project Cheats


  • Console Cheats

    Enter the console window and then enter the following codes

    showerCreate a Meteor Shower
    tromavilleDamage Everything
    gohome!Destroy Your Buildings
    moonlightDisable all Fog Caused By War
    cheater 0Disable cheat mode
    hereyouare!Display all opponents on screen
    beautifulmoon (Then either 1 or 2)Display The Full Map
    hideFog Mode
    newoneFree Weapons and Units
    moneyfornothing (00-99)Get Free Money
    byebyeInstant Loss
    smashKill Your Units
    idkfaMax Out Your Health
    ultasciencePerform a Fast Research
    hotgroundPlace Mines
    nobelprizeResearch Everything
    sciencefornothingResearch For Free
    limit_up (number)Set max unit number
    judgementdayShow All of your Enemies
    newone (unit/weapons)Spawn unit with all desired weapons
    mybrainisfaster (0 or 1)Toggle fast research on/off

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and eli0918.

  • Upside down fun

    Press ''Enter'' and type ''i_wanna_cheat'' and the screen will be upside down.

    Contributed By: deathc4.

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