2D ArtistsDmitry Krasnov
2D ArtistsAlexey Lyamkin
2D ArtistsAlexander Parphenov
2D ArtistsAlexander Severinov
2D ArtistsRoman Tulinov
2D ArtistsAnton Turishev
2D ArtistsKanney Yomi
3D ArtistsMichail Babenko
3D ArtistsRusian Savinov
3D ArtistsAndrew Tatarchenko
3D ArtistsDmitry Zelenin
3D Engine ProgrammingAndrew Karpushin
3D Engine ProgrammingAlexander Kosmatych
Additional ProgrammingDmitry Andreev
Additional ProgrammingDenis Klimenkov
Additional ProgrammingEugene Lominin
Additional ProgrammingDmitry Rekmann
Additional ProgrammingSergey Strukov
AI ProgrammingAlexander Borodetsky
AI ProgrammingAndrew Korvyakov
AI ProgrammingVladimir Medincev
AnimatorsMichall Babenko
AnimatorsKanney Yomi
AnimatorsDmitry Zelenin
Concept ArtsOleg Aleynikov
Concept ArtsRoman Gotylo
Concept ArtsRoman Tulinov
Concept ArtsKanney Yomi
Concept ArtsDmitry Zelenin
Cut ScenesKanney Yomi
Cut ScenesDmitry Zelenin
Effect Programming & DesignAndrew Karpushin
Effect Programming & DesignAlexander Severinov
Game DesignDmitry Glaznev
Game DesignAlexey Lyamkin
Game DesignDenis Malahanov
InterfaceDenis Malahanov
InterfaceAlexander Parphenov
InterfaceAlexander Severinov
InterfaceAnton Turishev
InterfaceKanney Yomi
Lead DesignerDmitry Zelenin
Lead Game DesignerDenis Malahanov
Leader ProgrammerAlexander Borodetsky
Level DesignersAlexey Lyamkin
Level DesignersAlexander Parphenov
Level DesignersAlexander Severinoc
Level DesignersAnton Turishev
Level DesignersDmitry Zelenin
Logic ProgrammingAlexander Borodetsky
Logic ProgrammingAndrew Karpshin
Logic ProgrammingAlexander Kosmatych
Logic ProgrammingVladimir Medincev
Physics ProgrammingAlexander Borodetsky
Physics ProgrammingAlexander Kosmatych
ProducersVladimir Hikolaev
ProducersViktor Kolihalin
Project LeaderAlexander Borodetsky
Sound and MusicNikita Demidov
Sound and MusicPavel Korolkov
Sound and MusicAnton Letnikov
Sound and MusicDmitry Starodubcev
Sound EngineerPavel Korolkov
Sound ProgrammingEugene Beloglazov
Sound ProgrammingAndrew Karpushin
StoryDmitry Glaznev
StoryVladimir Nikolaev


Data and credits for this game contributed by gamer_boy997, KFHEWUI, and oliist.

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