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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by tommy3666

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    War Rock (open beta) Strategy guide
    Written by: David Shi
    Table of contents
    -Version number and updates
    -Copyright notice
    -Contact me
    -General Game play Tips
    -Sniping Tips
    -Advanced Strategies
    -Character Classes
    -General Buying Guide
    -Maps and their strategies
    25/08/06 ver. 0.5
    31/08/06 ver. 0.7(updated tips from Blackwingdragon)
    - Added many tips from Blackwing Dragon, updated character classes tips 
    and a
    Map tip.
    04/10/06 ver. 1.0* (major update and reformatting, many new 
    tips/strategies and 
    corrected several typing mistakes and probably made another motherload)
    Note: * indicates it is the version that you're looking at.
    Copyright Notice
       *This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from
    me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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       **All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
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    Contact me
       My e-mail is airplane3666@hotmail.com
       You can e-mail me for other tips and strategies I have missed or
    errors in the text. Please enter an alias or name so I can give you
    full credit.
    Note: Enclose in e-mail subject the name of this guide or it will be
    flagged as junk mail.
    Note 2: my username in War Rock is ionwalker
    Note 3: my xfire username is ionwalker
       War Rock is, in my opinion, a first-person-shooter that takes the
    definition of FPS to a whole new level. In this exciting new MMOFPS,
    (massively, multiplayer, online, first-person-shooter) you can not only
    use a variety of weapons to engage in intense, fast-paced firefights
    but also a huge array of different vehicles such as the UH-60 blackhawk
    and the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank. Turning what would have been a
    man against man combat into a war complete with all the threats a
    modern army soldier would face.
       This game is free to play but when it comes out of beta, you will be
    able to buy special items and weapons with real money. For those who
    don't wish to spend, the game will still be completely free. How to get
    the game? Just go to www.warrock.net, sign up, log in, then click
    download now.
    NOTE: There's a complete system requirements page and game guide at the
    General Game play Tips
       - As with all FPS games, your stance is very important. The lower
    your stance is, the lesser chance you have of getting spotted or shot
    and I have noticed getting prone helps snipers alot in their aim.
       - Use available cover, this goes without saying but some still walk
    right in the open and snipers stand in the middle of nowhere to snipe.
       - If you here a hiss or an sssk kind of sound, it means someone is
    trying to snipe you! The most effective way to avoid getting hit is to
    enter a vehicle other than a motorbike. Taking cover isn't a very good
    idea since you don't know where the sniper is so you might actually be
    giving him/her a better shot!
    Running is not an option unless you know the sniper isn't very good. I
    personally have no trouble killing/headshotting somebody who is
    running! :)
       - In this game, you have 5 character classes to choose from so you
    must adapt. You must get used to each class's strength and weaknesses
    as well as getting the right weapon for them. (I'll cover procuring the
    right weapons and the character classes later in the guide)
       - Energy management; In this game, like some others such as
    America's Army(r) you have an energy bar situated under you hp bar.
    This bar will decrease if you sprint (double tap w) or if you perform a
    tumble (holding w, a, s, or d, and pressing shift).
       My tip for energy management is as follows: don't use tumble unless
    you're trying to evade enemy bullets or racing from cover to cover, I
    come to this conclusion because by using the same amount of energy a
    tumble requires to sprint, you'll cover a larger distance. Also, if you
    wish to run quickly from a cover to another make sure to wait until
    your energy bar is maxed, otherwise, you might find yourself walking
    into an enemy's crosshairs!
       - Reloading; War Rock has a rather realistic reloading system, in
    other games like Call of Duty(tm) or America's Army(r), when you reload,
    your magazine is conserved or the remaining bullets are added to your
    total amount of bullets. Which kind of doesn't makes sense 'cause it's
    kind of hard to imagine that someone the middle of battle would keep a
    magazine with only 5 bullets left (America's army) or dig the remaining
    out and fill it in another (Call of Duty)
       In other words, don't reload your gun when it's magazine still has
    half the bullets unexpended, but do reload if it is below 3/4 expended.
       - Grenades; luckily most rooms have team kill turned off, if this is
    the case, feel free to throw a grenade into a room with enemies even
    though there's a friendly soldier right beside them!
       - Easiest way to win is obviously to get all the bases so that the
    enemy can only spawn at one point, their home base, which means if your
    entire team is there, killing them all as they spawn is easy. This
    strategy is quite frustrating for the opposing team, but nevertheless,
    very fun for you.
       - APC's (Armored Personnel Carriers) have a healing and replenishing
    ammo capability, just sit in the back seats (4-6) and it will heal/give
    ammo as if you were beside an ammo/health rack.
       - Never wait for a vehicle on any of the maps, even vehicle combat! 
    are, you'll get sniped while waiting(engrene) and not helping your team 
    in any 
    way which means your team will quickly get spawn-killed!
       - Combatants are an NESSECITY on any team, on any map! Without them, 
    and with 
    the teams being relatively fair, the team without combatants are surely 
    going to 
    lose. Why? It is because they are the backbone of any team! If you 
    think about
    it, you'll find that the combatants weapon shoots reasonably fast for 
    range combat, and is rather accurate, permitting you to engage at 
    medium to 
    long-range without too much difficult, contrary to the SMGs. AND they 
    still have 
       - The heavy unit's weapon lack a strong close range combat ability 
    but they 
    do have somewhat multi-purpose capability. For example, you can kill 
    vehicles in 
    2 to 3 shots, kill people in one shot if they have less then 50% health, 
    blast those snipers into hell. That takes allot of skill 'cause the 
    trajectory curves down at a distance. Stingers aren't very good at 
    taking down 
    a-10s but for helicopters, they rock, usually if you don't kill them in 
    a shot 
    or 2 the green pilot will probably crash it while trying to evade your 
    Tips from Blackwing Dragon
    NOTE: Slightly corrected spelling mistakes, and re-worded these tips to 
    them more comprehensive.
    - Never, EVER get too close to a wall crawling. (this game suffers from 
    wall encoding and your feet will most likely poke out of the wall 
    giving the 
    enemy a good shot)
    - First of all, when you know an enemy's around but not where, move in 
    crouched position. Moving crouched, *YOU MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND*. I 
    snuck up 
    on snipers a lot because I was crouching, sprinting/running or even 
    makes a sound.
    - If you want to spare a few seconds of selecting weapons, simply 
    unequip your 
    FISTS (Right click on it and click ok), so the weapon you spawn with is 
    the one 
    in slot 2. This way if you are getting base-killed you can start 
    blasting right 
    - An Engineer is valuable in Vehicle combat, but don't choose one 
    unless it's 
    not vehicle. Why? Medic is better because she can heal, while Engineers 
    The two are the same otherwise. Engineers can heal 12% of vehicle HP 
    every 2.33 
    seconds on a vehicle. It's the big bad vehicle version of a medic. 
    Survive a 
    tank dogfight, fix it up and keep truckin :-D. Recommend P90 or an Uzi 
    as a
    third slot weapon, just like for the Medic.
    Sniping Tips
    - When sniping, make sure you snipe behind a sharp edge of the
    terrain so you can be easily masked by it.
    - Leading, usually, this goes without saying but I'll explain it 
    Leading is when you try to snipe a hit a moving target. Bullets travel 
    fast but 
    from a distance, you are likely to miss if you shoot with the 
    crosshairs on the 
    target. To compensate for the time the bullet takes to travel, you'll 
    need to 
    shoot ahead and therefore getting the target when he gets to the point 
    in space 
    at the same time as the bullet. In War Rock, most sniper rifles are 
    inaccurate. You'll notice that the bullet goes, most of the time, 
    slightly to the upper left/right or lower left/right of your crosshair 
    intersection. It takes awhile to get used to but once you've got a feel 
    for it, 
    then, like me, you'll be able to actually HEADSHOT a moving target. 
    -  Another thing to remember when sniping is mobility! Always move 
    after you 
    have killed someone who has seen you! Lazyness = death! The person will 
    respawn as a scout or get into a vehicle and go to your original 
    location to 
    blast you off the face of the earth!
    Advanced Strategies
    Here I elaborate on different strategies to be used to take a base or 
    just to 
    have fun and win!
    Note: OPFOR means opposing forces
    OPERATION 'NADE 'N STORM (for infantry maps)
    Pretty self-explanatory, basically a group of combatants and a medic or 
    advance towards the OPFOR base. All the combatants throw each a grenade 
    diferrent points of the base, then quickly, the entire group except one 
    combatant will storm the place, getting rid of any remaining opposition 
    moving into a defensive position to take the base. The combatant 
    outside is to 
    stop any OPFOR trying to help those inside getting slaughtered so it's 
    a good 
    idea for him to be somewhere where he can cover the entry-ways to the 
    base. (If 
    the base really has many routes in, then it might be wiser to have 2 
    standing guard)
    OPERATION FLANKERS (infantry or vehicle combat)
    Another one that's fairly straight-forward. General meaning would be to 
    from all possible sides and angles. Really devastating for the enemy if 
    used in 
    conjunction with 'nade 'n storm. Best place to use this would certainly 
    Harbor IDA.
    OPERATION HEAVY ARMOUR( for Havana and any other map with tanks and/or  
    personnel carriers) 
    A few vehicles should be involved such as a tank, at least one humvee 
    whether it 
    is TOW Humvee or 50 cal. and another support vehicle such as an APC. 
    The basic 
    procedure is to establish a heavily defended place within the OPFOR 
    base, such 
    as around a repair and ammo point. So, here goes, your tank and humvees 
    move in 
    quickly, the tank sits either close to the repair point or on it, then 
    it start 
    blasting away at the OPFOR while the humvees cover the blind 
    spots/extremes of 
    tank. You can also bring along some combatants/medics in a truck and 
    bring along 
    an AA tank if there is one. The engineers (you haven't forgotten about 
    them I 
    hope) will of course be in the humvees. They can start repairing the 
    vehicles when necessary while the driver can act as gunner too while 
    engineer(s) is gone. After a while, either leave or go down fighting 
    because the 
    OPFOR will respawn will heavy weapons and eventually, you vehicles will 
    However, if this is pulled off correctly, then you can pulverize a huge 
    of OPFOR in a short amount of time, which translates into your team 
    win's and 
    personal achievement.
    Another variation of this tactic is to move, meaning that the motorcade 
    move through the base without stopping more than a heartbeat. That 
    means you'll 
    need gunners on every vehicle and replacements because you can bet that 
    going to be snipers around.  
    First, get a competent pilot (like me) and 1 or 2 gunners. Fly to the 
    OPFOR home 
    base (to be known as Hbase from now on in this section) or another 
    OPFOR base 
    brimming with enemy activity to have some hardcore fun!
    Pilot: Remember to never stay in hover but rather gently circle the 
    OPFOR base 
    and let the gunner blast away, when he says his gun is overheating, 
    direction so the other gun can start shooting. If there is heavy anti-
    threats such as the AA tank, the AA guns and stingers all together then 
    do the 
    following: Run a straight line over the OPFOR base cutting it in half, 
    flying as 
    fast as you can, as soon as you're past the base either drop lower if 
    or change direction.
    Gunners: If your pilot executes a circling pattern, one of you shoot 
    while the 
    other gun cools off. When your gun is overheated, tell your pilot, to 
    direction, and hence, permitting the other gunner to shoot until it 
    smokes! This 
    way, you have a gunship that delivers a huge amount of fire power in an 
    unstopped hail of bullets. Sadly, if your pilot does the direct line of 
    then both gunners will have to spray the base because in a few short 
    you'll either all be dead or pulling away from the base.:-)
    I have just given you the ingredients now, it's up to you to combine 
    together to make a full scale assault!
    Character Classes
       The five classes all have in slot one: fists (beat up that S.O.B.)
    and a Colt .45 automatic pistol plus their main weapon and grenades.
    Pros: - Fixes vehicles to full hp after a period of time even though it
    was on the brink of destruction.
          - Has a good basic weapon-the MP5.
          - Later on, his weapons will be compatible with the medic's, get 
    the P90
    or some other kind of better weapon.
    Cons: - His basic weapon while good for a start is rather weak compared
    to enemy assault rifles.
          - The engineer's weapons have no long-range capability whatsoever.
          - The grenade slot is taken up by his spanner- the tool that
    gives him the ability to fix things.
    Pros: - She has a first aid injection with 10 shots which each heals
    around 2 blocks of the hp bar instantly!
          - She can heal herself too.
          - Good basic weapon-the MP5.
          - Later on, her weapons will be compatible with the engineer's, 
    get her
    the P90 because you will probably be base-taking/clearing with her so 
    the 50
    bullet per clip of the P90 is perfect!
          - Medics are rather good for base infiltration, basic procedure 
    would be
    to go in guns a blazing and take out everybody as fast as you can, then 
    while taking the base or hading in a good spot if it is the enemy's 
    home base.
    Cons: - Her basic weapon while good for a start is rather weak compared
    to enemy assault rifles.
          - The medic's weapons, like the engineer's, have no long-range
    capability whatsoever.
          - The grenade slot is taken up by the first aid injection.
    Scout( a.k.a. sniper):
    Pros: - Powerful sniper rifle with 2 shot kill potential to the torso
    and of course 1 shot kill to the head.
          - Unlike the other two classes, the scout conserves his grenades.
          - Help your friends by providing cover fire while they move in to 
    secure a
    crucial base, works well in infantry mode combat.
    Cons: - Unable to defend himself properly in close-range combat.
    Pros: - Starts with a pretty strong assault rifle.
          - Has slight long-range capability providing you can see your
          - Retains his grenades.
          - A good all-around character, great for beginners.
    Cons: - His basic weapon proves to be quite weak, forcing you to
    upgrade his weapon later on, and since it is a very common and
    essential class you'll have to use him at some point in the game.
    Heavy Unit:
    Pros: - The name says it all; this dude packs a powerful punch!
          - Instead of grenades, he has awesome anti-tank mines.
          - Later on, he will carry the most power weapons in the game.
    Cons: - No close-range combat ability, his panzer Faust just doesn't
    kill people in one shot.
          - Basic rocket launcher is incredibly weak, taking up to five
    shots to destroy a tank.
       Eventually people will ask which class is the best. Well it all
    depends on the map you are on mate! To learn more, read on to the maps
    and their strategies section.
    General Buying Tips
    Here I will cover general buying tips and leave the more in-depth
    look at each weapons behind for future in-dept FAQ writers.
    NOTE1: The game does not let you buy the weapons but rather to lease
    them for a maximum period of 30 days.
    NOTE2: As you start, save all your dinars (the game currency).
    For all characters:
    - Buy a Glock or MP5K so that all your characters especially the Scout
    and the Heave Unit have a chance to come out alive from a close-
    quarters combat.
    - If you play lot in infantry mode, upgrading their weapons
    (particularly the medic's) to a P90 or better is a must.
    - For those snipers out there, getting a better sniper rifle helps, the
    higher version of your basic weapon, the SSG, doesn't really deliver
    allot more firepower, but more bullets.
    - When you have a surplus of cash (ex: when you bought everything you
    wanted) upgrade his weapon. Eventually, you will find the need to
    upgrade it anyways.
    Heavy Unit:
    - Unless you are a freak about RPGs don't ever bother to lease a weapon
    for him!
    Maps and Their Strategies
       Here I will write down the strategies I have used on different maps.
    Of course I don't play all the maps so I will obviously only write the
    strategies for the maps I have played on.
    Vehicule Combat:
       - If you aren't good at piloting leave it to others! I have seen
    newbies countless times taking an A-10 and crashing it on take-off.
       -  Good A-10 pilots always stay high! The enemy doesn't see you, nor
    hears you, and bombing is allot easier diving towards the target and
    leaves the anti-aircraft guns little chance of retaliation because
    you'll zoom back up in a flash.
       - If you like sniping, take a helicopter, make sure it isn't the
    ones with hellfire anti-tank missiles (we need that for anti-tank
    duties) and fly it on either side of the map, above the mountains.
    Ditch it around halfway to the enemy base and proceed on foot. A
    helicopter crash-landing in the mountains just around the enemy main
    base will just raise doubts of a sniper in the area.
       - Sniping around other major enemy base is also an option if your
    team is losing, always camp near the ones that are close to your main
    base because that's where most of the people will spawn.
       - If you feel daring, hole up in the control tower or some other
    part of the base!
       - When sniping, make sure you snipe behind a sharp edge of the
    terrain so you can be easily masked by it.
       - Oh yeah, you can also take a truck or humvee as transport for your
    sniper transport needs.
       - Using a tank in Engrene doesn't mean you're invincible; in fact,
    you're actually quite helpless. Most people take a tank to the enemy
    main base and wreck everything in sight while hogging the repair and
    ammo refills. This is a good strategy but don't expect to get out of it
    alive. Gradually, more and more people will spawn as the heavy unit and
    the repair power-up won't be able to keep up with your damages. There's
    always a chance of you getting bombed on the way there but that is
    easily remedied. Simply take a tank from a base near the enemy main
    base. No matter which team you're on, there's always a base very close
    to your enemy's with a tank.
    Note: I don't play this map much so the only things I used to do was:
       - Get a boat, infiltrate the enemy main base, hide somewhere and as
    they spawn kill them. This is known as the spawn camping technique.
    Some consider it "cheap" but I prefer to call it exploiting a weakness.
       - Get the armored, gray metal boat known as the Mark 5. Drive it to
    the enemy's base and blast away with the grenade launcher and 2
    Note: This map is present in Infantry Mode and Vehicle Combat without
    and differences.
    - Allot of good positions for snipers, total of 4 kills with sharp
    terrain perfect for concealment.
    - The 2 vehicles, the humvee, and an anti-personal tank, are quite rare
    so try to make them last by going on the repair power-ups when
    - A good tip for snipers would be to only cover a small area and hide
    themselves so someone from another angle can't see them because the map
    offers a wide range of roofs and hills for enemy snipers so covering
    them all will be quite difficult and getting yourself killed will
    happen quite frequently.
    - If you are going to spawn/base camp, make sure you don't take the
    medic due to the fact health stations are everywhere and you won't have
    time to heal yourself.
    Note: This map is also in infantry combat.
    - A good sniper place is the highest tower THAT IS near the water, 
    sometimes you 
    do get shot but if you read on you'll see why it is a pretty good place. 
    you see allot of the map, secondly if a tank sees you  can jump off and 
    into the 
    water without harm, and you can do this if enemy snipers are sniping 
    Practice this a few times before you actually try it out though, and 
    make sure 
    you're sprinting towards the railing.
    Infantry Combat:
    Ravello/Ravello 2nd st.
    - In the mission TEAMWORK is crucial, so unless you have a Chuck Norris
    on your team, I wouldn't go "Rambo". Staying in groups of 2 or more and
    covering each other is the secret to winning.
    - Taking the church and holding it helps reduce the enemy team's points.
    It has a 360-degree visibility and you can see, from the church roof,
    all the bases. At least 2 to 3 people on the roof should be able to
    hold it OK while covering all the entrances to the church compound.
    Throw in an extra 2 on the ground to cover the alleys/underground
    passages. A sniper on the roof should be covering the main routes from
    the enemy main base to the church.
    - A 1 or 2 could go in the underground tunnels and stop anyone trying
    to get to the church by them or wait but the exits of the tunnels into
    the church and nab anyone popping out.
    - Eventually, you and your team (especially if you're on N.I.U.) will
    want to take the other base near the enemy main base. This is
    unnecessary but if your team needs to reduce the enemy's points down
    drastically it is a good idea. This takes allot of planning because
    while you're assaulting that base, the church will be relatively
    undefended. As result, speed is crucial. Get 3-4 combatants to go by
    the underground and another 2-3 by the main above ground routes.
    Quickly, 2 people, usually a medic and a combatant should work on
    securing the base, while the others sweep the base for enemy forces. As
    soon as it is secured, leave 2-4 to guard it and the rest to either
    proceed to the enemy home base, while meeting up reinforcements from
    the church or going back to the church depending on the situation.
    Note: Obviously there are many other strategies to take bases but this
    one seems to work well with Ravello/Ravello 2nd St.
       - This map is huge and has many bases so it will be hard to work as
    a team but try to since it helps allot. The main way to win is to get
    all the bases, hold them, and bust the enemy as they spawn. Snipers are
    crucial here; a few on the roofs of certain building with combatants
    covering their backs can have devastating effects.
       - APC's are good too seeing that they can heal and resupply you if
    needed. We know all about spawn camping right? Well you can spawn camp
    with a tank too! Drive a tank in the enemy main base once all the bases
    (or almost) are yours, and blast away. Have some infantry support to
    help you if needed, an engineer won't be bad here either.
       - Usually, I get 2 tanks to the enemy base, along with an APC and an
    engineer or 2. Then from there it's total massacre, none makes it past
    the guns.
       - There's allot of common sniper spots, especially on the building 
    from base 1 so obviously, don't snipe there instead, find a more 
    creative spot, 
    I personally like to sniper or shoot from the fire escape of the 
    building across 
    base 1.
       That's it for now.
    Hope you enjoyed it. 

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